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According to research, the number of smartphone users in 2023 has exceeded three billion and is expected to increase dramatically in the next few years. Along with the growing trend of smartphones, native apps also continue to play a significant role in people’s daily lives and it has become one of the most powerful tools to help companies implement their business successfully. 

However, creating and maintaining a native app, especially a cross-platform app is not only costly but also time-consuming. There is, fortunately, another option that combines all the benefits of a native app with modern features offered by web technology: Magento PWA.

What is PWA?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is the latest mobile application development trend using web technology (HTML, CSS, Javascript). This is actually not a new technology but a concept that refers to a group of techniques with the aim of delivering a superior mobile web experience for web-based applications. 

Progressive Web Apps are the combination of native apps and regular web pages. This means that PWA can be browsed on user’s browser with an URL and can also be downloaded and utilized as a mobile app. Some of the most successful adopters of PWA are Instagram, Pinterest and Tinder.

Progressive Web App is a website developed by technology that provides the optimal user experience on mobile devices. In short, PWA will make users almost feel like they are using a native app, because of the following features:

  • Offline support
  • Quick download
  • Better security
  • Push notifications
  • Full screen experience, no URL bar
  • Icon on mobile homescreen
  • Splash page
  • Background synchronization

What are Magento PWA Add Ons

Magento PWA Add-ons

Magento PWA Add Ons are Magento Extensions that support Progressive Web Application. These modules are created in order to enhance the PWA storefront on Magento and improve user experience. Magento PWA is the best solution for Magento store owners since it combines all the benefits of a native app with modern features offered by web technology.

Why do you need to adopt Magento PWA for your Magento store?

Magento PWAs can operate seamlessly with Magento backend

Traditionally, Magento platform provides users with both frontend and backend to build an eCommerce website. The frontend of a website is the part that interacts with users and backend is the website’s server-side which stores data and enables the frontend to work properly. 

Users can not see or interact with the backend of the website, but it is an important part where everything happens. To operate a website, the admin also has to edit the website and conduct maintenance, which is something you cannot do from the frontend. In order to make adjustments to a website, the admin has to do it from the backend and this process can be complex and time-consuming. 

However, with Progressive Web App, the admin can directly make changes to the website from the frontend with ease since it is capable of integrating with the Magento backend in a seamless way. For example, with the Magento PWA Blog Extension, you can integrate the blog directly into the backend of your Magento store. With PWA, you can be able to save time on content management, create a superior user experience and reduce hosting costs.

Magento PWAs improve customer engagement

Top 30 PWAs report showed that the average conversion rate for Progressive Web App was 36% higher than that of native apps. This is due to the fact that Magento PWA provides more opportunities for user engagement. 

According to Smashing Ideas, firms switching from a native app to a PWA notice a significant growth from at least 20% by up to 250% in their customer engagement. Users installing your apps are the most committed supporters and most likely to convert their engagement into signups or sales.

Some examples of companies noticing higher customer engagement are:

  • Make My Trip: Mobile sessions increase by 160%
  • Lancome: Mobile sessions increase by 53%
  • Trivago: Repeat visits increase by 150%
  • Twitter: Pages per session increase by 25%
  • OLX: Repeat visists increase by 250%

Then why could Magento PWA be able to increase customer engagement and conversion rate? One of the most obvious reasons is that Magento PWA takes less time to load than regular native apps. 

Statistics have shown that approximately 40% of users have a tendency to leave the website if the page loading time is more than 3 seconds. Magento PWA is not only fast, smooth but also mobile-friendly and uses less mobile storage. Along with the capability of operating offline, users can easily access their app anytime and anywhere.

It’s no wonder that Progressive Web Applications, which allow users to access websites in a convenient and smooth way from their phone are much more appealing, offers greater engagement, drives higher conversions, and helps companies achieve business outcomes in the long run. 

In recent years, the application of Magento PWA is becoming proliferated and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Many Magento shop owners are taking advantage of PWAs by adopting this advanced technology and enjoy all the benefits it has brought about. 

With fast page load speed, advanced functions, and engaging responsive design, Magento PWA can not only bring considerable changes to customers’ shopping experience but also boost SEO and drives conversions for your Magento Ecommerce Store.      

