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For sure, some of us have to edit our order several times when buying something on an online store. But if there are optimal platforms enabling you to edit any information in your already order? The answer is just a few such platforms. And this article recommends you one tool which can help you to solve this problem. Let’s go ahead to see how and which Magento 2 Edit Order Extension can do for your e-commerce site.

I. Overview Of Edit Order Tool For Online Store

Customers often change their decisions in purchasing commodities in both online and offline ways. This is a normal case. If you are an offline store, you might remind your customers to keep the bill in a certain time and bring the bill when the customer wants to change purchased goods. In case you are an online store, how could you support your customers in editing their already finished orders?

Create an online order by Magento 2 Edit Order Extension
Create an online order by Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

Edit order tool is a tool allowing buyers to change their order information, including products or services, payment method, shipping method, delivery time, and recipient address. Among edit order tool suppliers, Magento 2 Edit Order Extension has shown its dominant effectiveness for various online stores.

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II. What Can We Amend By Using The Magento 2 Edit Order Extension Tool?

Magento 2 Edit Order extension provides multi-functions enabling buyers to make amendments in their order. It is easy by clicking the button “Edit” somewhere in the interface of the online store. It must look more significant than the other buttons, maybe often in red or deep colors. Then, customers can change one by one information of the order and account information, of course within the dual permitted time depending on the store’s regulations.

Magento 2 Edit Order Extension - Purchase any product by only one click
Magento 2 Edit Order Extension – Purchase any product with only one click

Now, let’s point out what customers can modify their order with Magento 2 Edit Order Extension tool.

  • General order information

Customers can change the other product(s) instead of the former one(s). The tool also supports the easy way to change the target goods.

  • Shipping information

Customers can revise their recipient’s name, address and mobile phone; delivery time and shippers for most satisfaction.

  • Payment information

Customers can amend their payment method, for example, COD instead of tele transfer via bank account.

  • Billing information

Any amendment leads to a change in billing. And the tool of course helps to help the system of the online store accurately calculate the total fee after fishing the order edit.

Customers can review their updated order by clicking the “Review” on the interface. After that, they can finish this updated order or remove it as well.

Anything can be changed by Magento 2 Edit Order Extension
Anything can be changed by Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

III. Benefits Of Edit Order Tool For Your Online Store

For most, Magento 2 Edit Order Extension has received optimistic reviews from users all over the world. Both seller and buyer using this tool have given their compliments due to its convenience and flexibility.

Indeed, just type “Magento 2 Edit Order reviews”, immediately you can find beautiful words like “Powerful extension”, “Great tool”, “Must-have tool for every store”, “Problem solver”, etc.

In the aspect of sellers, who develop an e-commerce site, Magento 2 Edit Order Extension brings outstanding benefits as below.

  • Both sellers and administrators can manage Orders and Edits.
  • Sellers can set required permissions and marketplace order edit in the configuration section.
  • Sellers can make a new order for customers as required.
  • Store owners can monitor the purchase history of customers through the data of order.
  • The sellers can view all the registered customers while creating a new order in the marketplace.
Magento 2 provides an useful tool for editing order
Magento 2 provides an useful tool for editing order

In the aspect of buyers, who purchase goods on an e-commerce site, Magento 2 Edit Order Extension also grants incredible interests as follows.

  • Customers can change order information instead of canceling the order.
  • Customers can adjust any information of the order in dual permitted time.
  • The interface of the Order Edit tool is simple and it is easy to understand how to do.
  • Customers can review their updated order before finishing their purchase.
  • Customers will be most pleased to buy anything from an online store.
  • The alternatively updated bill is also accurate, so customers will not worry about any mistake of payment.

IV. Top list of Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

review list of best magento 2 extensions



Main features


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Amasty logo


Order Editor extension for Magento 2

This extension helps the store owners in saving their time in managing the generation and import of multiple coupon codes in a few simple steps.

  • Orders editing without having to cancel them

  • Independent blocks editing in the admin panel

  • Payment/shipping/billing data modification

and more


Mageplaza logo


Order Status for Magento 2

Create informative order statuses to make documentation processing maximally clear both for customers and for admin users. Easily manage statuses on the grid and timely notify clients about status changes.

