7+ Magento extensions to kick start your omnichannel retailing


Omnichannel retailing is no longer in its buzzword phase. Omnichannel retailing is now the customer demand of a business, because they don’t want that price difference when they stand in-store checking out what’s available with their phone. If you run a Magento store and want to offer your customers a seamless experience, here are 7 Magento extensions to kick start your omnichannel retailing.

  1.      Point of Sale extension

A typical Point of Sale system includes a cash register comprised of a computer-connected cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and a monitor. POS is the primarily fundamental software for any business of any size because it eliminates errors and inefficiency created by manual ordering or stock taking.

A POS system is expected to be naturally tied to an Inventory Management module, showing shop owners how much they have on hand, how much is moved, and how much will be needed.

  1.     Inventory Management extension

A proper stock control system needs well thought out Inventory Management module, which can manage both warehouse items and newly arrived and not-yet-assigned products.

Inventory Management module’s basic functions allow shop owners to update stock in mass, oversee supplier portfolios, get low-stock alert, and perform physical stock-taking. In the more advanced version, Inventory Management goes hand in hand with (multiple) warehouse management. With this, functions like stock transfer and dispatch warehouse selection are added.

Think simple, efficient in-stock management extension keeps prices consistent across channels, keeping customers away from doubt and frustration.

  1.     Barcode Management extension

Quick checkout process and inventory management cannot be done without a barcode system. Barcodes keep inventory tracking and prices accurate, facilitate faster checkout service, and help businesses meet legal requirements.

A full feature list of a barcode management enables users to configure templates, generate multiple barcodes, as well as scan and print barcodes for easy tracking and labeling.

  1.     Purchase Management extension

There is a high chance that your business is getting your stock from external suppliers, thus to proper supplier management becomes a survival game as it directly affects the profitability of your business.

Backing up inventory management, Purchase Management extension keeps supplier information in a neat list, with contact details, supplier codes, and products assigned. With this module, find the best stock deal is as easy as 1-2-3 because quotation emails can be sent to multiple suppliers with just simple clicks. These quotations can later be converted into purchase orders, with tracking, managing options, and payment methods available for warehouse staff.

  1.     Inventory & Sales Report extension

At the end of the day, a working POS system and a functional warehouse don’t bring you the insights needed on how well your business is actually doing. Comprehensive reports do.

A specialized inventory and sales report extension to collate and produce extensive ecommerce reports. With data synced and updated in real time, shop owners will have access to a dozen of custom reports, which cover all aspects of business activities: inventory, order, shipping, payment, and customer.

  1.     Store Pickup extension

For the past couple of years, store pickup has become one of the norms in shipping option. It creates a win-win situation for both business owners and customers, in which customers can choose their preferred location, and business owners have a portfolio of potential partners who agree to operate as pickup hubs.

Fully integrated with payment options that are applicable to specific stores, customers will have at least 5 convenient methods to choose from. Store Pickup extension can be synchronized with Inventory Management to control product availability at each location.

  1.      Customer Loyalty Program extensions

As business scales and grows, your POS system will become more than just a mere checkout point. A bigger customer base requires comprehensive customer management strategies. As its name suggests, Customer Loyalty program extensions help you encourage customers to stay loyal, increase retention rate, and in turn boost your reputation.

A complete set of Customer Loyalty Program includes, but not limited to, Gift Card, Reward Points, and Store Credit.

It’s not too difficult to run an omnichannel business. Depends on your business size, you can choose to omit certain extensions based your store’s current needs and will still be able to have a smooth and seamless operation. For starters, base your business around a fast, simple, and reliable point of sale system, and build it up from there.