How to convert your Magento website to PWA?

Convert Magento website to PWA

Your PWA Using Magento 2 PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio is a toolset needed for shop owners to create and maintain a native app-like experience for their Magento eCommerce store. These tools enable shop owners to quickly develop a PWA storefront for their current Magento 2 websites. By implementing this method, the admin will be provided with a PWA build pack to support PWA development. However, this is just a basic step to convert your Magento website to PWA since it is extremely basic and lacks many default features of Magento.  

Install Magento PWA Extensions

Another method to upgrade your store with PWA is installing Magento Extensions that support PWA. This is the simplest and fastest approach to add PWA features to your website. In order to help Magento shop owners to optimize and creating a PWA storefront on Magento 2, we have listed the most prominent and useful available Magento 2 Extensions that support PWA to provide a fast, reliable, engaging experience for your eCommerce site and drive your conversion rate.

Essential Magento PWA Add-ons For Your e-Commerce Website



Main features

Detail Infor

Magento PWA For Brand

Magento PWA For Brand

Magento 2 Brand Extension allows you to not only display impressive brand logo and brand carousel but also perfectly optimize them for tablet and mobile devices to create excellent user experience.

  • Display brand image block anywhere on your site

  • Brand Logo with Owl Carousel

  • Nice Brand Page

  • Show brands page with multiple layouts

  • Easy to use & customize

  • Easy to use & customize

  • Seo Optimization

Magento PWA For Blog

Magento PWA For Blog

Magento PWA For Blog Pro is designed to creating superior user experience by transforming your web blog into an appealing-designed PWA blog page. With PWA Add-ons Blog Pro, Magento shop owner can deliver responsive, valuable blog content and consequently improve customer engagement.

  • Outstanding and engaging blog content

  • Excellent blog performance

  • Search Engine (SEO) Friendly Website

  • Reduced PWA implementation costs

  • Fully support PWA Venia storefront

  • Attract more potential customer

Magento PWA For Testimonial

Magento PWA For Testimonial

Magento 2 PWA For Testimonials is designed with the aim of enhancing credibility of your Magento store by encouraging customers to share their genuine experience and feeling about the products. Enabling this extension to help you improve customer shopping experience and drive your business in the long run.

  • Display Testimonials With 16 Beautiful Styles 

  • Star Rating & Social Network Integrated

  • Fully Compatible with Rich Snippets

  • Frontend Submission( Direct Form, Popup)

  • Place In Any Position As You Want

  • Easy To Upload Images, Avatar

  • ReCaptcha System/ Google Captcha To Avoid Spam

  • Support You To Add on Multiple Store 

Magento PWA For Banner Slider

Magento PWA For Banner Slider

Magento PWA For Banner Slider is designed to help online merchants to create and customize multiple resource maps, banners, sliders with eye-catching design and displaying them at proper positions on your site in order to catch customer attention. More importantly, Magento store owner can be able to save time and reduce hosting cost by implementing all of these tasks and integrating them directly into the backend of the Magento website with ease.

  • Support 4 types of banners: local image, external image, YouTube video, custom HTML

  • Quickly create & edit any slider

  • Edit specific banners with ease

  • Customize banner slider design

  • Create & edit resource map design

  • Place slider widget on any page

Magento PWA For FAQ

Magento PWA For FAQ

This module not only allow you to provide important information and answer customers’ common questions but also create and customize a SEO-friendly FAQ page for your Magento store. The Magento PWA For FAQ is a necessity if you wish to achieve a higher rank on search engines and improve the brand reputation.

  • Optimized for Mobiles

  • Ajax live search based on content, keyword, tag

  • Unlimited FAQs divided into categories

  • View answers to each question

  • Show frequently asked questions to save customer's time

  • Place FAQs anywhere using FAQ blocks 

  • Show FAQ on product detail PageNew List Item

  • Multiple beautiful layouts & styles

Magento PWA For Form Builder

Magento PWA For Form Builder

Magento PWA For Form Builder helps merchants to collect customers’ data effectively by creating multiple forms with beautiful templates. With this extension, all of these tasks will be implemented with simple steps without advanced experience or coding knowledge. Magento PWA For Form Buider is a must-have if you want to gain deeper customers’ insight and come up with better business plan in the future.

