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Magento 2 Form Builder is an absolutely remarkable extension which brings multiple benefits to worldwide users, including helping to create hotel reservation form. Now, in this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through 2 parts, specifically:

  1. How does online hotel reservation bring advantages to you?
  2. How to create a hotel reservation with Magento 2  Visual Form Builder?

Let’s begin by taking a look at a simple sample of Magento’s hotel reservation form builder:

1. The most noticeable advantages of Online Hotel Reservation

Long gone are times when customers have to actually show up at a place just to make a reservation. With the fast-paced development of technology these days, you are only a few clicks away from quickly creating a simple hotel reservation form any time you want in any place. It’s not only fast, convenient but it also offers so much more than that. Here are the reasons why:

  • Fewer errors: The system will not allow double booking, which makes the reservation process much more effective.
  • Increase customer’s satisfaction: We can manage customer experience by following their reservation and shopping patterns. You can offer value-added services like gym or spa packages. A reservation platform is also a good place for comment and feedback from customers. 
  • Save time and reduce costs: Online reservation will save your guests’ time because they don’t have to wait for hours until the hotel staffs confirm their reservation. At the same time, you will not need to hire a team responsible for continuous email communication with guests.
  • Automate the booking process: After a booking is made, the platform automatically reduces the rooms available in your hotel. You can compare between offline and online sales, and give the latter access to the platform so that they won’t need to contact you each time they make a sale.

2. How to create a hotel reservation using Magento 2 Visual Form Builder?

Please make sure that you have already installed Magento 2 Form Builder on your site before you start creating your own form. I can assure you that this extension is very useful and guaranteed to run smoothly on your website. Should you decide to purchase and install it, you definitely won’t regret your choice.

Link to extension:

Link to tutorial:

Step 1: Start logging in your account

Step 2: Then click “Add new form” and begin creating your own beautiful and unique hotel reservation form

Step 3: Click “Form Information” and add all the necessary information for your own form. Such information includes “Form title”, “Identifier”, etc.

Step 4: Click “Form Content” and add the before and after messages that you desire

Step 5: Click “Form Creator” and start your little mesmerizing journey to create a wonderful form of your own. In this section, you can be creative and smart as to choose and mix a great number of different colors, font sizes, and labels,… The choices are incredibly diverse because Magento 2 provides customized and flexible backgrounds with super easy Drag and Drop movement so that you just have to click, choose, text and bam! Here it is. Your own unique hotel reservation form will be finished in no time.

Step 6: Click “SEO” and “Design” to check your information and finally click “Save Form”. There you go! You have just succeeded in creating a beautiful hotel reservation in a super fast and easy way with the support of Magento 2 Form Builder by Land of Coder. Hope that you enjoy this tutorial to create hotel reservation form in the blink of an eye. 

Here is the link to Magento 2 Form Builder installment tutorial: