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It is believed that PWA is one of the most trending technologies as soon as it comes to mobile supportive website development. Recognizing the advantage of that in the past times, the Magento Community has released its Magento PWA Studio project successfully. With this set, it will be easier for all the Magento developers to create the Magento stores mobile compatible thus consuming less time. In this blog, we will be discussing the Top 13+ Magento PWA Providers for your Magento and Magento 2 store and how important it is in mobile-commerce. Let’s start!

What is PWA?

PWA is an advanced technology that supports stores create an app-like experience for mobile users. This means visitors who use mobile can access the PWA web via a browser and URL like other websites. Especially, the user experience is literally smooth and responsive like using the native app. PWA technology guarantees to bring some amazing features just like normal websites and native apps.

If you are wondering whether PWA is a great choice for your Magento websites, you can refer to more amazing providers in this list below.

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PWA Studio

PWA Studio provides you the fruitful tools to create a Progressive Web Application storefront.

When you use Landofcoder’s Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace PWA Studio Solution, your eCommerce website definitely will gain the customer’s experience and brings about high revenue for the store owner.

With our headless PWA solution, the front end and back end are decoupled and there would be no limit to personalize to increase the shopping experience. They are connected to each other via a specific gateway called API.

  • Fast loading

  • Add to the home screen

  • Offline mode

  • Multi platforms

  • App-like experience without installing an app

  • 100% usage of GraphQ

  • Integration of numerous payment methods

  • Full report of sales, product views, etc

  • Quick and exact elastic search

  • Security

  • Customization

  • Personalization

  • SEO friendly

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PWA Studio

PWA studio combines the experience of native apps and online browsing. It helps retailers engage users, increase conversions, and extend the website experience to all mobile platforms. 

When you use PWA solution from Bavaan, the source code for websites and apps are the same. So you do not need to spend more budget and storage capacity for it. You can download and install the Headless PWA website with the storage under 1MB.

  • Enhanced user experience & performance

  • SEO friendly

  • Low cost

  • Fast loading

  • Offline mode or connectively independent

  • Add to the home screen

  • Integration of numerous payment methods

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA development can be considered a relatively new trend, few companies can boast a decent portfolio so far.

Onilab not only customizes off-the-shelf solutions but also creates unique code using ReactJS and similar advanced frameworks to deliver PWAs that have:

  • Lightning-fast loading on various devices

  • Improved UX/UI for an enhanced shopping experience

  • High level of optimization for SEO and marketing

  • Increased conversion rate

  • Lowered bounce rate

  • Enhanced KPI and cost of acquisition

  • Extended customer retention

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Magento 2 PWA Theme

The Magento 2 PWA Theme amalgamates the strength of responsive website with the power of the native app to deliver an amazing app-like experience to users while benefiting the owners in many ways.

  • Technology: Magento 2 PWA Studio, React JS, Graph QL

  • Instant loading, lightening interactions

  • Icon on the mobile home screen

  • Push notifications

  • Full-screen mode

  • Accessible on offline mode

  • Low storage space

  • Cross-platform availability

  • Background sync

  • SEO optimized


SimiCart PWA

SimiCart PWA claims is an effective PWA solution for Magento. It includes both desktop and mobile versions based on Magento PWA Studio. This tool helps boost your website loading speed up to 3 times. Furthermore, it helps build customer retention with add to the home screen and push notifications features.

  • Custom PWA responsive theme (desktop supported)

  • 3x faster loading speed

  • Push notifications

  • Add to home screen

  • Offline mode

  • SEO boost

  • App-like experience

  • Deeply integrated with Magento

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Magento 2 Progressive Web Application (PWA)

The Magento Progressive Web Apps plugin is a quick and easy way to turn your website into a PWA. Your website users will get a message when visiting your site on a supported device, prompting them to “Add to Home Screen”. When they click on this prompt, your site will be ‘installed’ on their device as a PWA with an icon on the home screen. After that, any page they view will be cached and made available offline.

  • Set the application icon for your Progressive Web Application.

