Top 9+ Magento 2 Reward Point Extensions 2024 | Free & Premium


Reward Points Extension is definitely an effective tool to keep your customers coming back with your Magento 2 store. As a marketing strategy, using reward points is considered to make your customers feel happy to gain something from their purchase. This loyalty system is used by almost shops regardless of small of large scale. Now, let’s check the top 9 Magento 2 Reward Point Extensions Free & Premium!

1. Magento 2 Reward Point | LandofCoder | $99

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  • Price Comparison

The price of Magento 2 Reward Points Extension from Landofcoder is only $99 which is very cheaper, but you will experience more you can think.

  • Service Quality

You are fully supported with videos, guides, and tutorials provided by Landofcoder when you are not clear about any information. Furthermore, admins always hear from you to answer all the questions related to Magento 2 Reward Points Extention, and with 12 months of receiving the support, the customers can be comfortable with the services from Landofcoder which has operated for over 8 years.

  • Outstanding Features

This extension offers you to reward your customers in more than different 20 ways. What you need to do is just picking up which are suitable for your store. Then, it also provides you and your customers a specific and detailed account dashboard, which helps them track their information easily. And one thing must be listed in outstanding features is that you can transfer point for your customers directly without any limit and using points as price instead of an amount money, this will encourage customers to accumulate points at your stores.

  • More feature highlights:
    • Points behavior rule
    • Flexible spending rules
    • Track information in ” My account”
    • Create Various Earning Rating
    • Add reward point for any specific product & multiple products
    • Freely Set Different Spending Point Rate & Earning Point Rate
  • Compatibility:
    • Magento 2.0.0 – Magento 2.0.1 – Magento 2.0.2 – Magento 2.0.3 – Magento 2.0.4 – Magento 2.0.5 – Magento 2.0.6 – Magento 2.0.x – Magento 2.1.x
  • Video tutorial 

2. Magento 2 Rewaird Points | BrainAct | Free


Everyone knows that regular customers – is a guaranteed source of income. Do not work with existing contacts – so do not make profits. More than half of consumers do not return to stores.

However, if you managed to interest the buyer and return it, the probability of further purchases is more than 70%. Thus, one of the main tasks of the business is to retain clients and return to the store.

This problem can be solved by using loyalty programs.

BrainActs team has developed Magento 2 reward points free extension to improve interaction with customers.

3. Magento 2 Reward Points Extension | Mageplaza | $199



This Mageplaza’s extension proposes a wide range of easy steps to follow up to create reward points in your store. Using its interesting point label, you can set multiple names of reward labels such as coins, dollars, flowers, pounds, etc. And thanks to the spread of social networking, you can take advantages of one customer to introduce your products or service to their friends by giving points through referrals. Its reward points rules are also transparent and understandable, it is used in the payment process or places the cash totally for exact items.

  • More feature highlights:
    • Customizable module to set earning/spending rules
    • Free to reward points via a variety of customer behaviors
    • Transfer points
    • Point configuration/Expiation
    • Track loyalty program via advanced report

4. Reward Points for Magento 2 | Amasty | $249



The Amasty’s extension provides many rewards types such as preconfigured actions for ease of use, order completed, for every $X spend, registrations, etc. You can take control over reward points by adding or deducting points manually. Then, you can set to store’s currency exchange rate; specify how many points are equal to 1 unit of store’s currency.

  • Other feature highlights:
    • Grand points for spending large money amounts
    • Motivate customers to receive your emails
    • Flexible rules settings

5. Reward Points + Referral program for Magento 2 | Mirasvit | $149



The Mirasvit’s extension gives you a long list of reward types for your customers. In the backend interface, you can easily create and edit earning/spending/notifications rules to make it as comprehensive as possible. This extension also allows your customers to spend their loyalty points for order paying and manage a number of points for paying the purchase by themselves. In other words, it lets your customers spend and earn points at the same time.

