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Why do we need informative Magento forums?

Magento nowadays can be considered as the most popular and widely-used eCommerce website out there thanks to its considerable scalability, user-friendly design and feature-intensive orientation. However, these benefits are also the very reasons why Magento is an eCommerce platform that is difficult and complicated to master. Users, as a result, need a certain degree of knowledge about the field in order to be able to get things done smoothly and accordingly to their expectations, or else they’ll mess everything up.

For that reason, a lot of informative Magento forums have been established in order for Magento developers, customers and users to exchange experience, knowledge and information as well as ask for resolutions and learn from the best of international coders in the world. With the help of these Magento community forums, you can reduce the compulsory of having to pay for professional coder and wait a long period of time for things to get fixed while still not being unclear whether it’s successful or not.

A list of 10+ most informative Magento forums

After being carefully examined, this list which contains over 10 names of informative forums as well as additionally helpful sources will for sure facilitate you on your way of becoming a smart and competent Magento developers, users and customers.

12. Magento Stack Exchange

Magento Stack Exchange - informative forum

Stack Exchange is a network which consists of a total mind-blowing number of 175 Q&A communities, one of which is Magento Stack Exchange. Magento Stack Exchange is considered as one of the biggest and most popular forums on the topic of Magento and is widely enjoyed by the coding community all around the world. 

Stack Exchange has 4 main strong points that is noteworthy. First of all, you don’t need to sign up to post a question there. Moreover, you can search for already-answered questions by tags, receive relatively quick response to your answers and most important, have the chance to interact with a wide range of issues. Thanks to its huge volume of techniques and tutorials as well as answers for Magento technical problems, this informative Magento forum could for sure be an invaluable help. Ranging from the most basic to advanced questions and issues, this useful Magento community forum is expected to give you the answer for any issue that you encounter regardless of your current level as a totally newbie to the field or an expert. 

All you need to do is simply looking around the discuss forum a little bit and following the specific thread related to your issues to find out which one fits your situation the most. The most frequently-asked questions here are general questions about Magento 2 (questions such as “How to show count 0 on mini cart when no product is in cart?”), about Magento CE and EE 2.1.x, about Magento product and finally PHP coding. If you don’t find any, don’t worry because there’s still several experts who are always willing to help you with your problem.

11. Magento Forum

Informative Magento 2 forum

This informative and brilliant Magento forum is another place that’s worth to take a look at if you’re looking for methods to solve your Magento issues. Since this extremely helpful forum is the official forum of Magento which consists of over 245,000 members and more than 63,000 live posts, it’s the number one place you should think of whenever coming across any problem. 

Generally speaking, this informative Magento forum is diverse in terms of topics and issues being asked.  It also supports 9 languages as well as is home to a number of international communities, so it’s very convenient to search and understand information in members’ most intimate language. Additionally, it has a pretty smart menu, which makes it much easier to navigate. The most commonly-asked topics here are questions about installing Magento 2.x, Magento 2.x programming questions, Magento 2.x admin and configuration questions and finally Magento 2.x technical issues.

When you’re searching for information here, there’s one large community you should know about, which is Magento Community Russian. This helpful Magento community of Russians is one of the most active and popular international forum for Magento developers as well as users. A handful of answers for your problems which are not available in the English version of the forum can be found here.

Apart from the traditional Q&A, this Magento community forum also supplies members with the most up-to-date news, articles and tutorials on Magento. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that you can undoubtedly benefit from this informative Magento forum.

10. Magento Developers and Experts Forum

Magento Developers and Experts Forum

Developed by Go-Mage, this helpful Magento forum is slowly gaining a reputation among the community of developers, users and website owners as one of the most reliable and informative Magento forum. Despite being quite young, the numbers of members as well as the volume of useful content found here are pretty considerable. The most popular topics on this forum are general questions about Magento, questions about extensions (both free and commercial), questions about programming and questions about HTLM, XHTLM, CSS and design.

You can find a lot of interesting and helpful things here in the forms of Q&A threads, blogs or even articles.

9. Magento Experts Forum

Magento Experts Forum

Magento Expert Forum is an extremely informative Magento forum and is considered as the second most popular Magento forum after the official one mentioned above. With a total number of 10,790 members, 7,529 threads and 25,406 active posts, this Magento community forum won’t let you down for choosing to use it. 