  • Generate a manifest for your website and add it to the head of your website.

  • Set the background color for the splash screen of your Progressive Web Application.

  • Your website will show the “Add to home screen” notice when accessed in a supported browser.

  • Aggressive caching of pages using CacheStorage API & Pages once cached are served even if the user is offline.

  • Select the page you want user to see when a page that isn’t in the cache is accessed and user is offline.

  • 100% Open-source, Support multi-store, Support multi-language

Magento PWA Solution

MageDelight’s PWA Studio

MageDelight has claimed its position by exaggerating capabilities to offer best-in-industry Magento PWA Solution for Magento users. 
This Magento PWA Solution is compatible for every platform including Web, Android & IOS that helps you understand how a Magento PWA storefront works. 

  • Offline Mode

  • Customized Visual Frontend Theme

  • Server-Side Rendering

  • Add to Home Screen

  • Push Notifications

  • Classified Mega Menu

  • Image Lazy Loading

  • Product Lazy Loading

  • One-Step Checkout

  • Magento Native Payment Gateway Capabilities

and more


Best Magento 2 PWA Theme For ECommerce

Cenia PWA Theme for Magento is perfectly a positive developement to make online stores turn in the form of applications. It may requires a few updates and enhancements but these make it become a wholly powerful and independent platform. The Cenia Pro Theme for Magento 2 PWA Studio apprecites the powerful technology of Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL. Furthermore, CedCommerce PWA consists of top-notch features to offer an excellent shopping online experience.

  • Easier to use than a web-native application.

  • Works extremely quickly whenever contrasted with the site.

  • Supports message pop-up for Android gadgets.

  • Totally responsive on all the stages.

  • Dispatches without the web or low-quality web.

  • It closely resembles a local application.

  • Clients don’t have to refresh the dynamic web application.

  • Builds client commitment in the store.

  • No application store requires dealing with the application.

  • Builds store income because of client commitment.


Superfast PWA for Magento

NexPWA claims to be a ready-to-deploy and extraordinarily fast PWA solution for Magento. Additionally, you can deploy a Magento store withing 2 weeks with NexPWA’s extensive production-ready features. NexPWA is different from other standard PWA features as it does not need any middleware or additional infrastructure to run. 

  • A/B Testing (Ability to show PWA frontend-only to a defined % of your traffic)

  • 6 Readymade Industry Optimized Themes

  • Right to Left Layout for Arabic

  • Ability to deploy PWA only for mobile, desktop or both

  • Inbuilt Google Tag Manager Integration

  • Multi-Currency Support (with the same store)

  • Dynamic Rendering with Rendertron for SSR

  • Inbuilt Payment Gateway Integration

  • Magento CMS and Page Builder Support

  • Preserve Same URLs of Magento

  • Publish in Android and iOS App Stores

  • All Standard PWA features such Add to Home Screen, Offline Browsing, Push Notifications, App-Like Experience, etc

PWA Cloud

PWA Cloud

PWA Cloud is undoubtly a committed and competent Prgressive Web Apps Development & Managed agency. Their function is providing e-Commerce customers rapid PWA development and supporting them with modern tech stack & cloud hosting. 
The development process begins with investing customers’ requirements and designing template before working with all website features. Then select suitable PWA development software and choose the hosting for PWA stores.

  • Be able to work offline

  • Ultrafast frontend

  • Easy to install

  • Speed up development and save cost

  • Work on multiple platforms (with browser)

  • Push notification

  • Background synchronization

Front Commerce


Front Commerce is well-known as providing a more profitable and faster online shop than your competitors. It transforms your store into a Progressive Web App. 
Front-Commerce development and support process contains 3 main steps: 

  • Advanced frontend technologies and good practices to support developers effectively.

  • Boost up store performance even on mobile as a fast store sells more.

  • Micro-services are ready to combine all your different APIs and overcome with unmaintainable monoliths.