  • Other feature highlights:
    • Advanced events and conditions for behavior earning rules.
    • Create and manage spending rules
    • Clear call-to-action notification rules
    • Manage sales and promotion easy

6. Reward Points for Magento 2 | Aheadworks | $349



This Aheadworks’s extension is created to increase regular sales with tiered loyalty programs, motivate engaged and active customers, boost sales from new customers and make more sales through personal rewards. Using this extension, you can adjust point balance manually for one or multiple customers and forbid point transactions at certain categories. Depending on customer’s lifetime sales, they will earn a different number of points.

  • Other feature highlights:
    • Earn & spend rates
    • Bonus points
    • Avoid cheaters
    • Balance adjustment

7. Magento 2 Reward Points | | $300


A preeminent of this’s extension is that it gives users a smart dashboard, which provides a clear understanding of customer rewards program status and performance. Besides, you can build earning/catalog/shopping cart/behavioral rules in the backend of the extension. With rules configuration, you have full control over your rules by specifying the minimal cart value or cart item quantity to start earning points and other ways. Furthermore, you can take full control over the program in various types such as points tax and shipping, points expiration, etc.

  • Other feature highlights:
    • Thresholds
    • Email notifications
      • Customers interface and storefront
      • Customer dashboard
      • Checkout

8. Magento Loyalty Booster extension v2.9.3 | Mageworx | $149



An impressive of this extension is that you can set flexible credit rules and conditional based on the orders customer places in your store and the customer’s order total. Then, on top of that, you can set adding credits either as a one-time action or add them on a regular basis. Also, it supports you to efficiently manage Magento store credits for each customer or customer group.

  • Other feature highlights:
    • Create a unique loyalty system
    • Recharge codes
    • Store credits as a payment method
    • Store credits expiration date
    • Exchange rate for internal credits

9. Reward Points | Magenest | $149



A special point of this extension is that it contains Social Share, which facilitates the promotion of a store via social networks. Besides, this extension offers elemental features of a reward point one for both shop owners and their customers such as:

  • Check transaction history of all users
  • Configure new earning rules for customers (behavior rules, catalog rules…)
  • Manage spending point configuration

10. Loyal Customers Drive Sales |Mageworld | $246



The Mageworld’s extension provides you a lot of features that helps you promote purchasing by giving your customers reward points. It helps you to set and import reward points in bulk for specific product manually via CSV. Also, it allows using unlimited, fixed reward points or a percentage of money spent. Then, to your customer, they can use rewards points to not only purchase products but send them to friends.

Other feature highlights:

    • Manage spending rules
    • Track and manage customer reward points
    • Reward for numerous types
    • Setpoint/currency exchange rate
    • Show reward points promotion message/banner on shopping cart page

11. Magento 2 Reward Point | Webkul | $49


Magento 2 Reward Points module allows the admin to reward their customers with points. The admin can allocate reward points to the customers based on their purchases (product wise/category wise/cart amount wise) or activities (registration/product reviews) they perform in the web store. The customers can redeem their points at the checkout.

Feature List

  • The module can be enabled or disabled by the admin.
  • Reward points for customer activities managed by the admin.
  • Shopping cart rules add/manage by the admin.
  • Admin can add/manage reward points for all or certain products/categories.
  • Reward points for the customers for their purchases, posting a new product review and registering on their web store.
  • Admin can track the reward points transaction history of all the customers.
  • Customers can redeem their points at the checkout page for their new orders.
  • Customers can track their reward points via their accounts and email notifications.

12. Magento 2 Refer A Friend Extension | FME Extensions | $99.99

FME Magento 2 Reward Points Extension


Magento 2 Refer A Friend Extension by FME enables you to accelerate your online store sales by converting existing customers into your store campaigners. Encourage users to make their friends get register, place orders and enjoy exciting rewards/discounts. You can also evaluate the activities of your customers by viewing their referral program progress.

More Feature Highlights:

  • View your target details, referral link & earnings 
  • Share links on social media networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and so on).
  • Set expiry date for rewards
  • Giveaway rewards by registration & orders
  • Reward referrer in fix or percentage of order amount
  • ‘My Rewards’ section for each customer
  • Set minimum order amount for discount
  • On-site referral program stats

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