10+ Best Magento 2 Blog Extension Free & Premium


Creating a professional blog on Magento 2 store is definitely an effective way to attract customer’s attention and increase purchasing from both existing and potential customers. Now, let’s check out 10 best Magento 2 Blog Extension free & premium!

Provider Rating Price


Highlight Support duration Detail
Landofcoder 5 68
  • Start your blog in 1 minute
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized
  • Multiple stunning layouts & post styles
  • Live Editor: Change font size, background color, border color, layout, etc
  • Live Preview & schedule post with ease
  • Display images or video ( Youtube/Vimeo) in blog with ease
  • Fast search blog posts by keyword
  • Show “Related posts” anywhere using widget
  • Easily arrange posts in each category.
  • [New] 14+ Social Networks Integrated
  • [New] Add vote: like/dislike buttons
  • Show/hide author profile
  • [New] Import Blog From WordPress
  • Comment management with approval, captcha, and email notification feature.
  • Multiple Magento Stores Supported
  • SEO Optimized, Multi-lingual Language & RTL Support
  • Smoothly integrates into any theme
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
12 months Detail
Mageplaza 4.8 0
  • Responsive design
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiselect categories
  • Related posts in product page
  • Blog Topics
  • Comment: Facebook Comment, Disqus Comment.
  • Integrate Magento Sitemap or Blog sitemap
  • 100% FREE, Open-source code
  • Improve UX: Layered Navigation
  • Increase sales value with product recommendations: Frequently Bought Together, Who Bought This Also Bought
12 months Detail
MageFan 4.6 0
  • Blog Posts, Categories and Tags
  • Magento 2 Multi-Store Support
  • Posts Search
  • Related Posts & Related Products
  • Blog Widgets
  • Permalinks
  • Blog Posts and Categories import from WordPress
  • Import from aheadWorks blog extension for Magento 1
  • Sitemap XML & RSS Feed also included
  • Compatible with Porto Theme for Magento 2
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
No free support Detail
Aheadworks 5 349
  • Content editor includes all essential writing/design tools
  • Best SEO practices implemented (SEO-friendly URLs, XML sitemap, meta data)
  • Content navigation through categories, tags, and sidebar blocks
  • DISQUS integration for comment management
  • Integration tests to check if extension functions properly within your environment
  • NEW! M1 > M2 migration tool if you are planning to move
  • NEW! Wordpress > Magento 2 post migration if you decided to migrate to Magento
3 months Detail
Codingbasics 4.6 0
  • Create new blog posts, or edit the older ones
  • Full set of writing tools
  • Add a title, set a URL key for the blog post, use the WYSIWYG editor, and add the meta information
  • Schedule post
  • Completely SEO optimized
  • Disables spam comments automatically
No free support Detail
Marasvit 4.8 0
  • SEO friendly posts and URLs
  • Multi-level categories
  • Ability to preview posts before publication or before save changes
  • RSS Feed
  • Tags and Tag Cloud
  • Disqus comments
  • Featured image for posts
  • Ability to pin posts at the top

lifetime free support

Amasty 4.9 299
  • Use responsielayout design
  • Customize blog posts display
  • Manage comments effectively
  • Allow users to share your content in social networks
  • Make your blog user- and seo-friendly
3 months Detail
Solwininfotech 4.7 79
  • Build relevant Seo-friendly text links
  • Add blog under particular category
  • Display blogs in a slider in cms pages
  • Customers can make comment for a blog
  • Set comments limit from admin
  • Add multiple tags for a blog
  • Bring additional visitors to your site.
12 months Detail
Magearray 4.9 99
  • Add blog post by short and long content.
  • Add Image to article with fast loading and auto re size feature.
  • Grid/list post arrangement.
  • Category management with category wise posts listing.
  • Author management with posts written by author page. – Upcoming
  • Post tagging feature for tag cloud and search post by tag.
  • Multistore support to have multilingual blog or enable/disable post per store.
  • Comment management with approval, captcha and email notification feature.
  • Related products per post.
  • Related blog posts per post.
  • Latest Posts widget
  • Popular Posts widget
  • Search blog posts by keyword
  • Customization URL , meta title, meta keywords and meta description per post , category and author with Breadthcrumb support to get maximum search engine visibility
  • Social Sharing (With help of our Social Sharing Plugin)
lifetime free support Detail
Iwdagency 4.5 150
  • Display Magento header, navigation, shopping cart, & footer on WordPress
  • Use any WordPress theme or our included theme
  • Manage all of your blog posts, categories, and comments in WordPres
3 months Detail
  1. Blog extension for Magento 2 | LandofCoder | $68



Price Comparison

You cannot find any other Magento 2 Blog Extension with a low price anywhere except from Landofcoder. With only $68, you possess the best Magento 2 Blog Extension ever.

Support Quality

You will be supported during 12 months with an active and professional staff who solves all your problems. The admins are willing to answer all your questions as soon as possible. Moreover, you can see and read Landofcoder’s guides, tutorials and videos to run this extension better. You can believe the service quality from Landofcoder because of its 8 year establishment.

