TOP 15+ Magento 2 Dealer/ Store Locator or Dealer Locator | Manage stores by Google Maps


List of Magento 2 Dealer/ Store Locator supports Dealer features & Magento 2 Store Locator 2019

Since its release, Magento 2 gave all customer around the world the opportunity to expose and grow their brands using the most professional e-commerce technology in the market. By combining rich, built-in features with performance enhancements and out-of-the-box marketing tools in the latest release of Magento 2, the platform continues to deliver the industry’s leading e-commerce solution.

In this blog article, we are mentioning one of the must-have Magento 2 Extension: Store Locator and the update version (supports Dealer Features)

Allow visitors to become dealers and manage their store locator

Multiple dealers in Magento 2 Dealer Store Locator

The Top 15+ Magento 2 Dealer Locators and Magento 2 Store Locator were chosen and summarized from a lot of different extensions in the market. The list was classified based on Provider, Rating Reviews, Extension Price, their outstanding features and the support duration.

The top 15 Dealer Store Locator for Magento 2 cost from FREE to $249. For your reference, you can find more Magento 2 extensions here!

What does Magento 2 Dealer/ Store Locator support?

Magento 2 Dealer/ Store Locator manages a full list of your stores’ location by Google Maps display & assists customers quickly and easily find the nearest stores. Moreover, this tool supports store owner & dealer in creating a separate page to display the available products, the basic details, & information about the store.

