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Landofcoder magento 2 form builder successful websites examples

Magento 2 Form Builder has everything you need to connect your online business with customers. This module not only helps you create forms quickly and easily but also brings a lot of advanced features.

Along with a feature-rich custom Form Builder, Landofcoder’s extension also collects needed data from customers easily. In addition, this Visual Magento 2 Form Builder allows you to generate multiple forms within seconds and 75% faster than the default one.

However, how to create a form builder online? If you have little or no coding knowledge, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars for hiring developers. Or even if you can master coding, it takes hours to build form, may be high risks of bugs, etc.

So your smart choice is to give a try with form builder extension. And our extension – Landofcoder’s Form Builder for Magento 2 has everything you need to communicate better with your customers!

On the other hand, this Magento 2 Form Builder is very reliable, and user-friendly to install. And the price of our extension is also very appealing.

I. Magento 2 Form Builder Features

Contact form? Feedback form? Booking form? Or Survey form? Magento 2 Form Builder by Landofcoder is an executive tool that let you create whatever type of form you want just in minutes.

Ease-to-use Create Form Builder as Google Form

Let you create a online form literally in seconds – Form Builder for Magento 2. All you need to do is choose necessary templates and arrange them like the way you like: 20+ input types, lively drag & drop, and customize backgrounds,…

Drag & Drop Form Builder Creator Extension

With this simple magento form builder, you can build any forms quickly: Easy to drag elements, columns and rows, then drop them anywhere you want. Used Form Builder extension, without touching a single line of code, just drag and drop them, your form is created in minutes.

Smooth, Efficient and Flexible Layouts

Do anything you want on your Magento 2 websites just only by clicking on any symbols of sliders, banners,… Moreover, you also have ability to customize templates form to have the final desired form builder.

Ease to modify Design, Background, Font Icons

Come with powerful design form builder: 30+ Incredible Icon Color, Fonts style, 12+ Border options,… for customers to choose. All of theses will make your form more eye-catching as well as attractive with customers.

Support 18+ Input type forms

We have created many forms with multiple input styles for your including:

  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Check box
  • Multiple Choice
  • Date
  • Time
  • Number
  • Website
  • Google Map, etc

Recaptcha Security, Spam Protection

With Magento 2 reCaptcha supported, our form builder for Magento 2 will protect your form with just one single click.

Auto send THANK YOU email to all customer’s email after they submit form

After a form submission, our thank you email will be sent automatically to both admins and customers.

Field: Single Product

We have updated a new field for you. Thanks to this new field, you can add product in your form. For example, you can add 3 product options for your customers to create survey, registration, book, pre order, feedback for products.

Reply email address in message

Easily reply email submitted by customers or guests in the email form field to save your time and effort.

Let’s create web forms with many different templates to effectively gather customer needs and use it for your marketing strategy! With this drag-and-drop Magento 2 Form Builder extension, you can quickly generate multiple in short time and customize each form to meet your needs.

If you are so excited about Form Builder for Magento 2, keep reading as we give you a list of 1000+ Best Successful Websites using Landofcoder extensions.

II. Real Websites Using Landofcoder’s Magento 2 Form Builder Extensions:

Do you want to know which are amazing forms created with Landofcoder Form Builder?

Well, all these Form Builder successful websites are an essential part to communicate between you and your customers. Our extension also helps your business to become more client-oriented. Furthermore, no technical expertise is required to use it!

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