Outstanding Features

With free support and update, LandofCoder’s Magento 2 Blog extension is highly appreciated by its users thanks to various preeminent features of page design. The extension suits 9 versions of Magento 2 ranging from Magento 2.0.0 to Magento 2.1.x . Beside main features of a blog extension such as optimization of mobile, SEO; post arrangement and displaying images or videos; the extension offers new designs of styles, colors. At the same time, the extension allows users to integrate their blog with other social networks as well as add vote button for blogs.

More feature highlights:

  • Multiple layouts types
  • Touch optimized owl carousel
  • Tag cloud supported
  • Related Post widget supported
  • Easily arrange posts in each category
  • Easily add nickname, avatar biographical
  • Manage related post
  • Import Blog from WordPress
  • Right to left language support such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.

Compatibility: Magento 2.0.0 – Magento 2.0.1 – Magento 2.0.2 – Magento 2.0.3 – Magento 2.0.4 – Magento 2.0.5 – Magento 2.0.6 – Magento 2.0.x – Magento 2.1.x

  1. Magento 2 Blog Extension | Mageplaza | Free



This free extension offers you many interesting features with its responsive design, diverse categories, and integration in Magento backend. The development of smartphones and tablets requires the friendliest design for customers to interact with the objects they need. And this extension meets that need. Besides, it introduces category tree which can help you manage each one easily and prettily. When customers want to add comments, they can do with numerous engines such as Magento built-in, Facebook, and Disqus.

More feature highlights:

  • SEO friendly
  • Blog import
  • Compatible with one step checkout
  • Efficient with layered navigation
  • Open source 100%
  • Supports multiple languages
  1. Blog Extension for Magento 2 | MageFan | Free



The MageFan’s Magento 2 blog extension free gives main features for you to post blogs and put them into different categories. The extension also allows creating blog widgets with tag cloud, recent posts, and monthly archive. On Porto Theme, you can use blog extension without modifications or styles corrections. With easy installation and configuration, the extension is believed to be one of the most choices of Magento 2 user.

More feature highlights:

  • Multi-store support
  • Posts search
  • Related posts & related products
  • Permalinks
  1. Blog for Magento 2 | $349



This extension gives you a bunch of competitive features with its optimized workflow, extensive testing, and quality code. Since its design elements of the blog are borrowed from Magento, it provides a seamless integration with your store. The WYSIWYG editor also provides a standard set of necessary writing and editing tools. It cannot be denied the Aheadworks’s extension is useful for Magento users in many ways.

More feature highlights:

  • Blog layout
  • Migration tool
  • Content navigation
  • Blog posts where the product mentioned
  • Display related products
  • SEO options
  1. Magento 2 Blog Extension | Coding Basics |Free

coding basics


This Coding Basics’s Magento 2 blog extension free takes care of integrating into Magento 2 by default. The extension settings allow controlling most elements of layout and navigation including the number of posts per page, sidebar layout, tags, feature images, CMS blocks, etc. In addition, it also poses numerous supports about categories, blogging software, SEO Optimization, Disqus comments.

  1. Blog MX for Magento 2 | Mirasvit | Free



Mirasvit’s Magento 2 blog extension free offers basic features for a Magento 2 store such as appearance and usability, post settings managing from the dashboard, SEO friendly posts, etc. Besides, you can pin featured posts at the top of the blog and engage more customers to gain their attention. Then you can also use multi-level category structure to meet the store’s need.

Other features:

  • Abstract and featured image options
  • Intuitive Configuration process
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • RSS feed
  1. Blog Pro for Magento 2 | Amasty | $299


The strongest benefits of the Amasty’s blog extension can be named as user-friendly interface and advanced usability. This extension is designed to suitable for various kinds of devices. You can customize layout by using an intuitive constructor to arrange data main blog page as well as on post pages. Also, this module has flexible settings to specify how your post should be displayed. Amasty applies many benefits for their customers when using their products including the money-back guarantee, caring support, and loyalty program.

Other features:

  • 100% open source
  • Follow Magento code architecture
  • Separated HTMN/CSS/JS
  • W3C validated code
  1. Advanced Blog – Extension for Magento 2 | Solwin Infotech | $79



This Solwin Infotech Magento 2 blog extension is built on many core features to help you with the most efficient blogs on your Magento 2 store with relevant SEO- friendly text links, add blog under a particular category, set comments limit from admin and bring the additional visitor to the site.

Other features:

  • Provide commented visitor’s detail
  • Provide communication platform
  • Display as a slider
  • Support multiple tags
  1. Blog Extension for Magento 2 | MageArray | $99



Using the MageArray’s blog extension, you can take control over category, tag, comment, archive, related products, display, content, etc. The extension also offers a lot of main features that a blog extension needs such as:

  • Add blog post by short and long content.
  • Add Image to the article with fast loading and auto resize feature.
  • Grid/list post arrangement.
  • Category management with category wise posts listing.
  • Post tagging feature for tag cloud and search post by tag.
  • Multistore support to have a multilingual blog or enable/disable post per store.
  • Comment management with approval, captcha, and email notification feature.
  1. Magento blog & WordPress integration | Iwagency | $150



This extension is flexible and gives you choice to either use Magento or WordPress to manage a blog. Hence this one does not support integration the two, it offers a lot of features to help you promote your blog:

  • General blog setting such as specify the title and SEO meta information
  • Adjusting the font
  • Designing the continue reading, comment, log in, account button
  • Managing commenting notifications

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