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First of all, congratulations! You are now a lucky Magento Extensions merchant. You have chosen one of the most powerful and efficient open-source platforms to build your e-commerce store. A profitable decision indeed. 

Do you think that merely having an optimum engine can drive your car to its destination? Nope. You need to add fuel to the tank. 

You must be wondering why I suddenly jumped into the topic of the car engine and fuel while congratulating you on selecting an eCommerce platform? Well, let me establish a connection between the two. 

The default version of the Magento setup does not provide any extensions for online stores. It only serves as a normal platform, not offering any business solution. It means your car has an engine but no fuel to drive it. 

However, thanks to Magento Extensions for expanding the functionalities of the e-commerce platform with the integration of additional components. In fact, most of the merchants attribute a 10 to 80% increase in sales due to powerful Magento extensions. 

Therefore, it will be worth discussing the leading Magento extensions that will empower the e-commerce business further. 

But wait for a minute. Have I highlighted the key benefits of choosing Magento extensions for your online store? No. Let me do that first. 

magento extension
Magento Extension ease your process of creating an online store!

Social Login 

Integrating different social media platforms with your e-commerce store has become pivotal in this digital age as it will help to boost social media marketing campaign.  It’s because people spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Social Login Magento extension can take customers to your social media profile with just a single click. It offers various benefits such as:

  • Gain control over the login button and even customize it 
  • It can work on all the browsers 
  • It is easier to install it 
  • It supports multiple languages and stores
  • Compatible with Magento 2.0 

Streamlining Your Inventory Management 

Inventory management is one of the important activities that keep your business on the top. With the changing scenario, it’s important to access the inventory data in real-time. Magento extensions can help you achieve that along with other benefits such as:

  • Product Inventory Management 
  • Multi-store management 
  • Purchase Order Management 
  • Supply Chain Management

Efficiently Managing the Store Backend 

The backend is the pillar of your e-commerce store, which needs proficient management to offer a user-friendly experience. Magento extensions help to manage various aspects such as customer reviews, details, accounts, sales reports, and much more. 

magento extension
Magento Extension support admins with countless functions!

On-time Delivery and Goods Tracking 

Once orders start pouring in at your Magento store, it becomes important to deliver the products on-time. It will create a positive impression of your brand. The traditional method of tracking goods also won’t work today as customers want a quick response from your side. Magento extensions step in to offer real-time information on the location of the products. 

In addition, Magento extensions allow you to save on your development costs and reach out to a wider audience within a short time. 

Now, we will come to our main point of discussion which is spotlighting the Magento extensions for the upcoming year. 

Fooman Google Analytics 

Well, it’s obvious that as an e-commerce store owner you want to keep monitoring your performance. You will need data and analytics to get a real picture of the business.  

You must have heard about Google Analytics. Also if you have used it, you must be aware of its drawbacks.

Enter Fooman Google Analytics to solve the problem. The Magento extension addresses the issue with some improvements such as:

  • First-touch tracking facility 
  • Customer providing filter reports 
  • It helps to track various stores and subdomains within the same account
  • Compatible with both Magento 1 and 2.0


Yotpo is a popular Magento extension that helps you in keeping your customers satisfied and loyal. And yes, it offers amazing user-generated content. 

Connect your Magento store with Yotpo with a lot of ease and start getting customer reviews on the go! You are aware of how important ratings and reviews are in gaining new customers. Some of its incredible features include:

  • It is a mobile-friendly Magento extension
  •  Allows you to easily integrate social media platforms 
  • Easily send coupons to customers getting reviews in return 
  • Use the best reviews to target more customers 
  • Compatible with both Magento 1 and 2.0
magento extensions
FREELY online shopping NOW with Magento Extensions!


In the Magento PWA circle, PWAs from SimiCart are considered to be of the top qualities because of its many benefits for users who prefer an app-like shopping experience while still wanting all the best features of the web. Possessing all the best qualities from both technology, SimiCart PWA is an emerging solution in the eCommerce industry with exceptional qualities such as:

  • Reliable performance across different devices.
  • App-like look & feel plus all the best features of a typical native app (which include the ability to add your PWA to home screen, push notifications to users, etc).
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Substantially better development costs.
magento pwa extension

For being a solution aimed at providing the best shopping experience for Magento merchants, SimiCart PWA sure does it well and is actually better than most of its competitions in the Magento market — which is why it’s the current preferred solution for online retailers using the Magento platform and is expected to become the next go-to choice for Magento merchants across the globe.


As an online store owner, you always have to be ready to answer people’s queries. Therefore, you need a plugin or tool that can streamline and simplify the communication process. 

Well, LiveChat is an effective Magento extension that focuses on customer support and sales, etc. It helps to give a quick response to all questions that enhances the user experience of the customers. The features include:

  • Customize the chat widget with ease 
  • Get access to analytics reports quickly
  • Simplify interactions with some other tools 
  • Keep a track record of your visitors 
  • Helps to collect customer feedback rapidly 
  • Easily synced with mobile app 
  • Compatible with Magento 2.0 version 
magento extension
Many Magento Extension is FREE available


There are far more choices when it comes to choosing the best Magento extension for enhancing your e-commerce site. You need to choose one that fits your requirements and offers maximum benefit to your store. 

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