List of 15+ Best Magento 2 Dealer/ Store Locator Extensions

ProviderRatingPriceHighlightSupport DurationDetail
 Landofcoder 5.0/5 $̵2̵9̵9̵ $249
  • Show the offline stores on one single map
  • Support Dealers in creating their own page
  • Display dealers information on the Map
  • Excellent Google Map Suggestion
  • Direction service guides online visitors to stores
  • Display store information and image sliders
  • Support lots of methods to search store location
  • Import Store Locations by CSV/ JSON file
  • Quickly Search the Nearest Store
  • Integrated Image Gallery
  • User-friendly and Optimized for mobile
  • Manage all Store Location with ease
  • Create a New Store Locator
  • Custom Design Option for Store
  • Custom Gmap Location Data Option for Store
  • Set Opening Time information
  • Social Networks Integrated & Support SEO tool
  • Cron job import store locator data via CSV file
 Free 12 months Support, Free Lifetime Updates and 30 Days Money BackMore Detail
 Mageplaza 5.0/5 $199
  • Add Google Maps to Magento 2 stores
  • Get GPS coordinates and preview
  • Display store information and image sliders
  • Customizable maps for store locations
  • Store Location filter function
  • Configure working hours and holidays for a store location
  • Local SEO
Free 365 days Support, Free Lifetime Updates and 60 Days Money BackMore Detail
 Amasty 4.8/5 $249
  • Display multiple store locations on a map
  • Automatically show the nearest offline stores
  • Provide filters to find stores according to certain criteria
  • Show product availability in particular stores
  • Display store locations street view
 90 days Support, Free Lifetime Updates and 60 Days Money BackMore Detail
 iwdagency 5.0/5 $199
  • Help Customers Find Your Stores
  • Displays a Radius Around the Customer’s Search
  • Configuring Store Locator
  • Here Maps Configuration
  • Google Maps Configuration
  • Searching for Stores
  • Adjusting the Design
  • Adding New Stores
  • Creating a New Store
  • Creating a New Store (cont.)
  • New Store Images
N/AMore Detail
Magenest4.8/5 $149
  • Create and manage multiple store locations
  • Set up a filterable store finder for customers to locate your stores
  • Store locations have rich details and directions
  • Select featured or available products at individual stores
  • Modern and mobile-responsive UI/UX design
 30 days free supportMore detail
Aheadworks5.0/5 $249
  • Display your store location on an interactive map
  • Use Google Maps as a default map
  • Provide search by address and radius
  • Mark each location with an image and a brief description
  • Import locations
 90 days Free Support | 45 Days Money Back | Free Install | Lifetime updateMore detail
Magedelight4.75/5 $179
  • Search store within radius, by zip code or by city/state
  • Create, edit, delete store location details like address, images, URL
  • Description, contact info
  • Display store opening and closing time with lunch breaks
  • Import/export stores using .csv file
  • Display store working day and store closing days
  • Mobile & user-friendly user interface
  • Meta insertion option makes it SEO friendly
 90 days Free SupportMore detail
Cmsmart5.0/5 $139
  • Enable displaying full store list on Google maps
  • Be able to see all information of the store
  • Easy to find the store locations
  • Include Google maps suggestion when you type characters on a pop-up search box
  • Allow customers to search by state, country, style, etc
 Private support 12 months | Unlimited tickets support | Lifetime updateMore detail
fmeextensions5.0/5 $129.99
  • Creates A Dedicated Store Locator Page
  • List Your Store Locations as well as Show them on Integrated Google Map
  • Allow Customers to Search Stores by Address
  • Add Store Tags and Let Customers Filter Stores Listing by Tags
  • Add or Import Stores using CSV File Upload
  • Separate Landing Page for Each Store Location to
  • Display Store Description, Products, Opening Hours & Holidays
  • Configure Default Map Radius
  • Add Link in Footer & Set Standard Longitude & Latitude
  • Extensive SEO Configurations
 Free Support | 40 Days Money Back | Free updateMore detail
Mageants5.0/5 $69
  • Create unlimited store locations for your brand on your website.
  • Make your website more informative for the viewers with better insights
  • Add information like store images, assign products to stores, customer reviews, etc
  • Add the Google Maps location for the listed stores
  • ‘Search by distance’ feature to locate an outlet at specified distance
  • Allow customers to view their current location on the map
  • Access the longitude and latitude value of the listed stores
 Free upgrade | 30 Days Money BackMore detail
BrainactsN/A $99
  • Search for dealers all over the world
  • Easy stores import
  • Google Map customization (different map templates are included, an ability to add custom styles)
  • Grid/list templates
  • Store pickup logic
  • An additional page for dealer’s store
  • Responsive design
 Free Lifetime Updates and 45 Days Money BackMore detail
Ulmod5.0/5 $99
  • Create any number of store locations
  • Search for closest stores by address, country, state, zip code, and more
  • Display all physical stores in a single map
  • Display product availability in specific stores
  • SEO Optimized, metadata (title, description) and URL key
  • Ability to upload a store image and custom marker
  • Expand and collapse the opening and closing hours
  • Restrict location display per store view
  • Import locations via a CSV file, sample import file included
  • Responsive for mobile devices, adjusted and work great on any type of device and screens size
  • Flexible configuration and managemntt
  • Multiple websites, stores, and store view supported
 Free 1-year Support, Free Lifetime UpdatesMore detail
mconnectmedia5.0/5 $69
  • Enable/Disable store locator
  • Allows to add url link of the page
  • Allows to add title of the page
  • Can add a link in top links section with “login” and “cart”
  • Enable/Disable get Directions functionality
  • Set allowed radius distance.
  • Set miles/kilometres as distance measure.
  • Set marker image for google map
 Free 90 days Support| 30 Days money back| Free Lifetime UpdatesMore detail
Anowave4.5/5 $20
  • Store locator
  • Dealer locator
  • Unlimited stores
  • Based on Google Maps
  • Intuitive interface
  • AJAX based
  • Custom store icons/markers
  • Multiple store fields available such as store name, address, postcode, street, rich text description and more
  • Autocomplete enabled address search (applies for both frontend and backend)
  • Ability to detect visitor location automatically (https only)
  • Ability to set initial map zoom
  • Ability to set initial map boundary to allow country specific postcode search
  • Ability to choose distance units from admin (kilomteres or miles)
  • Ability to enable customers to change distance units (kilometers or miles)
  • Ability to create/edit allowed radius range (via comma separated values e.g 0,5,10,20,30,40,50,100,200,300,400,500)
  • Does not overwrite existing files
  • Does not override blocks, controllers and other custom code
  • No monthly fees
 N/AMore detail
Magesolution5.0/5 Free
  • Search stores by country, state/ province, city & zip code and search stores by distance
  • View full stores list with custom pin icon on Google map
  • Switch view mode seamlessly between map and satellite
  • View detail store with store information and store on map
  • Add all needed store information such as address, contact info, website, tags, images etc
  • Set store’s open times & days off flexible
  • Enter address or latitude and longitude to get the location on map or click on map to choose location
  • Store Locator Magento 2 allow you show StoreLocator link on top links or not and Change the title of top link
 N/AMore detail

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