Comprising of Magento topics such as Magento technical support, Magento products and services, announcement, documents and tutorials, Magento Hosting, server option and configuration, etc, it can for sure give you the answer that you expect.

Moreover, you can even find latest news about Magento, Magento jobs or freelancing projects. It’s a platform that also allows you to freely discuss and promote your products to many Magento developers and experts of this useful Magento forum.

8. Magesolution Community

Magesolution Community - Informative Magento Forum

Magesolution forum is an informative Magento forum which supplies users, developers and customers with appropriate content about blogs, tutorials and articles created by experienced Magento developers to provide you specialised and in-depth knowledge about Magento. Whether you’re just a beginner or experienced programmers who have had quite a time work in the field, you’ll all be able to find something useful here.

7. Module Bazaar support forum

Module Bazaar support forum - Magento  forum

This Magento discuss forum, which was established by Module Bazaar, is quite a supportive source of referencing material for Magento 2 developers, customers and users with a various interesting issues being raised about Magento 2 operating problems.

6. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most informative public forums available nowadays as you can find almost everything, every piece of information you need about every topic of knowledge from astrophysics, biology, philosophy to literature and arts. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find that Magento is no exception. 

There’re several subreddit on this topic, but this subreddit is probably the most active with more than 5.5k active members and a considerable number of posts relating Magento 2 issues. You can achieve great benefit through this as long as you make sure follow the rules of the subreddit. The rules might be strict, but it’s essential in filtering information to make sure everything is not repeated or irrelevant and everyone can make the most of it.

Reddit - Informative Magento Forum

5. Quora

Similar to Reddit and Stax Exchange, Quora is also a popular Q&A site that is being used by 300 million people around the globe. A person can ask a question about any kind of topic they’re curious or interested in traveling, essay writing, reading, space, nature – anything you can imagine. Here one will receive answers from people with qualified knowledge and experience. Magento is no exception. With Quora, you may attain the chance to discuss with and hear from experts in the field without having to hold an actual conference and pay for additional expense or go to another country or continent to do so.

If you are having problems with Magento, Quora is an option that you should consider as this place is an excellent platform with good policies that can actually benefit you. 

Quora - Informative Magento Forum

4. Facebook group – Magento

With the total number of users exceeding 2 billion, Facebook is definitely a place you should think of whenever you encounter difficulty. This active Facebook group of more than 6000 members might be the solution you need. Queries being asked here are solved on a quite regular basis by the members of the group. Moreover, you can also get updates on news and useful information about extensions.

3. Magento Forum by cmsideas

Magento Forum by cmsideas

This informative Magento forum, which was established by Cmsideas, is a suitable place for developers, users and customers to improve their experience regarding using Magento.

2. Magento Blog by Meetanshi

Meetanshi is a team of certified & expert Magento developers who aim to exceed E-commerce excellence. As a part of this vision, the team consistently share Magento tutorials, tips, and solutions that one can resort to when stuck with Magento development. Meetanshi’s blog also consists of comprehensive guides that help to improve the marketing efforts of your Magento store. Bookmark Meetanshi’s Blog as your go-to guide for all in one solution about Magento!

Magento Blog by Meetanshi

1. Informative Magento Blog

Although the quickest and most responsive way to get help is to go to informative Magento forums, blogs is another reliable place you can expect to gain useful information. This kind of platform is best for learning basic knowledge and tutorials, especially when you can rest assured knowing that the information is from experienced experts in the field.

Tutorial blog is a great source to deepen personal skills and background knowledge, and the blog by LandOfCoder is such source. You can find here a handful of tutorials of both in-depth and more uncomplicated issues that you can use to simplify your working experience with Magento 2.

Landofcoder Blog for Magento 2

One more blog you should know about is the blog from Inchoo, a popular and appreciated Magento development agency. The detailed tutorial here are for both Magento 1 and Magento 2, for the level from basic to advanced and will for sure facilitate you in working with Magento.

Another blog that is noteworthy is Magenticians, a pretty well-known blog among the Magento 2 community. This blog has content that covers all aspects of Magento 2; additionally it also has regular updating schedule that will help you to keep up with changes and the latest news as well as interviews of influencers in the field all over the world.


With this list of more than 10 informative Magento forums, open source platform as well as blogs, you won’t have to wandering around clueless of what to do anymore. The best way to fix your problems can be found in these Magento help forums.

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