Top 7+ Best Magento 2 Sales Rep Extensions for eCommerce in 2018

Top 7+ best magento 2 sales rep extensions for eCommerce in 2018

One of the most effective strategies to drive sales is providing your customers special personal service. Magento 2 sales representatives extension will help you to optimize that service. It will be a potential marketing tool to boost conversion rate. With the extension support, admin can assign customers to specific sales rep and monitor their performance with ease. To help you save time and effort when choosing a perfect module, we suggest Top 7+ Best Magento 2 Sales Rep extensions for eCommerce in 2018.

Top 7+ best Magento 2 Sales Rep extensions are collected by LOF Magento Expert from many Magento 2 extensions based on some essential criteia such as price, rating & review, highlight features, and free support duration. Let’s take a minute to explore all best Magento sales representatives extensions below!

Top Best Magento 2 Sales Rep Extensions

ProviderNamePriceHighlight FeaturesSupport DurationDetails
 LandofcoderMagento 2 Sales Rep Extension

(5.0 – 3 reviews)

  • Build positive relationships with clients
  • Assign customers quotations to salesperson
  • Enable shoppers to select preferred dealers
  • Allow dealers to assign quote to others
  • Display dealers information on frontend
  • Notify customers when dealers changed
  • Notify sales reps by emails
  • Freely customize email notification templates
  • Manage quotations effectively
  • Control sales dealers easily
  • Quickly track sales reps customers
  • Assign to sales order, invoice, shipment (coming)
  • Assign permission on cms pages, blocks (coming)
  • Send messages between dealers & assigned customers (coming)
  • Sales rep advanced report (coming)
  • Ease of configuration
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Customer Quotation
 12-month free supportView detail
AmastySales Reps and Dealers for Magento 2

(5.0 – 1 reviews)

  • Assign customers to personal dealers
  • Let shoppers select their dealers
  • Display dealer information on the frontend
  • See the list of orders assigned to each dealer
  • Use notifications to coordinate and control sales reps
  • Mobile ready
3-month free supportView detail
BrainactsSales Representative extension for Magento 2

(93% – 3 reviews)

  • Assign customers, orders and products to the specific sale representatives
  • Auto assign Sales Rep to the backend orders
  • Set different commissions rates for managers
  • Set Customer’s rate (fixed or percent)
  • Restrict an access for sales representative
  • Four commission reports
  • Email notification when client purchase
  • Customers select Sales Representative at the front-end
  • Manage all withdrawal requests
Not givenView detail
Cart2quoteMagento 2 Sales Representatives

(4.7 – 127 reviews)

  • Better organize processing of orders
  • Link a Customer Account to a Salesperson
  • Assigning salespeople to Magento Orders
  • Assigning salespeople to Support tickets
  • Assigning salespeople to Custom Quote Requests
Not givenView detail
WebkulMarketplace Multi Vendor User Account For Magento 2$169
  • Admin can enable/disable the “Manage Sub-Accounts” for the sellers
  • Admin/seller can create/add sub account
  • Admin/seller can delete/edit existing sub-accounts
  • Both, the admin and the seller can assign specific roles to the sub-account holders
  • Sub account users can access only assigned functionalities by the admin/seller
  • Allow the sub-account holders to perform the actions on the web store according to their defined roles
  • Helps admin/seller to distribute their roles and responsibilities to the other sub-account users
  • The module source code is open for customization
  • Supports multiple languages translations
3-month free supportView detail
CmindsSales Representative Commission Manager Extension for Magento 2

(6 reviews)

  • Measuring sales rep performance
  • Select salesrep at checkout
  • Assigning salesrep to customer
  • Using the Magento Order Sales Rep Manager extension
  • Advanced Sales Reps Reports for Magento
  • Sales representative commission manager related resources
  • Sales Representative Commission Manager Related extensions
12-month free SupportView detail
Mageb2b.deMagento 2 extension sales rep€999.00
  • Create sales staff in backend
  • Create sales staff in frontend
  • Great performance and usability for searching customers in frontend
  • Set commission discount per sales staff
  • Order Management
  • Customer comments & customer history management
  • Import CSV interface for sales representatives
  • Great API features
3-month free supportView detail

In particular, we would like to give more details about LOF Magento 2 Sales Rep extension. For this extension, you can improve customer loyalty and build good relations with them. Admin is enabled to assign and distribute sales reps to customer quotation requests. You also can restrict their access and set permission that Sales representatives can assign quotes to other sales dealers or not. Your dealers’ info will be displayed on the frontend so that any customer can choose a preferred sale person who they will work with. Both dealers and customers will be notified when anything has changed. Besides, admin takes full control of dealers and customers. Hence, it’s easy for you to manage and enhance employees’ productivity.

What’s more? There are some advanced up-coming features of Sales reps for Magento 2 that you cannot miss out. Magento 2 sales rep will enable you to assign sales order, invoice and shipment to dealers. Moreover, sales reps can get permission on cms pages and blocks. It would be more fast and convenient for dealers and assigned customers to communicate via message. Last but not least, Magento 2 sales rep module will be more powerful with advanced report.

Compatibility: Magento CE & EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Notably, when purchasing LOF Magento 2 sales representative module, customers will get 12-month free support, 30-day money back guarantee, life-time update and dedicated support from support team. Also, to help you install, use and configure the module easily, video guides will be available for you on the product page.

In a word, LOF Magento 2 Sales Representatives will be a must-have extension for your online store. Help you drive more sales and increase customer loyalty in a smart way.

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