  • Generate and manage custom order statuses

  • Assign unique notes to order states

  • Easily sort docs by states on the grid

and more


webkul logo


Multi Vendor Order Edit for Magento 2

This module is useful in case the customer wants to increase the quantity of any item for any existing order or wants to change the delivery address of the existing order.

  • The sellers can create the orders on the behalf of their customers.

  • A seller can add products according to the customer's needs.

  • A seller can edit the orders i.e. product quantity change, address change, product add/remove, and many more.

and more


plumrocket logo

Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 Edit Order

Magento 2 Edit Order Extension empowers you to edit order details without affecting their status. Instead of canceling an order, bypass the default Magento limitations and edit their details.

  • Edit any detail of the Customers Orders

  • Modify customer, shipping, payment data

  • Modify ordered items and their quantities

  • Return order items to stock upon removal

and more


plumrocket logo


Order Management for Magento 2

This module helps you manage orders faster while making fewer mistakes. It adds all necessary information to the orders grid. It also allows you to edit any order in your store in place, without canceling.

  • Edit any order hassle-free

  • Edit order items, shipping and billing info, prices and discounts

  • Make custom numbers of orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos

and more


plumrocket logo


Edit Order for Magento 2

Magento 2 Edit Order extension brings a great improvement in editing orders with the pop-up support, avoiding page redirection and order cancellation. All information related to an order can be modified on only one page - the View Order page more quickly, easily and conveniently than ever!

  • Order edit via pop-up without cancellation

  • Send coupons to customers via E-mail.

  • Set coupon details (value, expiry date, quantity, prefix, etc.).

  • Buyers can apply coupons from different sellers for the order.

and more



Magento 2 Edit Order Extension

This extension allows you to save time processing orders, exceed default Magento functionality, and edit orders in the admin panel without cancellation or status changes.

  • Add custom order number, change status, website, and date

  • Change payment and shipping methods

  • Configure order items, change the quality and apply coupon codes

and more


V. Case Study

In this article, we are pointing out businesses who successfully applied Magento 2 Edit Order Extension in their business.

Owning to the competitive price and outstanding performance, Magento 2 Edit Order Extension is considered as the best choice for any online store. E-commerce site developers often drive Magento 2 to build up the whole selling system. In this part, we will point out several businesses that successfully applied Magento 2 Edit Order Extension.

Hereafter are the famous brands who did use Magento 2, and of course including Magento 2 Edit Order extension. Magento 2 permits them to create content-rich sites which quickly respond to global needs, on mobile and PC or laptop.

5.1. The Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company (Ford) has been at the top of Magento’s list by company annual revenue, with a global turnover of $127 billion as of 2020. It is an American automaker based out of Dearborn, and selling automotive vehicles worldwide.

5.2. The Coca-Cola Company

coca cola
Love is the way from Coca Cola

It is unnecessary to introduce, Coca-Cola is best known for its soft drink and namesake. Founded in 1892 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Coca-Cola has entered the global market for over a century. Its 2020-year revenue reached $33.01 billion.

5.3. The Procter and Gamble Company

Procter and Gamble Company is also one of the top list companies using Magento. It is an American multinational enterprise, who specializes in a wide range of personal health, and personal care and hygiene products. P&G is incorporated in Ohio, and its 2020-year turnover has gained $71 billion.

5.4. Olympus Corporation

Olympus Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures optics and reprography products. Established in 1919, this traditional company started to manufacture cameras in 1936. And now its camera has been well-known all over the world, in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

5.5. IKEA

IKEA is an international supplier of furniture. It pays attention to simple, elegant, environment-friendly products which can style your living space modernly and conveniently. IKEA is famous for its strict standards for suppliers. Founded in Sweden in 1943, and its 2020-year revenue gained 39.6 billion euros.

Magento has been used by the top 10,000 e-commerce websites globally. It benefits users with advanced commerce functionality, top-notch performance, outstanding features, and competitive price.

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