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magento 2 free extension

Try typing “Free Magento 2 extensions” on Google Search Engine, you will receive an enormous amount of information about tons of free modules from a wide range of providers.

It is normal that people are usually skeptical about free version of anything. You may wonder why the companies introduce free products that can not help them gain profit. Then you will question the quality of free products in comparison with the paid ones. Considering Magento 2 extensions, you can even worry that the free Magento 2 modules are not debugged and can harm or destroy your system. After that, you have to spend much of time, effort and money to fix it. Let us give you some reasons to make you feel more comfortable and willing to install Magento 2 free extensions for your online store.

Free Magento 2 extensions

The first point is that why do extension providers launch free Magento 2 modules? Let’s make it normal because they don’t do for no purposes. With new companies, they introduce free versions into the market to expand their brands or gain notice from customers. This is very first step to encourage customers to install their products and know about their companies. The second reason is that some providers will launch the free versions to promote their premium or paid versions. Lastly, supporting free versions is an effective way to boost customer’s experience and increase customers’ loyalty.

The second reason to make you more confident to choose free Magento 2 extensions from Landofcoder is that we are reliable provider which is verified by our products on the market as well as the rating and reviews of our customers. Moreover, we provide you the support from an energetic customer service team who are willing to help you solve any problems.

10+ Newest Free Magento 2 Extensions By Landofcoder

Now, let’s take a closer look at 10 free Magento 2 modules from Landofcoder and choose the suitable and necessary ones for your eCommerce store.

1. Free Maga menu extension for Magento 2 

This amazing tool could bring you into a wholly new level of managing your eCommerce website. Basically, Magento 2 Mega Menu extension supports you reorganize the entire list of products in a neat and spectacular way by creating dynamic navigation menus with no code required. With this feature, your flawless channel could attract customer attention easily, and then please them with a list of products arranged orderly and also help to find the desired one immediately that strongly boost their shopping experience.

With our fruitful features concluded in our Magento 2 mega menu free extension, it will be definitely a promising choice to change and enhance your business channel.

landofcoder magento 2 mega menu free


Outstanding features:

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2. Page builder extension for Magento 2 | Free

If you have full-package knowledge about Magento 2 and really want to use it, but building a theme for it still too challenging for you. Not to worry, we will bring you the best solution right here: Magento 2 page builder extension free.

Our tool supports you for creating and managing your website in the fastest and easiest way, without making any effort in writing a line of code. At the same time, you will have a wonderful interface in your own style and save a bunch of time and expenses.

landofcoder magento 2 page builder free


Highlight features:

Product recommendations: Blog, Form Builder 

3. Magento 2 image gallery | $0

The first impression always plays a significant role in gaining customer favoritism and paying more attention to design gallery layout would be a very smart and wise choice. 

Creating an aesthetic and charming website by displaying the photo albums on an attractively designed gallery layout, not only improve the customer shopping experience in visual aspects but also make your brand being stand out and more remarkable through the product’s image that including your team and company logo. 

landofcoder magento 2 image gallery free


Special features:

Product recommendations: Pop Up, Ajax Suites

4. Free Magento 2 live chat extension

Maintaining a close-knit interaction with the customer as much as possible and solve their problems instantly could bring for you more benefits than you thought. 

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension helps you chat directly with customers and clear their doubts about all the product’s aspects. In this case, the customer will feel that they have the consideration and tend to be satisfied with your service. From that, you will gain their purchasing loyalty just by a small online chat on your own site!

landofcoder magento 2 live chat free


Highlight features:

Product recommendations: Sales Rep, Testimonial

5. Free Magento 2 Product Designer

It is undoubtable that customers would like to buy unique and limited-number products rather than conventional ones. Based on this factual information, store owners can boost the customers’ experience, encourage them to buy more and motivate sales by providing product customization service for customers to express their creativity.

Free Magento 2 Product Designer Extension gives the customers of online shops the ability to create their unique and personalized design for any products in the stores by easily adding text, images, clipart, etc. The admins can enable customization function for the products they want and set special price for them.

magento 2 extension free


Highlight features:

For Customer:

  • One-click Product Customization
  • Design Product On Different Sides
  • Add Custom Text In Seconds
  • Personalize Text On Product
  • Multiple Layer Mask Allowed
  • Easy Image Uploading & Editing
  • Share Personalized Products On Social
  • Preview & Download Customized Design
  • Quick Print Personalized Design

For Store Owner:

  • Dynamic Design Layers
  • Default Images Adding
  • Default Text Adding
  • Flexible Text Configuration
  • Quick Images Configuration
  • User-friendly Library Configuration
  • Price For Customized Designs

Product recommendations: Price Comparison, Customer Quotation

6. Magento 2 Product Tags | Free

This is another free Magento 2 module to enhance customers’ experience. Sometimes, the buyers want to filter the products according to very specific features for example white-tiny-flower dress or chocolate cakes. That is when product tags show their importance.

Landofcoder has introduced Free Magento 2 Product Tags extension that helps you create one or more tags to determine product based on its features or category. By this way, you can save time for the customers in searching and finding their desired products. 

free extension for magento 2 store


Outstanding features:

  • Lightening your products for customer
  • Narrow the search results by tags.
  • Display product tags on product detail page.
  • View product tags on the sidebar.
  • Frontend controller to view a page of filter products by tag.
  • Frontend REST API for the extension
  • Easily add new and update tags in the management area.
  • Flexible delete product tags in bulks
  • Manage Tags In The Backend
  • Backend REST API for the extension

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7. Magento 2 Login as Customer | $0

This free extension for Magento 2 store is another great tool to boost experience of your customers. 

