2024 Latest Trends In Magento 2 Extensions: All Things You Need To Know

Latest trends in Magento 2 extensions

Businesses with larger development budgets have highly appreciated Magento since the open source allowed for more customization. Unlike its counterpart, Shopify, Magento offers more options but also requires more labor to set up.

Now, a lot of businesses that built their fortune on Magento will soon have to migrate to Magento 2. Since the latest update, Magento 1 will no longer receive official support from Adobe, which is always tricky, especially in eCommerce. The lack of updates makes e-stores easier targets for malware attacks.

So, for all those who are forced to make this migration, here are some of the latest trends in Magento 2 Extensions that you would do well to familiarize yourself with. 

I. What’s better with Magento 2?

The main reason for the adoption of Magento 2 (other than the fact that it’s mandatory for anyone who still wants to enjoy customer support) is that it is better than its predecessor in almost every way. 

Regardless of whether you’re just looking for superior eCommerce automation, or want a platform that provides superior performance and security features, the answer lies with Magento 2.

For those who are still not convinced, here are a few categories in which Magento 2 is clearly superior.

#1. Security updates

Magento 2 brings an outstanding security updates

The first thing that everyone wants to know about are the security fixes regarding advanced protection from unauthorized access. This is especially important for online transactions, which are every eCommerce platform’s bread and butter.

Other than this, the reCAPTCHA was drastically improved for a much simpler, smoother, and more reliable checkout process. This keeps the process quick and seamless (which is important since a lot of shopping cart abandonment happens due to complex checkout). The process is also more efficient at noticing interference and suspicious activities.

Finally, the coverage for admin logs (which was a long-anticipated update) is finally upgraded for better and more comprehensive inspections. 

#2. Performance and scalability upgrades

Magento 2 is simply faster than its predecessor. This is most notable in its much faster loading speeds. Keep in mind that in eCommerce, loading time directly correlates with your bottom line and may have the biggest impact on your conversion rate (and shopping cart abandonment).

Another bottleneck of Magento 1 was always scalability. Simply put, it was difficult to coordinate the streamlining of operations when there were too many clients at the same time. In Magento 2 this is no longer a problem. Segmenting your customers based on previously gathered information is simpler than ever, which allows you to apply more advanced personalization strategies. 

#3. Quality of life-time upgrades

Lastly, there are so many amazing accessibility improvements that have to be mentioned. We needn’t go further than the sign-in button, which is now easier to identify and interact with. Buttons on the store frontend now have descriptive names.

These upgrades go as far as to provide a keyboard-only mode. This means that you can access the frontend with just your keyboard. This approach is especially appreciated by numerous laptop users. 

II. The latest trends in Magento 2 Extensions

Extensions add functionality to your eCommerce platform, which is why the majority of Magento users are especially interested in what Magento 2 has to offer. Here are some of the most awesome Magento 2 extensions you should pay attention to. 

1. Out of Stock

Out-of-stock is one of the latest trends in Magento 2 extensions
“Out-of-stock” is one the most potential modules for Magento 2 this year

In a lot of e-stores, the out-of-stock label is usually too subtle. The biggest problem with this is that they see an item, undergo an entire ordeal of placing an order, and then see that they can’t place an order. It’s usually only then that they notice the label.

With the out-of-stock extension, these items will be placed at the bottom of the list. This means that the majority of customers won’t even notice them until they scroll too far down or visit too many pages. This can save you a lot of abandonment and increase your relationships with qualified leads. 

2. Log Download

Log download is also one of the most awesome Magento 2 extensions for this year. While you were always able to see your logs, the navigation to the var/log folder is a lot simpler than it was. You also have the option to view logs from the admin panel, thanks to the new “log viewer” feature. Simply put, log download helps you with analytics and allows you to optimize your store and your overall online presence.

3. Category Import Export

With the help of this platform, Magento 2 can allow admins to import or export categories directly with the help of CSV files. In the past, this was also possible, but the risk of data loss was significantly higher. The best use for this extension is when it comes to multi-store views, especially since it facilitates the category management of all site admins. 

4. Google Page Speed Optimizer

This extension, optimized with the latest programming languages for cloud computing, enhances your page speed by doing extensive behind-the-scenes work. It efficiently optimizes JS, CSS, and HTML code structure, compresses media files, and manages offscreen images.

One of the ways in which it improves the loading time of media is by using next-gen formats of AVIF and WebP. Most importantly, it has built-in diagnostic tools that are active 24/7, which means that as soon as there’s a way to improve the loading speed, the platform is bound to find it.

5. One Step Checkout 

As we’ve already mentioned in the reCAPTCHA section, checkout is the crucial point in every eCommerce interaction, where you will make it or break it. This is why all eCommerce guides suggest that you allow your customers to check out without having to register.

This extension allows you to integrate the simplest and quickest checkout process while still supporting multiple payment and shipping methods. Not only that, but it also handles quick delivery calculations, informing customers of the date and time of the product’s arrival. When used right, this extension has the potential to increase the average order value by a significant margin. 

6. Improved Layered Navigation

Navigation is what usually determines how much of your domain an average customer will get to see. With simple and intuitive navigation, visitors will feel empowered to explore. This benefits both your sales and your SEO, both of which are vital to the survival of your brand.

Recognizing this need for effective navigation, many businesses are turning to a skilled webflow agency to enhance their website’s user experience. A proficient webflow agency can offer creative solutions that blend aesthetic appeal with functional design, ensuring that your site not only attracts visitors but also keeps them engaged. 

This extension even goes as far as to allow you to create custom pages for specific filter results. This level of customization is one of the main reasons why so many eCommerce businesses prioritize Magento as their tool of choice to begin with.  

Wrap up

Ultimately, people go with Magento for high-end customization, which means that settling for anything but the very best is not an option. In other words, migration to Magento 2 is not optional, which is why you should get as familiar with some of these extensions as possible. After all, the functionality they provide might end up revolutionizing your business. Let’s get ahead of the latest trends in Magento 2 extensions, and level up your store this year!

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