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According to Marketing Chart newspaper, total B2B sales are predicted to rise by 1.2 trillion US dollars by 2020, which leads to the growth of the e-commerce’s share of total B2B revenue. This creates a demand for all online wholesalers to shorten and simplify the virtual shopping process.

Magento 2 Extension – Wholesale Fast Order is an extensive Magento 1 with supportive functions for bulk sales such as fast search and purchase by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), SKU multiple, product names, and CSV upload file. Not only saves time for buyers, but also Quick Order boost sales for sellers and support them in tracking and checking sold goods with huge quantities.

Here is the list of the best Magento 2 Wholesales Fast Order and their outstanding functions compared to others. To get more information for your review, please click products’ websites

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#1 Magento 2 Quick Order Extension | LandOfCoder | 199$

Coming in the first place is LandOfCoder’s products with highlight characteristics for your consideration. Initially, it supports online shoppers to quickly add bulk products if they have SKUs list or CSV files already instead of wasting time on searching and putting on the cart every single item. Moreover, web visitors can benefit from live-updating trait that allows changing product size, colors, quantity, and other custom options easily with very few clicks. It also updates new functions that support fast orders for all Magento 2 goods types such as simple, configurable, virtual, grouped, bundle, downloadable products. Additionally, it makes auto suggestions for customers when typing product names or SKUs and quicken the purchase process.

#2 Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 1&2 | BSSCommerce | 79$ & 119$

The second most popular product for professional B2B sales is Magento Fast Order by BSSCommerce which has two different versions for Magento 1 and 2. Wholesales quick order Magento Extension is characterized by its ability for buyers to lighting-speedily purchase via a CMS page or a popup. Another function is that it provides a sample form of CSV file for customers to fill in then, upload and order a large quantity much quicker. For admins, this product supports to choose client groups to apply wholesale fast order function. To have more information on Magento 1, please access the link:

#3 Magento 2 Quick Order Extension | MagePlaza | 199$

On the next position is a product made by MagePlaza with the possibility of fast duplicating products with different attributes such as colors, sizes and so forth. Besides, it benefits website admins to highly customize from heading background, heading text to heading button for matching the store’s theme. In addition, users can surprise with a friendly interface of Fast Order Page where they are easy to find the instant search boxes and other functional buttons in a well-organized layout. 

#4 Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 2 | MageAnts | 89$

A key feature of this product is ajax-based extension that ensures speed and efficiency throughout the wholesale order process. Moreover, not only web admins are probable to set Fast Order option for a specific group of customers by FastOrder Setting interface but also restrict extension features for each group. Similar to LandOfCoder Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order, it also works with six other Magento products mentioned in number one. 

#5 Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 2 | MageBees | 99$

Online shoppers, who are wholesalers, can be irresistible with this special function of automatically calculate the total amounts of selected products before adding to your cart. Not only saving time of removing products from the basket due to overbuying, but also continuingly control how many goods businesses chose. Another its strength for admin is to create a SEO-friendly meta title, keywords, and description. It also can work and support multiple websites and multiple stores that allow admins to save money from buying another magento 2 quick order for each virtual store.

#6 Quick Order for Magento 2 | MageWares | 119$

Admins never waste time of clicking different pages when ordering a variety of product types because this product enables buyers to search and select without navigating to many tabs. Additionally, its common feature compared to other products on Magento 2 market is able for customers to order goods using quick order popup. Quickening buying process by searching SKUs and product names is also built-in that supports shoppers having available SKUs or name list looking for goods much easier and more rapid. 

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#7 Magento 2 Quick Order Extension | MageTop | 69$

Not be introduced until now, this particular function of MageTop’s product is the display of subtotal and total order value in a quick order page that allows businesses to see the price of each item and remove if needed before purchasing. Admins may pay an amount of money for the installation fee, however, it is totally not an issue because Magento 2 Quick Order Extension is super simple for any settings. Another characteristic is its support for store owners in designing freely all headings fonts, colors and so on to be most suitable with websites’ themes.

#8 Magento 2 Quick Order | Webkul Store | 69$

Sitting on the next place is a product of Webkul Store which attracts many online shop owners due to its diversity of key features. Firstly, admins can modify the separator of SKU and quantity from the backend settings. This function helps sellers to update quickly a number of products remaining in the warehouse and new product codes for better ordering experience of customers. Besides, web admins can add every quick order on any CMS page using the widget option that benefits shop owners to track, check and deliver all customer orders accurately and timely.

#9 Quick Order Magento 2 | DCKAP | 249$

With the support of this product, both registered and guest users of an online store can create quick orders without concerning about signing up accounts. However, it still requires basic information of shoppers to check the accuracy of orders. Additionally, it has a function of showing all necessary details of each item such as attributes, price, total value, and so forth. It is very useful for online shoppers to carefully check again before pressing BUY button. 

#10 Advance Quick Order | Setubridge | 59$

The best characteristic of this product is to set the pre-populated rows and work best with the simple product type. Firstly, it automatically fills in some rows after customers choose an item that helps them not to tick and fill in all order information. Secondly, it is designed specially for shop owners selling narrow categories of products and very basic items with few product attributes such as having only two colors. Also, available quick order form is user-friendly and faster than ever. 

#11 Quick Order for Magento 2 | EvinceMage | 149$

The premium feature of EvinceMage’s product allows customers to set a maximum number of searching results appearing on the screen when using SKUs in looking for goods. Online buyers can optimize the searching process with more outcomes returned to avoid picking unwanted items. Moreover, web visitors are free to edit any product attributes like color, size and quantity or remove selected goods with a single click. Likely almost other Magento 2 Quick Order, it assists to search products by SKUs and give all relevant results back.   

#12 Quick Order | Itoris | 169$

The addition to searching by SKUs function is the ability of looking for products by titles categories and descriptions. This feature of Itoris Quick Order supports for all buyers to seek items more simply, easily and conveniently. Virtual shoppers do not need a complicated SKUs list or product codes, just type on searching box any related-product characteristics. Besides, web visitors never worry about page reloading because all is available together.

#13 Magento 2 Fast Order | Mage Sales | 79$

In addition to similar functions of other products such as searching by SKUs or adding different items to cart at one time, Mage Sales’s Magento 2 Fast Order is support of multiple languages and stores that expand shop owners’ market not only domestic but also international trading. Another advantage if admins choose this one is that life-time support and life-time upgrades

Criteria used to review

  • Customer and Rating reviews on vendors’ websites
  • Number of built-in features and price
  • The suppliers’ reputation
  • The searching results and Social Metrics
  • LandOfCoder expert teams

Thank you every vendor for making Top 13+ Best Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order Updated 2019!

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