Top 4+ Best Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions – Premium & Free


You want to be an intelligent customer while searching products in the online market, don’t you?

In order to save time to seek what is better for your choice, Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions will partially tackle customers’ problems due to allow purchasing products quickly from cart page at one time without visiting all step of checkout process.

In this list, you will have all necessary information of best Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions including provider, review and rating, highlight features, description, demo, price and details. These information will be useful for you to make your purchasing decision faster, easier and more precise.

Here are 4+ best Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions picked from hundreds of one step extension in the market by Landofcoder Magento Experts.


  1. BSSCommerce Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 2
  2. Magesales Magento 2 Fast Order
  3. DCKAP Quick Order
  4. MageAnts Wholesale Fast Order For Magento 2

1. BSSCommerce Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 2

Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSS Commerce helps to optimize client ordering process by allowing them to purchase quickly with a large number of products in order to save their shopping time. The complicated ordering process is simplified and customers do not need to visit product pages one by one to add products to cart as normal, but just buy in an order form easily and conveniently.


Highlight Features:

  • Fast order in bulk like Magento 1 version
  • Search products by name and SKU
  • Add multiple products to cart at one time
  • Autocomplete keywords and AJAX search support when typing few of characters on search box
  • Customize specific customer groups for fast order
  • Quickly order than ever with CSV import function for simple products without custom options
  • Work with simple product, configurable product, grouped product, downloadable product, virtual product and simple product with custom options

2. Magesales Magento 2 Fast Order

Magento 2 Fast Order Extension developed by MageSales is an ideal choice for Magento Store Owners to limit customers abandonment from your page due to the complicated purchasing process.


Highlight Features:

  • Search Product via SKU
  • Add Multiple products to cart at one time
  • Ajax AutoComplete functionality

3.  DCKAP Quick Order

Whenever a customer visits an online store, he/she will try to search and order the products quickly without navigating to all categories and find the products. Quick order is such an extension to facilitate the customer with this functionality.


Highlight Features:

  •  Customer can search and order the products using the quick order popup, without navigating to other pages
  • Customers can order simple and configurable products using this popup
  • Different products can be easily added using dynamic rows in the popup.
  • B2B customers can add multiple products quickly by specifying the SKU and the quantity of the products in a text area in the popup.
  • Admin can change the no. of rows to be displayed in the popup, which is used to order the products.
  • Admin can change the separator for SKU and quantity from the backend settings.
  • Admin can also change the no. of characters needed for product auto suggest to work in the popup.
  • Allow admin to add quick order on any CMS Page using widget option

4. MageAnts Wholesale Fast Order For Magento 2

This Wholesale Fast Order for Magento 2 by MageAnts is a user-friendly and flexible extension that allows customers to add multiple products to their cart quickly and it will make your website more customer-centric and boost sales.


Highlight Features:

  • Quick Search options for customers using SKUs or product names.
  • Ajax-based extension to ensure speed and efficiency.
  • Use the quick CSV import function for simple products.
  • Restrict the extension features to a specific customer group.
  • All customers to save time with easy searches and quick orders.

Best 4+ Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions (Other Information)

 ProviderReview & ratingCompatibilityDemoPriceDetails
 BSSCommerce 5 – 7 reviews
  • Community: 2.0.x – 2.1.x – 2.2.6
  • Enterprise: 2.0.x – 2.1.x – 2.2.6


 $119.00 Details
 Magesales5 – 6 reviewsMagento 2 CE 2.x.x , EE 2.x.x Updating$79.00Details 
 DCKAP100% – 3 reviewsСE 2.0.x – 2.2.x; EE 2.0.x – 2.2.xFrontend


 MageAnts5 -  9 reviewsMagento 2.0.X – 2.3.XFrontend



These information is summarized by Landofcoder Magento Experts. It will be very helpful for you to choose the best Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions for your choice.

These best magento 2 quick order extensions are ranked based on below criteria

    • Customer’s Rating review
    • Our experiences on product demo
    • The price, features
    • Social Popularity: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+
    • Google Ranking
    • Compatibility
    • Provider credibility

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