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magento 2 checkout success page

Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension now becomes a wise marketing scenario that every online store owner should take an eye into it. The importance of this module is as well as the “thank you” after someone does you a favor. Checkout Success pages often appear as an afterthought as they have huge potential for nurturing leads and drives sales up. Therefore, in this blog, we would like to talk about the benefits of an optimized checkout success page and the list of top Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extensions.

Amazon’s thank you page

Amazing benefits of checkout success page

Summarize an overview of purchased products

Firstly, a checkout success page/ thank you page helps to state a summary of successful purchasing items for customers. In this field, they can view product type, price, quantity as well as the shipping and payment method. Therefore, your buyers can check their orders once again in case there is no issue. The next step is to wait for delivery.

Enhance customers’ data by the newsletter subscription

A checkout success page also may help online stores support subscription invitation for customers who have checkout but not log in or sign in to the sites. This page encourages customers to leave their information to receive more updated news, events, promotion or loyalty programs. Moreover, it is also effective to maintain the relationship between stores and customers.

Express the thanks and professional services

One of the most crucial benefits is to help online stores show their thanks to customers who have trusted and made a purchase. Besides, the thanks activity proves that your stores always care to customers, and presents your professional customer services.

Create highly-converting sale

Display related products that encourage buyers to keep browsing on your website and add more items to their shopping carts. That means they tend to make more purchases from your store. You can also place marketing promotions and coupon codes nicely on the thank you page to improve repeat sales in the future.

Furthermore, another tip to motive customers to explore more items is to offer them coupons. They are more willing to extend their shopping budgets as no one can resist of discount.

Some highlight features of Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension

As a checkout success page have a huge potential for entirely online stores, the Magento Community has published an advanced Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension to create highly-converting sales and higher customer lifetime value. It also brings shoppers a great shopping experience and builds long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Customize your Magento 2 checkout success page on your style

Create an impressive thank you message to enhance your customer’s satisfaction. Magento 2 checkout success page extension allows you to choose the color and the style of each button or block to suit your site theme.

Display a summary of order details in a clearly visible and organized way

It is important to confirm your customer’s orders clearly so their buyers can rest assured that they get what they want exactly.

You can choose to display only necessary information: order information (shipping address, shipping method, billing address, payment method, etc) and order summary with product pictures.

Transparent information helps build trust with customers.

Design your Magento 2 checkout success page as a billboard

Turn your checkout page into a powerful marketing tool by showing customers your appealing promotions.

You can make use of empty space on the thank you page to advertise your promotions.

Magento 2 checkout success page makes it easy for you to create a custom block on your own.

Show recommended products to trigger customer’s shopping interest

Recommending related products to your customers is an effective way to keep them on your website.

Your customers are likely to keep browsing that can lead to more sales for you.

Find more powerful Magento 2 extensions for amazing CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

Detail Infor
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Checkout Sucess Page 
Magento 2 checkout success page supports store owners to convert their order success page into a weapon that makes the most of customer lifetime value while still maximizing customer’s shopping satisfaction. Customers can easily see a summary of their order details, continue their shopping process with recommended items or get updated on your marketing promotions and coupon codes.
Engage customers in your business by providing the newsletter subscription which can create repeat sales in the future!
  • Customize your magento 2 thank you page on your style
  • Display a summary of order details in a clearly visible and organized way
  • Design your magento 2 checkout success page as a billboard
  • Show related products to trigger customer’s interest
  • Create more highly-converting sales with coupon codes
  • Drive more traffic to your website with Social sharing
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Ahead Works
Order Success Page for Magento 2
Our Magento 2 Thank You Page extension enriches order success page via adding a relevant content, basing on customer and order data. Next, the content of your order success page is defined by the rules you set up. More to that, our Magento 2 Custom Thank You Page takes care of displaying cross-sells, account and newsletter signup and the links to your pages in social networks.
  • Show different content based on customer and order details
  • Grow your client base adding the benefits to the subscription and registration buttons on your success order page
  • Improve post-purchase customer experience – let them contact you easily
  • Make your order success page informative by linking the FAQ category and specific Blog articles

magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Thank You Page for Magento 2
Increase the revenue from repeat sales with a custom Magento 2 order success page. Tailor Magento Thank You Page template and turn it into the first step towards the next purchase.
  • Register customers right on the Thank You page
  • Show order review and cross-sells blocks
  • Offer to customers coupons for the next purchase
  • Insert custom CMS blocks in one click
  • Enable newsletter subscription to strengthen the retention
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
BSS Commerce
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page is here to help you ensure a happy checkout and top-notch customer experience through and through. Create a highly-converting and interactive thank you page that hits two birds with one stone: improve customer satisfaction and extend the order value.
  • Design a stunning thank you message at will.
  • Display an organized summary of order details on the success page.
  • Introduce up-sell & cross-sell products smoothly.
  • Plant coupon codes for future sale opportunities.
  • Render the page as a billboard for promotions with custom CMS blocks.
  • Get new followers and exposure with Social Sharing.

magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Thank You Page extension
Magento 2 Thank You Page / Checkout Success Page is a supportive extension which beautifies the notice page of successful orders with the more attractive look and adds extra useful information and more.
  • Customize the success page
  • Order details on Order Success Page
  • Share orders from Thank-you Page
  • Subscribe newsletter on order success page
  • Cross-sell on the thank you page
  • Offer auto-generated coupons on the thank-you page

magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to display the whole store summary on checkout success page instead of typical Magento thank you page.
  • Set customized Checkout Success page banner
  • Override default Success Page with a detailed order summary
  • Bottom links for quick navigation to My orders/account
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
FME extension
Checkout Success Page for Magento 2
Maximize sales and customer engagements with Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension. This tool helps you add multiple success pages with an order summary and personalized message. You can limit each page to selected products, categories, store views and customer groups. Enable user registration and subscriptions to increase user base and display re-ordering and ‘continue shopping’ options for a better user experience. Giving products suggestions and discount coupons further escalate store revenues. You can also configure social media and footer links
  • Create Checkout Success Pages with Order Summary
  • Assign Categories, Products to Order Success Pages
  • Limit Checkout Success pages by Store views, Customer Groups
  • Enable Guest Registration and Subscriptions
  • Allow Reordering and Continue Shopping Options
  • Add Product Suggestions, Coupons, Social Media, Footer link
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page
Full of features for designing a perfect order success page, Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension is the ultimate way to improve post purchase experience, maintain contact with customers and boost your sales.
  • Easily Customize Checkout Success Page with Drag & Drop
  • 20+ Elements
  • 5 Pre-built Templates
  • Show Different Success Pages by Conditions
  • Display Coupon Codes
  • Dynamic Variables
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Column content

