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magento guest post
Magento guest post
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What we write about

As a Magento 2 Extension Provider, we tend to focus on Magento 2 – related topics like news, extension, functions, updates, how-tos, tips and tricks, guideline,… We are also excited to post articles related to eCommerce & technology to help store owners squeeze their way to business growth

Who is our audience?

eCommerce users and experts are our targeted audience. Our readers can also be store owners, digital marketers, SEO-ers & technology lovers.

Guide Notes

1. Content

We will accept posts which are at least 1000 words — no limitations for word count. Make sure that your content is helpful and valuable to readers, not just for product promotion.

Images, videos and audio are great. Your article should include 1 featured image (1170×550 pixel) and at least 2 images (600 x 450 pixel or 750×500 pixel) to demonstrate ideas in the content. Original/ copyright free images would be much appreciated. Please attach image files so we can download them easily. 

We appreciate data-driven content, please cite the sources that you get the data from.

Blog posts must be SEO friendly.

2. Format

A good piece of content with a clear headings and subheadings system. Please try to include 1-2 keywords to your article headlines.

Were you to use Gif as a visual asset in your content, please make sure it doesn’t exceed 2Mb.

Guest author’s bio is optional. If you want to show this section, please provide the writer’s full name and short bop of no more than 70 words.

3. Internal and external links

Reference links should be reliable sources. 2-3 links are allowed. We accept 1 no-follow link for your promotional purpose.

If you wanna attach a do-follow link, we will charge $180/ link.

4. Uniqueness

Your content should not have been sent with originality of less than 95%.

5. The editorial process

The Landofcoder team will propose content ideas to you at the beginning of that month. When both agree on the topics, we will set a deadline for the first draft and publish date. Both will check the first draft of each other and five comments where needed.

After finishing the content, Landofcoder will publish the blog posts on one of our blogs link https://blog.landofcoder.com/ | https://nestpos.com/blog/ | https://venustheme.com/blog/ as planned. We will share the articles on our social media channels, and we expect the same from your side.

Note: We use docs as a tool to review and edit content, please send us your article via this application with permission to edit.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to address us via landofcoder@gmail.com

landofcoder guest post