  • Fast and smoothy loading

  • Catchable by Google search

  • Allow users to access even offline

  • Compatible with all devices especially best works on mobile

Vue Storefront

The PWA frontend
for Magento

Vue Storefront, as an open source PWA frontend, designed with the headless approach, is the easiest way to make your Magento-based Commerce meet mobile-first standards.

  • Works on all devices

  • Supports offline orders

  • Allows push notifications

  • Low data requirements

  • Search engine friendly

  • Doesn’t need to be downloaded


Free and Open Source
PWA theme for Magento

ScandiPWA Progressive Web Apps is one of the all-time favorite of all the developers due to the easy-to-use feature. Furthermore, this solutions provides all the benefits from progressive Web Apps technology!

  • Fast page loading time

  • Boost of mobile conversions

  • Add to home screen option

  • Homescreen App save

  • Enhanced Offline Mode

  • Push notifications

  • Priority in organic search

  • Native app look and feel



Experius turns out to be an eCommerce development agency in Netherland. Many eCommerce shoppers choose Experius as it offers to build PWA webshops for Magento 2 based on Magento PWA Studio. Furthermore, the PWAs are literally flexible, very fast and easy to engage with stores. By this way, users can build a relationship with the web app to become accelerated powerful. 

  • Works for every user regardless of which browser or device is used

  • Works offline or with a poor network

  • PWA webshop is indexed and displayed by Google

  • Super-fast loading of images and content

  • Runs completely over HTTPS and with an SSL-ensure safety

  • Auto-updated content

  • Allows users to add the app to their home screen


Magento PWA-ready extensions

Mageplaza is a well-known Magento extension provider in the market. The number of downloads is 8+ million for 232+ extensions. With the dedication to helping the community, they are developing PWA-ready extensions that enable Magento PWA stores to quickly install and apply original features to the system.  

  • GraphQL and REST API is ready

  • SEO-friendly features

  • Lightning-fast speed

  • Mobile-friendliness guaranteed

  • Work perfectly with Magento Venia storefront


Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Digifutura believes that PWA will allow brands to connect and engage more with customers in a better shopping experience. Hence, the company deploys its PWA using service worker technology to speed up the loading process in case there is no Internet connection. Customers can also receive notifications and reminders while using PWA in their stores. While using this solution, you will gain more satisfaction and engagement from your customers. 
Besides, Digifuture expands the mobile approach and improve user experience. They are using progressive enhancements to provide the same features to native apps when viewed on all devices and screen sizes. 

  • Achieve nearly instant loading times

  • Implement service workers to make your apps work offline

  • Encourage users to engage with web notifications

  • Reports on web performance and reach

  • Deliver business-centric mobile applications

  • Complete technical on development, deployment and maintenance

Storefront Cloud

Mobile-first eCommerce Platform Powering PWAs

Give your shoppers a deeply engaging experience as soon as they land on your website without asking them to take a high-friction step of installing a native app. With a PWA, your shoppers can get a native-like experience directly from the web

  • Works on all devices

  • Functions offline

  • Indexed by Google

  • Push notifications

  • Low data requirements

  • A stable, consistent core to keep your business secured

  • Optimized for modern infrastructures. Prepared for all conditions

  • Backed by world-class support and engineering teams

SoftLand Technology

Magento PWA Development

Adept in Magento, SoftLand Technology offers professional Magento PWA development services to ecommerce businesses worldwide. Quick access to a PWA live demo is available at a click while service details are given below.

  • Real-time updates

  • No download

  • SEO-friendly

  • Super fast website performance

  • Access website with stand-by mode when offline

  • Push notifications

  • Quick access from home screen

Choose your best fit Magento PWA Provider

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available shipping per product extension in the market. Now make your own decision – choose for yourself the best fit Magento PWA Provider.

To conclude, we would like to express our respect to all the vendors that have made this Top 13+ Magento PWA Provider list! This is the most comprehensive list of best PWA Studio project on the internet and we are honored to have you as part of this!

If you want to add or remove an item in the PWA Studio list, feel free to submit your extension at Submit the form.


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