6+ Best Magento 2 Customer Feedback Extensions | Free and Premium | 2024 Updated


Magento 2 is known as the ideal platform to develop an eCommerce site. It owns features that convince entrepreneurs to develop and manage their online stores effectively. In this article, we will study one part of this platform, Magento 2 Customer Feedback extensions which is a useful tool in collecting customer responses and thus, winning in your business.

I. Why need a customer feedback + portal?

In business, recording customer response is one of the most important factors which decides the survival of your prevailing product or service. Understanding your customers’ hobbies, favorite, behavior and other personal information can help you to figure out the proper marketing campaigns for the certain target buyers. Moreover, if you can own enough customer data (both in quantity and time), and if you are experienced and wise, that is “big data” inside your hand. This not only enables you to get successful but also helps you to make a new trend. That means you are leading the market. And if you are competent enough, you will be standing on the shoulders of giants.

magento 2 customer feedback extension
Magento 2 customer feedback extensions is the best solution for your eCommerce site

Hence, any seller acknowledges that a customer feedback portal is the essential factor in his eCommerce site. This is the channel that records all questions, compliments, recommendations, and claims as well from all people. Customer satisfaction in the portal can change the decision of the visitors. They might become your customer, even a loyal customer if you make them pleased.

II. What types of companies need a customer feedback portal

All organizations need their own customer feedback portal. Why? Obviously, any organization can not work sole. Furthermore, human beings are in the era of the “flat world” and IoT (internet of things), where we connect with others via the internet, where every information is transferred in seconds. Therefore, despite who you are, you need a customer feedback portal to connect with the whole world and to greet visitors to your home.

In particular, a customer feedback portal is surely essential for any e-commerce store. Furthermore, you even invest a relatively big amount of your total budget in developing, maintaining and improving the portal. In other words, the customer feedback portal is your face, your representative who greets customers, listens to and empathizes with customers’ pain.

III. How to create your own portal for recording customer feedback data?

So how to create your own portal for recording customer response data? In this article, we would like to mention the Magento 2 platform. It is known to be one of the most useful platforms which can help you design a perfect customer feedback portal.

happy customer
Magento 2 customer feedback extensions is useful tool for asking your customer response

Magento 2 is also known by another name called Magento Commerce. The Magento 2 customer feedback extension is a system where merchants can record responses and reviews of their company products and services from customers. It also enables the merchants to keep monitoring the spread of customer reviews on the internet. Indeed, the merchant can change or improve their products or services timely to satisfy their customers. Once receiving many optimistic reviews, the products or services can get big deals from the other clients.

Magento 2 is evaluated to be one of the optimal solutions which can help you solve almost problems in collecting customer response data. With regards of administrator, it is easy to build up, manage and monitor customer feedback portal. With regards of visitors and buyers, it expresses the convenience in typing comments, inserting images, and marking stars.

IV. Top list of Magento 2 customer feedback extensions

Many companies all over the world have used Magento 2 to build up and operate their e-commerce sites and customer feedback portals. We are going to point out the top six portals among them below. Maybe you will find a good candidate to create your customer feedback portal for your own online store.

feed back portal
Magento 2 Customer feedback extension supplies the optimal solution for recording buyer responses
review list of best magento 2 extensions



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Customer Feedback – Extension For Magento® 2

Magento 2 Customer Feedback extension provides the complete solution for shoppers to add any suggestions, bugs, or compliments about products or services offered on the website.

  • Allows customers to write feedback.

  • Store feedback helps you to improve formulating your business strategy.

  • Protect your site from spam using google recaptcha. purchase more by showing limited time offers.

  • Enable/disable from backend.

and more


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Google Customer Reviews for Magento 2

Gain customers' trust by adding the Google Reviews badge on your store pages in a few clicks. Give customers the ability to fill the Google Customer Review survey and thus increase the rate of your store in Google Reviews.

  • Show Google Customer Reviews badge to attract customers’ attention

  • Display customer reviews on multiple websites and for multiple store views

  • Define the position and language of the Google Customer Reviews badge

and more


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Review Reminder for Magento 2

Magento 2 Review Reminder extension is a great solution for your store to increase conversion rate and boost sale. By allowing sending automated notifications to customers who have purchased products from the store, you can save time and get more reviews from them. The more reviews you get, the more trustworthy the store looks, which is an important factor for customers to decide on buying products from your store.

  • Flexible email chain configuration

  • Flexible email chain configuration

  • Reviews Reports

and more


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Advanced Reviews for Magento 2

Encourage customers to share their purchase experience by providing a clear and simple review submission process.

  • Customize form fields to control the content of the review

  • Make fields required to collect all the necessary information

  • Allow guests to submit reviews, thus extending the customer base

  •  Improve the credibility of reviews by adding "Verified Buyer" labels

and more


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Magento 2 Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Customer Reviews & Testimonials extension for Magento 2 adds credibility to your store by displaying consumer reviews on product pages as well as on a separate “Testimonials” page. Allow customers to submit a review or publish on behalf of them. Make your reviews look real and attractive by choosing to display all the relevant information and formatting text. Manage testimonials on a handy grid. Magento 2 Review extension is also featured on Magento marketplace.

  • Let customers post reviews or do so on their behalf

  • A dedicated page for customer testimonials

  • Quick and customizable review form

  • Configure display settings for each testimonial

and more


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by SMAC Softwares GmbH

The Feedback extension for Magento 2 is a customer rating system where merchants can get feedback and reviews about what the customer thinks of the products and company services. The services from Feedback ensure that merchants keep controlling the spread of the customer reviews on the internet. Companies can increase the satisfaction of the customers as their feedback can be used commercially for the recruitment of new customers.

  • Easy and fast configuration

  • Works with all versions of Magento 2

  • Ability to enable/disable extension from the backend

  • Feedback about your store helps you improve formulating business strategy

  • Provides a fully customizable interface from the backend that is easily manageable

and more


V. How to tell customers about the portal?

Magento 2 customer feedback extensions has set up a perfect customer feedback portal with dominant multi-functions. And advertising the portal is your task. Perhaps, the multimedia channels are a good way to tell customers about the portal. We often hear that “call us 001-98-xxxx” on TV shows, or see that “hotline 001-98-xxxx” and website www.landofcoder.com, for example, on Facebook ads. This is one way to tell people that “This is our customer feedback portal, please feel free to contact us for any request. We’re always here to empathize with you.”

Of course, approaching multi-channel advertisements can be done by those who have enough financial potential. If not, you must select several channels which truly fit your budget. For instance, advertising on Tiktok and Instagram is now considered to be cheaper than the other social networks like Facebook, and YouTube. The most expensive advertising channels are TV and google ads. However, these later two channels have shown their effectiveness in giving a big profit.

Let’s spread and broadcast your customer feedback portal in different ways in multi-channels. The current world is flat. Just do your best.

Don’t be hesitate to contact us for more information of Magento 2 customer feedback extensions.