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Imagine that you go to a supermarket without any categories classifications and a mess of all items is displayed everywhere. In the case of online stores, it is true if there is no menu sorting all products into smaller groups. Never you’ll find the desired goods and lose much time that are reasons you hardly return this untidy retail outlet anymore.

Magento 2 Mega Menu is a solution to deal with this petty problem when it allows registered users to build up a neat intriguing menu to put every single customer in a happy buying mood.

Let’s check out the unique features of Magento 2 Mega Menu!

1. Super-fast speed to boost sales

Maximize daily sales with this incredible LandOfCoder’s module when your customers are totally able to seek items with lightning-fast speed. This module is integrated with ajax load and menu cache that never slows down your site speed and enables customers to have the swiftest shopping experience ever. Besides, the smooth process of product searching can increase customers’ satisfaction and return rate in the future which also boosts sales. 

2. Various types of menu to get customer’s attention and serve different store’s theme

Most successful e-commerce such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Rakuten have designed their own menus in vertical, horizontal format or both of them. Magento 2 Mega Menu supports all of the online retailers to choose the best fit of menu layout for your store’s theme, number of categories, number of submenus and your creative being. At the backend, there are two selections including desktop and mobile templates then, users are very easy to pick one of three menu structures in each. 

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3. Freely customization with numerous supporting elements

All website designers can customize your own store menu with the support of diversified builders such as fonts, colors, icons and new elements – animation. LandOfCoder provides over 780 icons, 660 google fonts and Skin Builder for changing and adding your favorite colors to be a well-fitted store theme. Another recently up-to-date function is a group of multiple animations that are set to display in a moment as shoppers hovering over.

4. Preview function to check and edit timely

Before making up your mind, it is better to see how all categories look at the frontend for checking and editing. The live Structure Preview function is here to show your fully-made menu previously production. It is probably compatible with different technological devices like mobiles, desktop, tablet and so forth.  

5. Available samples for menus and sub-menus for speedy menu creating

No more difficulty in making up a menu for your own online store with a huge variety of available premade menus that are specially designed for different purposes such as food stores with numerous positions from vertical to horizontal. There are several ready-used menus supporting languages other than English such as French. This feature can benefit many store owners that would like a simple, swift and neat menu and save most of the time on building eCommerce websites.

magento 2 mega menu
A good review from our customers!

6. New versions of Magento 2 Mega Menu for mobile

It is a fact that cellphones become indispensable portal objects thus, online shopping also happens on smartphones. With three better versions of the menu used on phone, off-canvas mega menu, accordion menu, drill-down menu are designed to well compatible, responsive and customized when customers access sites online with mobiles. This key feature encourages and eases the searching process of shoppers on a cell phone that also leads to revenue growth.

7. Widget Support to add elements other than text only

It will be effortless for admins to put menus on any places of pages with the help of the widget. Instead of sticking on the top of sites, menus now can be moved to more eye-catching and store structure-fitted positions that shoppers find it easier to see. Furthermore, Widget supports admins to add other elements from third-party such as links, blocks, images, list of other menus of other stores. Customers not only obtain more online-shopping-related information but also be unable to pull eyes from your intriguing menu.

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8. Auto Data Backup with Magento 2 Mega Menu to ensure your drafts available

Have you been so depressed because your draft not saved when there was a power outage? With this extension, all the latest 10 menus you have recently made are saved automatically that you never concern about data storage even how big it is. This new feature also allows to go forth and back to any savings on your database that assists users to look at differences, compare and make useful improvements.

9. Drag and drop function for super-rapid menu creation 

The entire work admins now do only drag, drop and size to build up swiftly a content-rich navigation menu with new powerful function – Drag and Drop. LandOfCoder enables all registered users to create various columns and rows in both menus and submenus with a blink of an eye and interesting experience. Even though there is a large quantity of product types, store owners can expect to finish a simple designing process in a second from now on.

10. 7+ Sub menu types supporting different stores

To drive your site more professional and breathtaking in the customer’s eye, a list of 7 sub-menu types is offered by LandOfCoder to vary users’ selection on menu design. They are dynamic category listing, product listing, default category listing, anchor text, product grid, child menu and content which you can have a look at the below section – LandOfCoder’s real clients’ sites.

magento 2 mega menu
Outstanding features built-in Magento 2 Mega Menu

Practical examples of online shops powered by LandOfCoder Magento 2 Mega Menu

With over 19440 worldwide customers, LandOfCoder is honored to support tons of e-commerce businesses in the process of notching up incredible success. And do not stop, we’ll keep extension to reach and help out far more users next time. Here is the hall of fame which is the most winning online store ever chosen Magento 2 Mega Menu and achieved numerous traffic driven!

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Let’s room into achievable sites to see how Magento 2 Mega Menu makes the differences for these online stores!

1. BICO MART | Super Market Site

Magento 2 Mega Menu helps to organize all goods!

What does it actually sell? It is a virtual supermarket that you can find a whole world inside from food, clothes, beauty stuff to kitchen applications. WOW! The shop owners must drive crazy to deal with hundreds of items like that. Not only admin but also customers who will be not patient enough to leave this page when looking for products.

Now, LandOfCoder is here as a fairy to offer BICO an incredible menu that is divided into several departments such as fashion and clothes, electrical equipment, beauty and health and so forth. In each category, smaller sections, for instance, new in or top sellers appear for shoppers fast scanning. A related picture is also added next to the text part in each department.

Other buttons like Hyper offers, Helps, All sellers or Our shops are also put on the menu bar that extremely draws clients’ attention to get more information on current promotions, products and mart itself.

2. PAYPORTE | Fashion Store Site

Magento 2 Mega Menu can create unlimited menu styles!

Now, you got lost in a kingdom of fashion because PayPorte exactly offers all items from kids to the elderly no matter what gender you are. Besides, you can find all the little lovely accessories here and even fragrance and make-up stuff. You must wonder how the shop arranges numerous goods in a very little spacious menu bar. LandOfCoder is it’s true secret!

OK, initially let’s see its menu which simplifies and catches customer’s eyes from very first click-in. It is horizontal that is separated in some categories such as men, women, kids and so forth. Each group has a one-level sub-menu including various sections like clothing, footwear, gifts, and accessories.

Here is the most particular characteristics of this menu. Inside each submenu, not only all product names are shown but also other parts such as sales off, featured products and top-rated products attached stunning images. You only need to hover over to see and add all the best deals to your cart!

No more hesitate to add Magento 2 Mega Menu to your cart and boost your sales success like our clients experienced!

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