20+ Best Magento 2.3 Extensions for eCommerce in 2024 | Free & Premium

20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions free & premium

Great new for all Magento lovers: Magento version 2.3 is released to optimize any eCommerce website. In this article, we would like to recommend 20+ Best Magento 2.3 Extensions for eCommerce in 2023 including free and premium modules. They are the most successful and searched Magento 2.3 modules regarding optimization of the Checkout Process, Content, SEO – Marketing, Search & Navigation, Conversion Rate, Order & Shipping, Customer Support, and Site Management.

Let’s explore the top 20+ best free & premium Magento 2.3 extensions for your eCommerce website!

Best Free & Premium Magento 2.3 Extensions

1. SEO Friendly Blog Module

best magento 2.3 extensions

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The top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions include Magento 2.3 blog module – one of the smartest marketing tools to promote website and increase customer retention. With Blog Extension for Magento 2.3, you can create stunning posts with multiple layouts, background & border colors, unique images and videos. The blog module also supports beautiful page layouts, unlimited post widgets to display your blog posts attractively. Besides, 14+ social networks, tag cloud, multiple comment types and like/dislike buttons will optimize your blog pupularity. What’s more? Authors can arrange posts in different categories with related posts, show/hide their profile with nick name, avatar, and biographical info easily.

2. Photo Gallery Pro

best magento 2.3 image gallery extension

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Magento 2.3 Image Gallery extension allows you upload multiple images at once, drag n drop images & videos, and edit image elements with ease. Also, the module supports unlimited video galleries and 16+ styles to display image album widget. Admin will get full management of displaying image & video galleries in the most effective way. On the other hand, customers will be interested in amazing image slider & 3D slider, advanced category and album filter, and fatest image gallery performance. Magento 2.3 Image Gallery Pro comes with much more powerful features to enhance your photo galleries.

3. Powerful Multi-Vendor Module

best magento 2.3 multi vendor marketplace extension

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To optimize site management, Top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions highly recommend Magento 2.3 Multi vendor Marketplace extension. This Marketplace extension for magento 2.3 is fully compatiable with Magento 2 extensions and themes. The module allows multiple vendor products checkout at once, supports multiple gateways & lanaguages. For admin, they can create multiple sellers with smart store front, set flexible commissions, and auto/manually approve vendors. For vendors, they can brighten their seller profile and control almost things related to products, sales, invoices, etc with advanced Seller Cpanel. Moreover, they can use their given credit account to purchase products on marketplace.

You also can consider Magento 2.3 Marketpalce Pro and Magento 2.3 Marketplace for Enterprise with lots of advanced features to improve your marketplace.

4. Drag & Drop Page Builder

best magento 2.3 page builder extension

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Page Builder for Magento 2.3 will make you fall in love with a lot of functional features. The extension offers you 50+ widgets, block builder, Bootstrap Grid View System to create unlimited layouts, CMS pages and any desired page in a real-time, drag & drop interface quiclky and effortlessly. Specially, you are enabled to schedule time to display your page on the frontend. Moreover, featuring CSS skin builder, responsive design, live preview, high compatibility, and SEO optimization, this Page Builder deserves to be the one of best Magento 2.3 extensions for site management.

5. Drag & Drop Mega Menu

best magento 2.3 mega menu extension

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In the top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions, you cannot miss out Magento 2.3 Mega Menu for navigation enhancement. Drag & drop Mega Menu extension for Magento 2.3 comes with mobile menu (Off Canvas, Accordion & Drilldown), 07+ submenu types (Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu., Default Category Listing, Content), dynamic navigation menu (vertical & horizontal) and multiple animation effects to build up your perfect navigation system. Beside, the module supports powerful widget, RTL language, mobile menu customizer, auto data backup and structure preview to optimize mega menu performance.

Notably, if your website is big, Magento 2.3 Mega Menu Pro will be a better choice. For Enterprise, pls check out Magento 2.3 Mega Menu EE.

