Everything you need to know about Magento PWA for eCommerce website

Everything you need to know to create a PWA for your Magento website

For all of this decade, Progressive web app development has been helping businesses across various industrial domains to increase their sales and leads. Finally, for the first time ever, a PWA is specifically designed for businesses in the eCommerce sector by Magento.

With PWAs, top-notch brands like Starbucks have claimed to increase their active users by two times. To enhance your Magento store with benefits like better user experience, faster performance, easier marketing, etc, you must try the Magento PWA store for your eCommerce website.

The Meaning of Magento PWA

If you want your customers to get the equivalent experience on smartphones and desktops, choose to get the Magento PWA developed. With the same features like the usual PWA developed with technologies like JavaScript frameworks, you can get a PWA exclusively designed for your eCommerce store.

Progressive Web App (PWA) for your Magento website

Magento has given the Magento store owners this liberty and flexibility to reap the benefits of progressive web apps with a cost-effective storefront. It provides better benefits for eCommerce businesses than a usual progressive web app. Let’s discuss why Magento PWA is actually more beneficial for businesses in the eCommerce sector.

Why should you choose Magento PWA over the usual PWA?

Magento is known for upgrading itself for serving its users with the best facilities. Earlier this year, its parent company Adobe announced Magento 1 has come to the end of life. It was recommended to the eCommerce businesses to migrate their Magento 1 stores to Magento.

It will keep their store safe from the malpractices of hackers. Hence, Magento migration has been a popular requirement among eCommerce store owners in 2020. Magento PWA has become a lucrative add-on for these store owners.

It is exclusively designed as a PWA storefront for website owners using Magento as their eCommerce development platform. Moreover, it offers more benefits than a usual progressive web app. Let’s check some of them.

Benefits of Magento Progressive Web App Development

#1. Faster Development:

Magento PWA store offers various advanced tools to speed up the delivery of PWA services.

The developers can create feature-rich PWA with smooth processes and impeccable performances. The vast amount of Magento PWA extensions make this development faster.

#2. Bespoke Development

Magento PWA storefront offers many extensions for the quick and easy development process. The modern architecture and GraphQL API help the PWA developers to create apps with high functionality. These supportive tools allow the developers to create customized Magento PWAs.

#3. Seamless Content Management

Magento comes with a studio-based content management PWA. This can help the administration of your store to quickly and easily drag or drop the content using a page-builder tool. On the other hand, with seamless content handling, you can change the content on a real-time basis according to the response of users as well as search engines.

#4. Reduces Development Cost

The availability of in-built tools and extensions, eliminate the need for any kind of reliance on third-party integrations. As you will not have to depend on cloud hosting services, you can save on those costs. You will be able to define a budget and follow it diligently while leveraging the full-package of Magento PWA studio-based storefront.

What can Magento PWA do for Your Ecommerce Business?

When we compare the development process of the Magento PWA with that of other PWAs, it is quite obvious that it has many benefits. Other than the support of the Magento eCommerce platform, Magento PWA has various other things to give to businesses.

eCommerce businesses can reap these benefits for a long time and make their progressive web app highly lucrative. Let’s check how you can leverage the benefits of Magento PWA for your business.

#1 Promote Your PWA like a Website

To understand this benefit, you need to understand the basic difference between the marketing of a website and an app. In the case of an app, the marketing is possible by sharing a link to the app store or Play store but that will again ask the users to download your app from that link.

This process is hectic and most of the time witnesses a bounce-back of the potential customers. On the other hand, imagine if that link directly opened up into your app. The chances to keep those potential customers with your app would have increased.

Earlier this could only happen with websites but these days, customized progressive web app development services make this possible. In a nutshell, you can share the link of your Magento PWA and spread the word for your eCommerce store’s marketing.

It also allows your users to share a product they like on your store with their friends by sharing the link on different social media apps. Even if you do not have a share option. The overall shareability of PWA enhances the marketing power of your Magento Store.

#2 Inherit the SEO Benefits of Magento

The search engine optimization features of the Magento eCommerce platform have been an incredible advocate for its proficiency. It offers a lot of SEO friendly plugins, extensions, and themes.

Just like in WordPress, you can add SEO titles, meta tags, etc. for the various pages of your eCommerce store. When these benefits are combined with the marketing abilities of the progressive web app of your eCommerce store, they can achieve higher rankings in SERPs.

#3 Optimum Functionality in Low Bandwidth

Another benefit that you earn by getting a PWA developed for your Magento website is its ability to serve your clients even when they are in a low network area. This is possible with the service worker script which runs continuously in the backend of your progressive web app.

The script is capable of caching the data well in advance. Hence, when the user is experiencing low bandwidth data, the app can fetch the pre-loaded content to them. This serves as an incredible advantage for your store by eliminating the risk of bounce back due to network issues.

#4 Provide Best Performance

The fast loading speed and capability of pre-loading the data helps the progressive web app to offer a seamless experience to its users. This allows your business to grow with loyal customers and increase the customer retention rates for your Magento website. It will minimize the reasons for which users often leave the eCommerce store before making the final purchase.

#5 Unlike Native apps, PWA Updates Automatically

When your app changes even with the slightest features, it requires a manual update from the users. This restricts users from doing so and often leads to the non-reaching of your advanced app to them. Unlike these apps, Magento progressive web app which acts as a website does not need to be updated manually. Whenever the user will open your website next time, they will experience an updated version without even getting a notification.


When you got your eCommerce website developed using Magento, you must have been told by someone that Magento is a dynamic eCommerce platform. It keeps on updating its features to help businesses increase their returns on investments.

Magento PWA storefront is another add-on to this incredible eCommerce development platform. It can help you improve the user experience and interactions. Every progressive web app development company recommends getting a Magento PWA if you are into the eCommerce business. Therefore, do not delay further in choosing the best for your web store!

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