Why need to login as customer? During purchase process, customers may encounter many difficulties ranging from creating new orders, customizing their information to applying discount codes or producing invoices. The fastest and most effective way to solve the problems for your customers is to access directly into customers’ account and deal with all the issues under their circumstances. In addition, this is also a good way to check the operation of your system from the frontend and have suitable improvement.

To login in Magento 2 store as customer, you only need to go to customer grid, choose the needed account, click select link and choose login as customer.

login as customer


Highlight features:

  • Compatible with Magento 2 Guest to Customer
  • Log in Customer Account from the Back-end
  • Login As Customer button in the account page
  • Easy-to-use entrance log
  • Set the Login Permissions & Restriction
  • Page Cache Disabling For Admin User
  • Guest Shopping Cart Items

Other recommended products: Guest to Customer, Customer Attributes 

8. Free Magento 2 Product Question

One efficient way to strengthen the connection and communication between buyers and store’s owner is to encourage your customers to pose questions and then satisfy them with appropriate and helpful answers. However, it is inconvenient for the customers to send their concerns for you via email,  and then you have to check every question and answer all of them separately. 

This free Magento 2 Product Question extension is such an amazing tool to solve the problems. With this free module, you can create a separate frequently asked question page for your eCommerce store. When customers access this page, they can see all the questions and answers. In addition, they can easily add or answer any questions. It optimises the process of asking and giving answers, and the admin don’t have to answer the same questions over and over. 

magento 2 product question extension


Highlight features:

  • Build customers’ trust and loyalty
  • Good for SEO On Page
  • Allow customers to ask and answer on the product page
  • Support guests to leave a question and answer
  • Approve new questions and answer automatically
  • Ease-to-use Question rule page
  • Set up the number of question per page
  • Conveniently manage Q&A from the backend

Suggested products to improve communication with customers: FAQ, Help Desk

9. OnePay Payment Gateway for Magento 2 | $0

This free Magento 2 extension is a great support to optimize the payment process of the customers. It is important to simplify the payment stage with various payment gateways that are convenient and suitable with every buyers. By this way, you can reduce the abandoned cart rate due to complex payment process.

Free Onepay Payment Gateway for Magento 2 which provides Onepay payment gateway is particularly developed for Ecommerce stores in Vietnam. Onepay is a leading payment gateway in Vietnam that provides smart and secure payment process, merchant services, etc for businesses and companies. This free module supports customers to pay via popular domestic banks such as Vietinbank, Vietcombank, BIDV, etc with domestic credit cards besides normal international payment gateway (VISA, American Express, Mastercard, etc).

onepay payment gateway extesnion


Highlight features:

  • Integrate OnePay payment gateway
  • Support OnePay domestic ATM card
  • Domestic ATM card payment gateway page
  • Configure OnePay domestic ATM card
  • Support OnePay international card
  • International card payment gateway page
  • Configure OnePay international card
  • Set min/max order total
  • Set min/max order total
  • Apply OnePay to specific countries
  • OnePay order success page
  • Compatible with Magento 2.3.x

Product recommendations: One Page Checkout, Pay COD Online, Order Tracking

10. Magento 2 Advanced Contact Form | $0

During the purchase process, your customers may have many wonders in price, quality, shipping method, discount for specific quantity, etc and they expect to receive quick response from store’ owner. Contact system becomes an essential part of any eCommerce store. However, the Magento 2 default contact form is limited and ineffective. 

Free Magento 2 Advanced Contact Form Extension is a solution for your online shop. It helps you to add multiple customs fields to the contact form that are suitable for each purpose of contact. In addition, you can also set advanced contact email templates and manage all customers’ contact details from the backend easily.


Highlight features:

  • Replace default contact form
  • Add multiple custom fields to contact form
  • Set advanced contact email template
  • Set email address to receive requests
  • Manage each customers’ contact in detail
  • Informative contact list in backend
  • Quick enable/disable advanced contact
  • Magento 2 Advanced Contact Graph-Ql

Recommended products: Form Builder , Help Desk Pro

11. Free Magento 2 Designer Extension

This Free Magento 2 Designer Extension helps the store’s owner manage the products according to designers. It also allows customers to search and buy products from their favourite designers.

After installing this module for your eCommerce store, you can easily create a special designers page with all necessary information (Designers’ name. date of birth, country, description, photo, etc). This information can be displayed at the end of product pages. In addition, you can assign and manage products of each designers with ease or group designers to specific categories.

magento 2 designer extesnion


Highlight features:

  • Display designers on various designers page layouts
  • View detail designer page
  • Show designer info at the end of product page
  • Fast assign products to designer
  • Add multiple product designers in backend
  • Easily add / edit designer information
  • Create multiple designer groups
  • Quickly add / edit specific designer groups
  • Manage products of particular designers

Product recommendations:  Image Gallery Pro, Product Attachments

These are 10+ latest free Magento 2 extensions from Landofcoder. Let’s take all of them into consideration and choose the most suitable one for your eCommerce store.

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