How To Add Menu Widget to Magento 2 Store With Magento 2 Mega Menu By LandOfCoder


Adding widget plays a fundamental role for each store in E-commerce. In this blog, I would like to show you how to add menu widget magento 2 store with Magento 2 Mega Menu by Landofcoder.

To commence with, you need to create a vertical menu in Back-end -> Venustheme -> Mega Menu -> Add New Menu.

add menu widget magento 2. Step 1
There are two effective methods for you to adjoin a menu widget to Magento 2 at the drop of a hat.

Now let’s begin with the first method:

I. Widget Instance

First of all, you go straight to Back-end -> Content -> Widgets -> Add Widget

After that, selecting the option Ves megamenu and a theme which you want to show this menu.

Let take a look at the video below for more understanding:

Last but not least, you complete the Layout Updates

  1. In the Layout Updates section, set Display On to the category, product or page where you want the block to appear.
  2. In addition, to complete the Layout Updates, you do the following steps:
  • Select a page where you want the menu appears
  • Select the Block Reference to identify the place on the page where the menu will appear

Click Save and Continue Edit.

add menu widget magento 2. step 2

Congratulation to you, you have done.

Do you feel curious about the second method? The next method seems like as easy as the first one. Let see how we can add Menu Widget to Magento 2 Store by another way:

II) Insert Menu Widget Magento 2 into a CMS page

Go to Back-end -> Content -> Pages

Click on the page where you would like the menu to appear, open the Content section and click on the Insert Widget icon.

add menu widget magento 2. step 3

A new window will be opened, select the option Ves Megamenu. Then you click the Insert Widget button.

add menu widget magento 2. step 4

The widget will be inserted. Click on the Save Page button in the Magento administrator area. After this, you can check your page on the frontend to confirm the menu is showing properly.

In conclusion, I expect that this blog will give you the ideal way to add Menu Widget to Magento 2 Store effortlessly by utilizing  Magento 2 Mega Menu from Landofcoder.

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