Checkout Success Page for Magento 2
Increase your sales significantly by improving the design of your checkout success page.
  • Display order information and discount code at the success page
  • Related, up-sell or cross-sell products supported
  • Display custom content with the help of CMS block
  • Get more email subscriptions with the help of newsletters subscriptions
  • Social sharing buttons to increase traffic in your store and grow revenue.
  • Display help info including the telephone, email or any other detail for quick help
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Success Page
Magento 2 Success Page extension enables customization of the thank you page to add relevant information and create opportunities for customer retention and boost sales.
  • Customize checkout success page in Magento 2 store.
  • Customers can review the checkout details.
  • Display social sharing and newsletter subscription button which can be enabled or disabled on the thank you page.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Checkout Success Page For Magento 2
Improve customer sales & increase customer loyalty for your store by dumping standard Magento2 Order Confirmation page & upgrading to an attractive “Thank You” page using Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension
  • Display full order summary.
  • Allow guest users to create an account, directly from the checkout page.
  • Showcase a recommended list of products.
  • Offer coupon codes as a discount for next order.
  • Enables customer to share their shopping experience via social networks.
  • Display useful information and other attractive elements like full order summary, discount codes.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Success Page Magento 2
Magento 2 Success Page extension allows you to customize your store thank you page as you like. A success page checkout module in Magento 2 store administrator will be able to catch an eye of their customers.
  • Customize order success page.
  • Show full order details of customers.
  • Promote related other products in thank you page.
  • Display coupon code in success page.
  • Facility to set responsive template.
  • Wysiwyg editor to set custom HTML, images or blog.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
M2 Checkout Success Page
Magento order confirmation page is a good place to tell customers more about your store offerings. The well-arranged custom checkout success page will make it much more appealing to get feedback. A Magento 2 Checkout Success extension was designed to help you create the most amazing Thank you page.
  • the additional static blocks
  • the ability to preview checkout success page from the backend
  • the option to insert a Javascript code or HTML to the checkout success page
  • the quick customer registration when an order placed by a guest.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Enhanced Success Page for Magento 2
Our Enhanced Success Page extension for Magento 2 allows you to quickly and easily design beautiful customizable thank you pages. This extension provides full control over the layout and content of your order confirmation page with modular drag and drops elements, you can quickly add upsell, recently viewed, cross-sell, and related products to compliment your customer purchase. Add additional elements such as ordered items information, social media links or offer a special coupon discount toward a new purchase with-in ‘x’ minutes of this transaction. With a new modern responsive design and a lot of different layout options, your order confirmation page doesn’t have to be the exit page for your most valuable customers anymore.
  • Drag and Drop Predefined Widgets
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Add time sensitive soupon code
  • Influence customers to buy more items
  • Promote more items to your customers
  • Set up in 10 minutes or less
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Advanced Order Success Page Magento 2
Advanced Order Success Page transforms your default Magento Thank You page into an interactive and fascinating page with comprehensive order details and also the facility to show promotional offers and custom messages to your customers with the utilization of the Magento static block.
  • Facility to show comprehensive Order Information with Product Information, Tax rates, Shipping rates and Discounts
  • Supports Promotional CMS Static Blocks
  • Responsive Layout
  • Fully managed and maintained through Back-end Administration Section
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page
The WeltPixel Magento 2 Success Page allows merchants to take full control of their Success Page and add new elements like Newsletter subscribe, custom blocks with relevant information for customers and a Google Map. The new modern responsive design as well as enhanced control over each page element offers great utility and a new way to connect with and inform your final customers.
  • Enhanced Purchase and Customer details.
  • Subscribe to Newsletter functionality with user pre-populated email address.
  • Powerful Custom Block functionality, create a rich, relevant Magento Success page for your customers.
  • Possibility for guest users to create account, directly from the Magento 2 Success Page.
  • Sort order functionality, arrange the sections any way you want.
  • Full visibility control for each section with individual visibility options.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension
With magento 2 order confirmation page you will be able to increase your sales significantly by improving design of your dull magento 2 thank you page – add order summary, generate coupons, show recommended products, send better order emails, etc
  • Create a better Magento Thank You Page for your store
  • Display full order summary with shipping details on the Order Confirmation Page
  • Allow guests to register a new account on the checkout success page. Both registered and guest customers can subscribe to your Magento store newsletter
  • Print order confirmation by guests and registered customers
  • Admin can choose what type of product recommendations should be used: Related Products, Up-sells, Cross-sells or Recently Viewed Products on checkout success page and Better Order Confirmation Email

Choose your best fit with Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extension

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension in the market. Now make your own decision – choose for yourself the best fit extension. We highly recommend the Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension by LandOfCoder for the very useful and impressive features at a reasonable price.

To conclude, we would like to express our respect to all the vendors that have made this Top 17+ Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension list! This is the most comprehensive list of best extensions on the internet and we are honored to have you as part of this!

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