PWA in Magento 2.3: Power Your E-commerce with Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Magento 2.3

E-commerce businesses are cutting edge digitally with several new ideas and ways to boost their reach and engagement. In a study, it is mentioned that around 3.5 billion people in the world perform browsing on their mobile devices (excluding those people who use tablets). Such a number set straightly points towards their high dependency on mobiles, and businesses just can’t ignore it. Hence, there was a time when people got pretty much attracted to apps, but later they fell out of love as they eat up the storage of their mobile devices. Hence, the necessity arises for the evolution of an advanced tool that can incorporate the traits of both websites and applications like Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Needless to define that PWA was the new term introduced in the tech world that has transformed the online browsing experience of consumers. To know more about the PWA, read this blog!

What is PWA (Progressive Web Applications)?

A PWA is an amalgamation of both apps and websites. This new app allows you to take advantage of web browsers, as well as the number of mobile benefits. They are speedy, highly responsive, secure as well as provide the user with a great experience that they strive for.

Reasons Behind the Development of PWA

PWA is a growing technology with a number of businesses benefiting from and simultaneously, considered as an upcoming trend of the mobile web. When we discuss Progressive Web Application, then the majority of us fall into a deep thought of “why has it been developed?” or “what are the reasons behind its development?” Here’ we have rounded up all your answers. Take a look:

  • Up to Mark Performance: Because mobile web performance is better than the apps in terms of ER or reach, it attracts a large number of people to use browsers on their mobiles, even if it’s ER (Engagement Rate) is low. Such a high dependency on mobile browsers has evolved the new term of PWA ( Progressive Web Applications).
  • For Better SEO: Progressive Web Application will convince you with the SEO, which is better than the traditional apps. The ease of being indexed by search engines makes it a highly recommended technology to use than endemic apps. It is a very powerful tech medium that also improvises the searches on your mobile devices.

Incorporation of Progressive Web Apps into Magento 2.3

In today’s world, up-to-minute business approaches lead the owners to the best result. A slight change in their tactics and little research could bring productivity. Here we have discussed another great way to heighten up the productivity of your e-commerce business.

From creating a responsive website to building an endemic app, there are innumerable methods to drive the customer’s interest in your business. As we have discussed earlier, the mobile web discovers higher traffic than apps, so it is good to come up with a Progressive Web Application in Magneto 2.3 version.

But why Magento 2.3, when you have several other options too? Check out the below-listed traits of Magento 2.3 that will clear our all doubts.

Traits of Magento 2.3

Here’s a complete list of the Magento 2.3 features to explore. All these points will help you to know more about how you can boost the online presence of your business.

  • MSI (Multi-Source Inventory): It’s an impressive feature of the Magento, which allows the businesses to manage the inventory. It has declined the need for third-party apps installation to perform inventory management activities.
  • Secure: Magento features the best security system including Google ReCaptcha & Two Factor Authentication, hence it prevents the hacker from accessing your credential information.
  • Page Builder: Another point on our list is page builder which undoubtedly provides assistance in generating, evaluating, and sharing the content with the third parties. This allows you to boost both the APIs & intuitive interface.
  • Asynchronous API: With the latest Magento 2.3 version, you can make multiple API requests that are not possible with its old version. This feature truly enhances the overall performance of your business as now you can make a number of quick API requests without kicking one’s heels for the response from the server.
  • PHP 7.2 Support: This advanced version of PHP in Magento 2.3 improves the overall functioning of the web apps, including security as well.
  • Cache Management ACL (or Cache-Management tool): Magento 2.3 takes a step forward to enhance the overall working of the cache system, including Access Control. It basically allows the business owners to control the cache actions.
  • Elasticsearch v5: This feature of Magento 2.3 brushes up the proficiency of search engines that allows business owners to grow in the online world.
  • Magento 2.3 PWA Studio: The last feature on our list is PWA Studio, we have discussed briefly below.

What is Magento PWA Studio?

The Magento PWA Studio is a group of tools of developers that assist the online business owners to boost the CR (conversion rate) on their mobile devices. Magento Progressive Web Applications Studio delivers a better customer experience, creating a flexible framework.

Features of Magento PWA Studio

  • It is flexible to customize your overall content on the site.
  • CMS theming & other features allow the system to offer the best experience to users.
  • Distinct channels are handled by a single app & code.
  • It provides tools for debugging as well as raising the overall productivity of the business.

Why is Magento 2.3 PWA Ideal For Your E-Commerce Business?

Several online merchants find the amalgamation of PWA & Magento’s latest version, a productive medium for boosting the sales and providing the consumer with a better browsing platform. Let’s discuss in brief.

  • Speedy Browsing: Magento 2.3 PWA allows you to browse faster, which improves consumer interaction with online businesses. Such speedy browsing leads to positive outcomes, including high conversion rates.
  • Re-Engagement with navigation tools: PWA in Magento 2.3 is very effective in bringing back the consumers again on your platform as it allows them to continue browsing without even opening the browsers & typing the URL. Actually, it provides an ideal tool for quick re-engagement.
  • Offline support: It’s an impressive feature that PWA in Magento 2.3 provides. For example, if a customer wants to buy clothes, then Progressive Web Applications allows you to fill your cart with favorite products and place your order even without a stable internet connection. When your device will be connected to the internet, then the order processing will be resumed.
  • SEO-friendly: When it comes to the ranking, PWA has the highER ( Engagement Rate). Because Google has already announced that the mobile-friendly websites should be indexed first, so as a Magento online business owner, you can take its advantage.
  • No need to download: Because PWA directly works in a browser, so it is not necessary to download and install any app. You can search on several web browsers, and continue to enjoy the services offered by the merchant.
  • Responsive Design: PWA in Magento 2.3 is the best platform for you to run your online business and create more engagement. The reason which allows you to choose it for your business is the feature of responsive design. Yes, the Magento platform is compatible with responsive design. According to Google, if you want to boost the productivity of your online business, then it is good to prefer the website with responsive designs. Not only this, but it also allows your site to rank high on Google searches.


Nowadays, e-commerce businesses are experimenting with new technologies to the forefront of the digital world and bestow the shoppers a good experience. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Magento 2.3 yields complete assistance to e-commerce merchants in boosting their business and sales in an effective way. Isn’t this great how a slight change in our online business platform completely transforms the consumer experience as well as an overall business working?

Author Bio:

Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. His love for making every business reach the greatest heights in their industry made him establish his Web Development & Digital Marketing Company delivering the best eCommerce development & Local SEO services. He has got a great grip on the idea of effective eCommerce Strategies, SEO processes, and tactics which are vital for virtual exposure. He is a fun-loving person and a keen traveler who always hunts to find adventure in new places.

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