5+ Best Magento 2 SMS Notification Extensions


One of the best ways to keep customers’ trust is to send Order Status / Product Status to customers via SMS. Today, I will introduce you Top 5+ Best Magento 2 SMS Notification Extensions.

With this list, you will have all essential information of best Magento 2 SMS Notification Extensions including provider, review and rating, highlight features, description, demo, price and details. These information will be useful for you to get an overview and precise undestanding about best magento 2 SMS notification extensions and make your purchasing decision faster and easier.

Let’s see what they are:

Provider Review & Rating Highlight Features Description Demo Price Detail
Landofcoder  updating
  • Fast, direct and reliable operation
  • Instantly Notify for customers activities
  • Quickly notify to admin
  • Unlimited SMS Customization
  • Variant SMS Service API Integrated
  • Ease to Collect customer mobile number
  • Test SMS functionality Support
  • Config SMS notification to Admin
  • Ease to config SMS Notification to Customers
  • Manage the SMS log
  • SMS Notification Preview
  • Export SMS to CSV
  • Ease to control SMS with SMS Debug
 SMS (Short Message Service) or simply “texting”, is a feature available with practically all mobile phones, allowing people to send and receive short notification messages. Choosing the most effective way to communicate is essential to the business of getting things done. Magento 2 SMS Notification extension is a comprehensive and powerful module that enables you to send SMS Service API with Twilio, BulkSMS to your customers or administrators during various events in your Magento 2 store.  Backend  $68  Detail
MageComp  4.5/5

16 reviews

 Magento 2 SMS Notification by MageComp allows Magento store owners to configure SMS notification services for various order status activities to acknowledge customers through SMS. Just choose a preferable SMS gateway to integrate SMS service and notify customers round the clock.
  •  Notify your customers through text messages on various Magento store events
  • Easily prepare text notification messages for all events by using variable fields.
  • Specify character length per message and language for SMS.
  • Admin can set mobile verfication mandatory for customers.
  • Test SMS functionality before sending real notifications to customers.
  • Notification to admin on various activities


 $99  Detail
Webkul updating


Twilio SMS Notification For Magento2 is liable for sending text SMS directly to the Sellers at the time of seller approval, disapproval, product approval, disapproval, order status cancel, invoice, shipped, credit memo and even after when the product is sold. This extension comes with ability to send the notification message to the seller.
  • To attract the attention of the customers any time anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles.
  • To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.
  • Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.
  • Ability to send message when product order is placed.
  • Seller will receive SMS at the time of order cancel, invoice, shipped and credit memo.
  • Seller will receive notification message right to their phone at the time of Seller approval or disapproval.
  • Seller will receive SMS at the time of product approval.
  • Twilio allows the user to “buy a Number” from Specific Countries so the store owner can buy any number for any country (allowed by twilio) and then the seller of any country will receive the SMS from the store owner.
 updating  $149  Detail
Cedcommerce  4.2/5

1 review

Twillio SMS Integration extension for Magento 2 by CedCommerce is used to send SMS to the customer and admin by making use of Twillio SMS gateway. To enable the Twillio SMS feature firstly, the admin has to use the Twillio API to enable the notification system. Admin has the authority to enable or disable this functionality also. This extension is useful because the default Magento 2 system sends email notification, but by this module now the customer can easily track every major event on his mobile phone in the text format.
  • Helps the admin to stay connected with their customers.
  • Notifies the customer when the new order is placed.
  • Notifies the customer when the order status gets changed.
  • Notifies the customer and the admin when the customer registers successfully.
 updating  $79  Detail
VooDoo  4.9/5

174 reviews

This magento 2 SMS notification extension is a comprehensive and powerful extension that enables you to send text messages to your customers or administrators at various ‘touchpoints’ in your Magento customer’s journey.


  • Keep your customers posted with SMS
  • Incredibly easy user interface
  • Helpful support team always on hand
  • One of the cheapest providers in the UK
  • Beautifully smooth integration
  • SMS is terrifically personal, and more meaningful to customers than an email
 updating updating Detail


These information is summarized by Landofcoder Magento Experts. It will be very helpful for you to get the best Magento 2 SMS notification extension for your site.