How AI Rewording Tool Can Improve Your B2B Sales Outreach? 

How AI Rewording tool enhance b2b sales outreach

B2B sales outreach is the process of contacting or communicating by one business (seller) to the other businesses (buyers) to sell products or services. The term B2B stands for business-to-business demonstrating that the collaboration or sales interactions occur between two businesses. B2B sales outreach is significant in many ways such as:

  • Business development.
  • Helpful for businesses to expand their customer base.
  • Boosting revenues.
  • For building mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses.

For successful collaboration, your B2B sales outreaches must be effective, engaging, persuasive, and professional. However, you may sometimes be unable to craft compelling and top-notch sales pitches. Due to this, there are chances that the coming results of such outreaches will not be up to your expectations.

To solve this issue for every business, we began conducting research. After an in-depth analysis, we succeeded in finding the best and easiest way (i.e. AI Rewording tool) for businesses to improve their B2B sales outreach. In this post, we compiled different ways through which the AI rewording tool can improve your B2B sales outreach.

I. What is AI Rewording Tool: An Overview

AI rewording tools are those that utilise the power of artificial intelligence for rewording/rephrasing content or writing. You may be thinking about what is rewording. By rewording we mean the process of changing a given text into fresh or new form, without diverging it from the actual context. You may call it rephrasing or repurposing of a writing.

To reword or rephrase content, an AI rewording first apprehends its core message (context) with NLP (an application of AI). After that, the tool revamps it by applying multiple rephrasing techniques such as altering tone, diversifying sentence structures, replacing some original words, etc.

II. How An AI Rewording Tool Can Improve Your B2B Sales Outreach: Different Ways

An AI rewording tool can improve your B2B sales outreach in multiple ways, mainly through content. We’re going to discuss these ways in detail below.

1. Making Your Business’s Sales Writing Engaging

To convert your customers into purchasers, it is necessary to make your sales pitch engaging. But, if you use generic, boring, or casual terminology in the sales content, it will make your message boring for the readers. Moreover, they will likely not take your outreach effort seriously. So, it is a wise trick to compile the whole sales outreach material engaging. However, due to a lack of writing skills and language proficiency, many businesses are unable to do so. If this is the case with you, do not worry. You can improve the terminology of sales content with the help of an AI rewording tool.

→ How To Improve the Terminology of Sales Content With AI rewording?

For this, you will just have to paste the sales writing into a rewording and run it. A tool will instantly eliminate the boring words by replacing them with new, engaging, and trendy words/phrases.

Practical Example: While creating the below text, we were unable to make use of engaging words that could spark interest in the readers. So, we pasted it into a well-known rewording tool i.e. The tool changed almost all the generic terms and phrases with engaging ones.

Our Generic Input: “Nowadays, we see a fast-paced business field, and making yourself ahead of competitors needs some strategic collaborations and software. This is where our business comes in to help you.”


Engaging Output: “We are currently seeing a rapidly developing business area and to stay one step ahead of the competition, strategic collaborations and software are required. Our company can help you here.”


AI Rewording tool enhance B2B sales outreach

2. Simplifying and Clarify Complex Sales Content

A B2B sales pitch should be clear as well as simple to understand for the recipients. It is essential to pursue or convince the other business (buyers). On the other hand, if your sales content has complex and technical terms, it can be a headache/challenging for readers to get what your message is. As a result, there will be fewer chances for the collaboration to be successful.

You may sometimes also be unable to craft simple and easy sales outreach writing. In this scenario, you can bring the rewording tool into play.

→ How To Simplify Writing with Rewording Tool?

To simplify your complex writing for outreach, you need to pass it through the tool. A tool will immediately detect and eliminate all the difficult words or phrases. It will do so by replacing difficult terms with simpler ones. Moreover, a tool will break some long-form sentences into shorter and easier-to-understand words.

Practical Example: We simplified the below text piece with the utilization of a rewording tool (that we picked in the above section). 

Complex text: In today’s dynamic world, if you opt to increase the sales of your business products and accommodations, you will have to make an abundance of effort.


Simple Text: “In today’s dynamic world, if you choose to increase the sales of your business products and hosting services, you will have to put in a lot of effort.”


3. Maintaining a Formal Style Tone

As we know B2B sales outreach is a communication that is done between two businesses, so it needs a specific tone. You should write the sales pitch in a professional style. On the contrary, writing your sales message in generic language may raise questions about your business’s professionalism as well as authenticity.

→ How to Write Outreach Messages in a Professional Tone?

You can make your sales outreach message professional by rewording it through an AI tool. For this, you need to adjust the tool to “Professional Mode.” The tool will use some professional words in place of casual or generic words. As a result, you will get the output with a professional style.

For Example: To demonstrate it practically, we revamped the below generic sentence into a professional one.

Generic Writing: “In the expansive realm of business, all the firms apply efforts by adopting innovations, adaptability as well and productivity in all types of tasks. To be successful, businesses should continuously test different strategies to find the best one.”


Professional Writing: “In the high-value business sector, all companies strive to introduce innovation, adaptability, and productivity to all types of tasks. To be successful, companies must continually test different strategies to find the best one.”


4. Conveying Your Message in a Unique Way

To reach out to multiple potential clients, your sales content should be unique/original. This is because if your business is found to be sending plagiarised sales writing, it can lead to raising questions about the integrity of your business. In some conditions, your business may start losing its customers. 

Moreover, according to research by Oberlo, 95% of businesses do not like plagiarism in B2B sales outreach materials.

So, it is necessary to avoid plagiarism in your content and make it unique. In the scenario of some plagiarized text pieces being detected in your sales outreach message, you can apply an AI rewording to handle the issue.

→ How AI rewording Can Make A Message Unique?

To make your sales content unique, you should pass all the plagiarised text pieces through a rewording tool. A rewording will automatically remove all the occurrences of plagiarism and will make your outreach material 100% original.

For Example: We removed the plagiarism of the following text with an AI rewording tool. 

Plagiarised Input: “Technology has advanced and revolutionized the ways people used to do business. It did so, by developing different software, online business platforms, etc.”


Unique Output: “Technology has progressed and altered the ways individuals utilized to do trade. It did so, by creating distinctive computer programs, online commerce stages, etc.”



B2B sales outreach is the process of communicating between a seller business and a buyer business. This is done by a business to pursue the customer business for buying the products or services. A successful business-to-business sales outreach necessitates engaging, unique, and professional content. If crafting top-notch outreach content seems difficult, you can use an AI rewording tool. In this post, we explained multiple ways to improve your B2B sales outreach with a rewording.

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