  • 75% Faster Than Default - 30% decrease in cost

  • Drag n Drop Magento 2 Form Builder

  • 20+ Premade Form - 14 pre-made form templates

  • Display multiple forms on one page

  • Collect and analyze customer data

  • ReCaptcha Security, Spam Protection

  • Visual Design Options: Background, Font, Icon, Border

Magento PWA For Reward Points

Magento PWA For Reward Points

It is indisputable that Reward Points is an important Customer Loyalty Program that every business should have. With Magento PWA For Reward Points, business owners can be able to create an automatic reward point system to encourage customers to come back and drive higher conversion rate.

  • Reward customers who come to your store in various ways

  • Apply pre-made events accordingly to customer’s behaviors

  • Set up specific and easy-to-apply as well as easy-to-follow rules for earning points

  • Professional and customer-oriented design makes Magento 2 Reward Points a perfect option

Magento PWA For Product Labels

Magento PWA For Product Labels

Magento PWA For Product Label is an efficient tool to capture visitor’s attention, create a sense of urgency and willingness to purchase. This module allows you to create or use multiple pre-made product labels such as new arrival, bestseller, exclusive,... to highlight your products. In addition, user experience will be enhanced remarkably thanks to its responsiveness and mobile optimization.

  • Customize your products labels with ease

  • Highlight your storefront with special offers labels

  • Make your promotions automatically display using labels with conditions

  • Inform your customers about the status of products

  • Boost sales revenue with some simple rules

Magento PWA For Free Gifts

Magento PWA For Free Gifts

Magento PWA For Free Gifts is the best solution for your promotion campaigns. By notifying customers with a range of free gift options and displaying them on the shopping cart, shoppers will be surprised and have more reason to proceed checkout.

  • Offer free gifts on the shopping cart

  • Show gift products popup instantly

  • Manually pick or re-select free gifts

  • Select attributes for configurable gifts

  • Show free gifts on the checkout page

Magento PWA For Marketplace

Magento PWA For Marketplace

Magento PWA Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension is a comprehensive solution for business owners to upgrade their eCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace like Etsy, eBay or Amazon etc. This extension not only allow vendors to upload, manage and sell their products on Magento store but also improve consumers’ shopping experience by providing more options to purchase and opportunities to give feedback for the products. In addition, the PWA Marketplace will display your Multi Vendor store perfectly on every browsers and devices.

  • Fast Marketplace Interface & Experience

  • Flexible Magento 2 Themes Compatibility

  • Multiple Payment Gateways Integrated

  • Advanced Report Supported

  • Flexible to Setup Commission for Sellers

  • Display feedbacks - reviews from customers

  • Well-organized and attractive marketplace page

  • Professional Vendor Shop Page

  • Approve sellers & products automatically/ manually

Magento PWA For Promotion Bar

Magento PWA For Promotion Bar

Magento PWA For Promotion Bar provides Magento store owners with unlimited notification ars and promotion, which can be shown on different location of the website. With this extension, Magento store owners can be able to capture customers’ attention instantly, encourage them to buy more and drive higher revenue.

  • Show off multiple promo bars on pages

  • One-click close or hide promo banners

  • Create unlimited promotion & notification bars

  • Place promotion bars at various positions on a page

  • Display promotion banners on specific pages

Magento PWA For Product List

Magento PWA For Product List

Magento PWA For Product List helps merchants to create and display product list in Magento store in order to make it easier for customers to find the product that they are looking for. With this module, the product list will be displayed on any devices and provide consumers with better shopping user experience.

  • Show Product List by rule with 9 rule types

  • Support ajax load to improve load speed

  • Widget Support - Place on any pages

  • Flexible Position Support

  • Easy tab effect

  • Multiple Row Support

Magento PWA For Shop By Brand

Magento PWA For Shop By Brand

With Shop By Brand PWA Extension, business owners will be capable of arranging, searching and filtering products by brand and adding them to the layered navigation menu. This will allow customers to find their favourites products quickly and easily.

  • All-brands Listing Page

  • Separate Brand Detail Page

  • Smart Layered Navigation On Brand

  • New List Item

  • Show Brand Logo On The Product Page
    New List Item

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