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best magento 2 quote extension

This is a collection of 5+ best Magento 2 Quote Extensions from hundreds of quote extensions in the market. This collection will give you a full overview of best quote extensions for magento 2. These extensions are picked by our Magento Experts manually. It will be very helpful for you to choose the best one for you.

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5+ Best Magento 2 Quote Extensions

ProviderRatingHighlight FeaturesDescriptionDemoPriceSource
Landofcoder94% – 7 reviews
  • Ajax add to quote
  • Easy To Use Add to Quote
  • Add Note/ Comment For Each Product
  • Live Editor For Price
  • Automate Request For Quote Process
  • Make a Remarks For The Whole Quotation
  • Easy to Check Quote Request Process
  • Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product
  • Enter custom prices per product
  • Add or delete products from the quote request
  • Display On HomePage, Search Page & Other Pages
  • All Magento product types supported
  • Supports responsive web design and works flawlessly together with Magento’s Luma theme
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • Convert a Magento Quote to order using the admin panel
  • Quick Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • [New] Create Quote In The Backend
  • [New] Send email notification to customer when the Quote is updated
  • [NEW] Add Tax for Quote
  • Ease to show Total Quote Table
  • (Coming Soon) Add shipping fee
With this magento 2 quote module, you can manage and create quote request on front-end or start quotation from backend. Negotiate price with your customer never easier. Your customer can send quotes with custom prices and custom product quantity that can be created quickly. LOF Magento 2 Quote Extension also comes with follow-up quote email, department assignment, attaching PDF proposals and much moreBackend


Webkul5 – 2 reviews
  • Can add custom quote for products to buy in bulk.
  • Email notification for each action to customer and admin as well.
  • Works with multi-store and multi-website of Magento.
  • Can communicate with the admin via conversation system (inbuilt).
  • Works with every type of custom option.
  • Admin can approve or decline customer quote.
  • Convert retail Magento store into wholesale store.
  • Admin can enable or disable Quote system.
  • Bulk order form for wholesaler.
  • Buyer can view the bulk orders and price and many more.
  • Enter custom prices for products.
Request for quote magento 2 extension will allow the customers to quote for the products in Magento2 store. This module is very helpful in ordering the admin products in bulk. Buyers can communicate with the admin for any queries regarding the quoted products.Frontend


Cart2Quote4,7 – 127 review
  • Create Quotation via front-end
  • Customer receives Price proposal
  • Customer submits Quote Request
  • Create Quotation via the backend
  • Storeowner receives Quote Request
  • Storeowner converts Magento Quote to order
  • Sending messages to customers
  • Change sort order for items in Quote list
  • Editing existing Quote Request
Receive quote requests through your front-end or start Quotations from your Magento backend. Negotiate prices with your customers. Cart2Quote supports all Magento product types.Backend


$399 – $799Detail
MageBees5 – 14 review
  • Well-coded Request for Quote module
  • Add the “Request for Quote” button to the website pages
  • Allow registered customers and guests to request for quote
  • Negotiate prices privately
  • Customize email templates
  • Add purchase links so that customers can make the purchase
  • Notify customers when the quote is sent/updated
  • Show original/revised prices including shipping price and taxes
  • Set up quote expiration time
  • Send reminders before quote expiration
If you deal with wholesale buyers, this MageBees extension is truly designed for you. Add a “request for quote” button on product pages and encourage customers to request for quotes. You will be able to negotiate with customers without having to reveal the discounts to the general visitors. Send customized emails, revise quotes, and communicate with customers easily. They will be able to buy the products from the quotes or send you the quote back for further revision. You can even set quote expiration time and remind customers to make the decision. It is all possible with the extension.Backend


FME100% – 3 reviews
  • Automate RFQ Process
  • Email features
  • Highly customizable
  • Fail Attachment
  • Global Features
FME Request for Quote extension automates the manual quotation process between you and your clients. By a simple to use quotation form, your clients can now ask for business proposals and much more without a need to create lengthy looking RFQ by hand. Download now and allow your clients to reach you better than everFrontend


Solwininfotech100% – 14 reviews
  • Send quote request for particular product
  • Google reCaptchaAdds Google reCaptcha to quotation form
  • Customers can see the link ”Request for Quote” on product detail page
  • Customer can see their old quote request after login.
  • Customer can attach file with quotation request
  • Set mail subject & body to reply to customer
  • Display contacted person name, email, phone, budget status, project title etc. Display quote requested date & quote needed by client date
Magento 2 Request for Quote extension allows visitors to send a quotation request for a particular product to the site owner. Allow your clients to contact you better than ever.Backend$49Detail

Other Information (Version Compatibility, Frequent Update, Installation & Support Services, Self-experiences)

Top 5 ExtensionsLatest CompatibilityUpdatesInstallation & SupportCustomer Experiences
LandofcoderMagento 2.3.xFree Lifetime Updates
  • 12 Months Free Support
Strongly recommend it. It works very smoothly on our site.
Thanks.This magento 2 quote module is very suitable with our desire. It’s very helpful in making customization and communicating with me until everything we needed had been addressed.
WebkulMagento 2.3.xFree Lifetime Updates
  • Installation +$7.80
  • Free Support 3 month
Our company requested for quote magento 2 extension to work in a way that is specific for our product. Webkul was very helpful in making customization and communicating with me until everything we needed had been addressed. We are very pleased with Webkul and will be going to back to the future.
Cart2QuoteNot givenNot given
  • Free Support
Not given
Magento 2.3.x
Free Lifetime Updates
  • 1 Year Free Support
This is the best Magento 2 Request for Quote module. It has made the process very simple. Customers are able to send requests for multiple quotes and I am able to manage all quotes from the backend. Previously, revising quotes was a big pain. But, now, I can manage them at the click of mouse and customers get email notifications of revised quotes. They can also purchase the products directly from the email link. MageBees has thought of everything.
Magento 2.3.x
Free Lifetime Updates
  • Free Support
Thanks for the Entire team. Such a nice form and easy to customizing the form filed. Love .I have installed this plugin can you tel me how it is working in front end
Magento 2.3.x
Not given
  • Free Support
Not  given

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  • Google Ranking
  • Compatibility
  • Provider credibility

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