Top Magento 2 Sales Extensions To Skyrocket Your Online Revenue

Top Magento 2 Sales Extensions

Magento 2 is a popular open-source eCommerce platform that allows online retailers to build and manage their online stores. Released in 2015, Magento 2 offers robust features for store management, product management, order processing, promotions, reporting, and more. It gives retailers flexibility and control over the customer experience across web, mobile, and in-store channels.


In the competitive eCommerce industry, boosting sales is crucial for online business success and growth. Higher sales volumes lead to increased revenues and profits. Retailers also need healthy conversion rates to ensure their marketing costs and other investments are paying off. However, with changing consumer behaviors and technology shifts, driving more sales is a constant challenge for retailers, often requiring the expertise of top Magento development companies.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide tips for how online retailers using Magento 2 can increase their eCommerce sales. Key topics that will be covered include optimizing the checkout process, using promotions effectively, improving product pages, leveraging customer reviews, and more. The goal is to give useful, actionable advice for Magento store owners to implement in their shops to ultimately sell more products and grow their revenues.

Understanding the key extensions for boosting Magento sales

Using the right set of extensions is critical for online retailers to maximize Magento sales and skyrocket the online business’s revenue. Extensions help enhance functionality, improve the customer experience, and address key eCommerce pain points. This article highlights must-have extensions that can significantly boost sales.

Magento 2 Sales Extensions allow stores to add advanced features without needing developers or coding expertise. They can be easily installed and configured through Magento’s admin panel. For business owners, extensions provide a cost-effective way to customize stores to meet their specific business needs. The right extensions also create better customer experiences leading to higher conversion rates. Here are 5 top extensions that every Magento retailer should consider using.

#1: One-step Checkout

Magento 2 One-step-checkout Extension
Check out now!

Research shows that a lengthy or complex checkout process is one of the top reasons for abandoned online carts. One-step checkout extensions reduce the number of pages shoppers have to click through to complete their purchase. This helps more customers reach the final checkout page to complete their orders.

The One-step Checkout extension lets customers input their details, shipping address, and payment information on one page. It also offers options like setting checkout as a guest or creating an account at the point of checking out. Shoppers can review order summaries before submitting their orders through this simplified single page.

#2: Product Recommendations

Magento 2 Product Recommendations

Product recommendations result in higher customer engagement. When shoppers get suggestions based on their interests and purchase history, they tend to explore more products and add more items to their carts. Studies show effective recommendations can drive over 10-30% incremental revenue.

This AI-powered extension automatically displays personalized product suggestions to customers across their buyer journey. It offers recommendation blocks such as “You may also like”, “Frequently bought together”, “Top sellers” and more. Store owners can choose where to display these recommendations – product page, cart page, end of search results etc.

#3: Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned cart rates average 75% across online stores. Following up with shoppers through emails or push notifications is crucial for recovering lost sales from cart abandonments.

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Emails

This extension sends automated email and browser push notifications to customers when they leave items in their carts without checking out. Store owners can customize reminder frequency, timing, messaging, discounts offered in the reminders and more. It helps nudge shoppers to return and complete their purchases.

#4: Reward Points and Loyalty Program

Magento 2 Reward Points Extension

Loyalty and rewards programs incentivize customers to make repeat purchases. Members can earn points for different activities that can later be redeemed for discounts or special perks. This drives higher customer retention and lifetime value.

With this extension, retailers can set up customized loyalty programs defining how points are earned, expiration dates, point values, discounts etc. Customers can track their reward points in their online accounts. Options are available for memberships, tiered rewards, and integration with newsletters or promotions.

#5: Advanced SEO Suite

Higher visibility in search engines directly correlates with more traffic and revenue for online stores. However, optimizing pages for keywords can be challenging. This is where advanced SEO tools are extremely useful.

Magento 2 Advanced SEO Suite

The all-in-one SEO extension generates SEO-friendly URLs, meta titles and descriptions, XML sitemaps and more. Retailers also get insights into top landing pages, keywords and traffic analytics. Automated link building and integration with Google Analytics allow for further optimization of pages.

Using the right combination of extensions gives eCommerce merchants more power to customize their Magento stores to drive more sales. Simplifying checkouts, providing personalized recommendations, offering loyalty programs and improving SEO are some of the key ways to engage customers and boost conversions.

Benefits of using Magento 2 Sales Extensions for online retailers

Implementing the right Magento 2 sales extensions can provide tremendous value for online businesses in multiple ways:

1. Diversifying and expanding online store functionalities

Extensions empower retailers to add advanced eCommerce features to their stores without needing IT resources. Pre-made integrations for payment gateways, shipping carriers, ERPs and more also expand capabilities. Store owners can leverage extensions to differentiate offerings and nurture innovation.

2. Enhancing the user experience and improving conversion rates

From better search and navigation to simplified checkouts – extensions optimize storefront experiences. Happy customers who find what they want quickly are more likely to purchase and promote the business through word-of-mouth. Increased user engagement and reduced cart abandonment improve conversion rates.

3. Streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency

Automation is key for lean eCommerce operations, and Magento 2 offers hundreds of extensions to save time and resources. Bulk order processing, automated inventory updates, one-click refunds and more drive operational efficiency. Staff can focus on providing better customer support vs manual tasks.

4. Increasing visibility and attracting more organic traffic

SEO and marketing extensions help stores improve search engine rankings, run targeted ad campaigns, personalize on-site content, leverage affiliates and track performance. Retailers can drive more qualified organic traffic to their platform.

5. Encouraging customer loyalty and repeat purchases

With smart extensions for loyalty programs, retailers create emotional connections with customers via VIP tiers, personalized rewards and exclusive perks for their best shoppers. This establishes lasting relationships that translate to higher customer lifetime value through repeat purchases.

The scalability, customization and innovation made possible by Magento 2 extensions provide online retailers with the tools they need to manage thriving e-commerce businesses today and beyond.

Step-by-step guide to install and configuring Magento 2 Sales Extensions

Magento 2 Sales Extensions
How to install and configure Magento 2 sales extensions?

Installing extensions in Magento 2 to customize online stores is straightforward for retailers with some key steps to follow:

Step 1: Preparing Magento 2 for extension installation

Before installing new extensions, retailers should prepare their Magento site:

  • Checking system requirements

Confirm the extension is compatible with your specific Magento edition, version, theme etc. Keep PHP and other system components up-to-date. Resolve any conflicts upfront for smooth installation.

  • Preparing the Magento Connect Manager

Enable Magento’s Connect Manager for extension uploads/downloads and also create a safety backup.

Step 2: Finding and downloading the desired extensions

Magento Marketplace offers tons of verified, quality extensions that retailers can search through. After selecting extensions, purchase/download packages containing the extension files from Marketplace.

Step 3: Installing and activating the extensions

Using Connect Manager, upload the custom extension package. Magento will automatically unpack and install all extension files into the right directories. Go to Admin panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration, scroll to the ‘Advanced’ section and enable/activate the newly added extension.

Step 4: Configuring the extensions according to business requirements

Post-installation, access the configuration settings for that extension under the Admin Settings panel. Set up and customize all aspects of the extension to meet your stores’ specific needs and priorities before deploying its storefront.

Step 5: Testing the extensions for proper functionality

Rigorously test extension features on sandbox/staging site preview before rolling out changes officially. Verify desired functionality, user flows, error handling, integration with other existing extensions etc. Address bugs through more config edits.

Remember to test the extensions before launching

Following these key steps will ensure online retailers have a hassle-free experience in installing, customizing and leveraging the full potential of Magento 2 sales extensions. Proper integration and testing save future headaches down the road.


In the fast-moving eCommerce industry, online retailers need to focus on driving higher sales volumes to gain market share and deliver value to customers. Increased revenues also allow merchants to re-invest in marketing, expansion efforts and new initiatives. Boosting conversions and growth is thus vital for long-term dominance.

As discussed in this article, strategically leveraging certain Magento 2 sales extensions can greatly aid retailers’ goals of increased sales. Simplifying checkouts, providing personalized recommendations, automating cart recovery and implementing loyalty programs are some of the most impactful extensions. Combined with SEO and marketing tools, these create seamless, engaging customer experiences that convert at higher rates.

The possibilities enabled by the thousands of ingenious Magento 2 sales extensions are endless for ambitious online merchants. Investing in the right tools and constantly optimizing to stay ahead of shifts in consumer behavior is key. Hopefully, this post has provided a useful starting point for retailers to explore extensions that can take their Magento stores to the next level of sales performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some of the best Magento 2 extensions for increasing conversion rates?
    Some top Magento 2 sales extensions for improving conversion rates include one-step checkout, abandoned cart savers, multiple payment methods, automatic related products, wish lists, and exit intent popups. These make it easier and more convenient for customers to complete their purchases.
  2. How can Magento 2 extensions help recover lost sales from abandoned carts?
    Extensions like Abandoned Cart Reminders allow setting up automated emails and push notifications to shoppers when they abandon their carts. These reminders bring shoppers back to complete the checkout process and help recover sales that would be otherwise lost.
  3. How do loyalty and rewards programs created through Magento 2 extensions increase sales? Such extensions allow retailers to set up customized loyalty programs where shoppers can earn points for different activities. Members redeem these points for discounts, free shipping and other exclusive perks which gives them an incentive to shop more frequently to maximize savings.
  4. What SEO extensions for Magento can boost organic traffic and sales?
    Extensions like the Advanced SEO Suite help ensure store pages are fully optimized through SEO-friendly URLs, focused page metadata, XML sitemaps, advanced reporting and more. Higher visibility in search engines increases clicks and qualified visits from relevant searchers.

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