6. Store Pickup with Store Locator Module

best magento 2.3 store pickup extension

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Integrating with Magento 2.3 Store Locator extension, Magento 2.3 Store Pickup will boost your search system. With the extension, customers can easily find out stores in the checkout page and plan to pick up items in a perfect period. Store pickup provides clients necessary information of stores including name, location, image, working time, etc in an intitive interface. Shoppers can search stores in varoius ways and access directly via a simple contact form. And admin can decide to show off products, stores and store info as they want.

7. Free Search AutoComplete Extension

best magento 2.3 search extension

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Magento 2.3 Layered Navigation extension provides you an advanced navigation while Magento 2.3 Search extension brings you an autocomplete search tool. Help your customers search desired products fast with Ajax Search. Specially, the new version of magento 2 search extension allows visitors to search ves blog, ves brand, cms pages, and lof faq questions with very first typed charaters. The module is outstanding with auto complete & relevant suggestions, trending keyword suggestions, phones & tablets optimization, filter categories, RTL languages support, etc. You also can show ‘add to cart’ button and customize the module with ease.

8. Free Affiliate Program Module

best magento 2.3 affiliate extension

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Affiliate program is one of effective marketing methods, driving much more profit for both sellers and affiliate partners. Magento 2.3 Affiliate Extension enables you to create unlimited affiliate programs with multi-level marketing, condition & requirements. For each program, you also can set the commission, discount, payout requirements, and withdrawal limit. The mosdule supports you to manage affiliates, transactions, partner’s accounts conveniently and send money to multiple recipients at the same time.

9. Coupon Code Generator Extension

best magento 2.3 coupon extension

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Top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions for ecommerce websites will suggest Magento 2.3 Coupon extension as one of the most important marketing ways to boost conversion rate. Help you engage majority of shoppers with attractive coupon code. Not only grab new customers but also enhance returning clients. You completely generate coupon codes with flexible rules, include them into email, newsletters, follow-up emails and send them to specific groups of customers. Also, store owners can limit the number of coupon codes for each email address and used times for each customer. Besides, the module allows admin to import/export promotion code in bulk and manage coupon code with ease.

Notably, it’s compatible with Magento 2.3 Follow Up Email.

10. One Page Checkout Module

magento 2.3 one step checkout

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To enhance customer user experience, increase conversion rate and limit abandoned card, Magento 2.3 One Step Checkout extension is released. Amazingly, it’s 75% faster the the default checkout. Beside optimizing checkout time, Magento 2 one page checkout supports Google address suggestions, varoius skins, auto Ajax update and popular shipping & payment methods. The check out page is well displayed on neat & clean interface. Moreover, you can change the check out page style, layout, customize address fields, and add expected delivery date, so on.

To meet higher requirements for the best check out page, we also recommend Magento 2.3 One Step Check Out Pro with more dedicated features and One Page Checkout for Magento 2.3 Enterprise.

11. Advanced & Nice FAQ

best magento 2.3 FAQ

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Top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions also suggest the best solution to optimize your FAQ page. Make your informative and SEO-friendly faq page with Magento 2.3 FAQ Extension. The module supports you to create a question list on product detail pages. FAQs can be divided into categories and customers can search them fast based on content, keywords, tags with Ajax live search. You also can place FAQs blocks anywhere with most asked, related questions & products, dislay them with multiple layouts, styles, and animation effects. Besides, admin can change font size, text, background & border color of FAQs to make them more outstanding. Customers can vote like/dislike FAQs with one click. Specially, thanks to social networks integation, SEO score will be improved remarkably.

12. Order Status & Shipping

best magento 2.3 order tracking

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Make your customers assured with optimized order tracking page. Magento 2.3 Order Tracking extension redirects customers to the tracking page without login. They can track their order info quickly. In the frontend, customers can track order summary with main-menu/top link. They also can reorder without login and will recieve a message if their order is not found. What’s more? The module comes with mobile & tablet optimization, multilanguage support, and powerful widget support.

Magento 2.3 Order Tracking Pro will be a better idea for advanced tracking page. You can check to get more details now.

13. Free Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

best magento 2.3 multiple flat rate shipping

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Cannot miss out the must-have solution to shipping improvement in Top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions for bussiness – Magento 2.3 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping. This extension helps you to create multiple flat rate shipping methods with different prices and conditions (country of delivery, handing fees, product types, etc.). The admin can allow flat shipping methods on specific/all countries, apply fix/percent amount, and define on per order or per item. In addition, they can import/export the rate in CSV file and display custom error messages for each method. Last but not least, the module supports multistore and multicurrency.

Check for other best Magento 2.3 extensions for shipping methods:

Magento 2.3 Table Rate Shipping extension is a shipping method based on quantity.

Magento 2.3 Shipping Per Product extension is to ship based on product.

14. Unlimited Membership Packages – Free Download

best magento 2.3 membership extension

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Top 20+ Best Magento 2.3 extensions also provide the best solution to sales motivation. Let’s engage customers and convert sales with Magento 2.3 Membership extension. The module allows you to build unlimited strategic membership plans in both free and paid packages. Your customers can purchase packages with attractive offers, check their membership package & payment history, and upgrade it to higher package easily. Also, they will get email notification to renew their membership package. What’s about store owners? They can set different price to multiple products, add features to packages and limit access to products with membership plans.

15. Attractive Loyalty Program – Free Download

best magento 2.3 reward points

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To boost sales and increase customer loyalty, Magento 2.3 Reward Points extension will meet your all expectation. Your visitors/customers can earn and spend points in various ways. They can track their point balance, transaction and history with ease. Also, it’s easy for you to set earning & spending points for specific or multiple products with rules. Besides, you can create order or refund by points, export points by CSV, Excel XML file, and hide price of products if you want.

Best Free Magento 2.3 extensions

16. Free Magento Brand Page - 

best free magento 2.3 brand extension

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One of the best free Magento 2.3 extensions is Magento 2 Brand. Help you create and dislay professional brand carousel and inspiration brand pages. You freely can change brand image block, display logo with owl carousel, show brands page in different layouts. Also, the module is seo-friendly and easy to use and customize.

17. Free Magento Related Product List

best free magento 2.3 product list

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Product List – one of best free Magento 2.3 extensions will be an ideal choice to increase sales and decrease abandonment rate. The extension helps you create and show product list such as latest, new arrival, special, most popular, best seller, top rated, random. featured and deals with different rules. It also supports Ajax load, unlimited widgets, multiple positions of product list, tabs plugins options, etc.

18. Free Effective Customer Support Tool

best free magento 2.3 facebook live chat

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By integrating Magento 2.3 Facebook Live Chat into your online store, you can enhance business communication and boost sales remarkably. The instant chatbox provided by the extension is familiar with Facebook Messenger Interface. The module stores unlimited history chat for you to track conversation. Moreover, you just need to log in with Facebook and chat with multiple customers. You also can set unlimited color, show store profile and ”like” button, set greeting, upcoming event in the chatbox.

19. Free Improve Magento Performance

best free Magento 2.3 lazy load extension

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Top 20+ Best Free Magento 2.3 extensions also offer Lazy Load extension for your consideration. Help you save web server resources, optimize site speed & performance. All images are loaded with beautiful transition and advanced time point setting. You can upload expected loading icons, offload server and save bandwidth. With fast loading time, you can promote your site rank in SERPs and improve user experience as well.

20. Free Custom Admin Theme

best free Magento 2.3 admin theme

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The last module in Top 20+ Best Free Magento 2.3 extensions is Magento 2.3 Admin Theme. It’s a perfect template for Magento store management. The extension provides your Magento admin responsive design & Retina ready and a user-friendly interface of login & forgot password. Besides, it supports translation & RTL and impressive admin icon font.

Other best Magento 2.3 Extensions you may prefer:

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  1. The new features of 2.3 extensions are great, especially the multi-vendor module. Often I used to get complaints the customers of my eCommerce website that they find inability to purchase from multiple vendors at same time duration quite annoying as they have to make the purchase repeatedly for their products that are offered by different merchants. Similarly, I also came across several useful information on latest Magento updates on Wisitech that were quite informative too. All the new features of 2.3 are a significant leap from the previous versions undoubtedly.