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Nowadays, many shop owners make use of extension suites to offer their customers better shopping experience. Among those, Magento 2 Ajax Suite is considered an ideal choice.

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is today.

You think you’ve done everything “right” to help your business grow.

You’ve spent countless hours developing products. Every extra dollar has been sunk into boosting your marketing efforts to get your name out there.

Now, you’re ready to take your business to the next level. However, you’re not sure if you want to take the chance on investing more of your hard earned cash.

In this case, let’s consider this saying quoted by Greg Boone, Co-CEO, Blue Acorn iCi: “In 2020, winning retailers will be investing heavily in Customer Data Platforms with built-in AI capabilities.”

With limited source of spending, we believe that invest in upgrading your business platform would be a wise, suitable long-term tactics with these top Magento 2 Ajax Suite!


In this article, we will introduce you Top 3 Best Magento 2 Ajax Suite available on the marketplace , which consists of several amazing extensions that you may be eager to add into your business platform. 

Let’s choose the most Magento 2 Ajax Suite for your eCommerce Store!

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landofcoder logo
Ajax Suite For
Magento 2
  • Support loading lazy image
  • Clever navigation in layer
  • Smart Automatic Search
  • New account

DC10FAE | -10%

B2PLE15 | -15% (Buy 2)

B3PLE25 | -25% (Buy 3)
tigren logo
Free Ajax Suite For Magento 2
  • Ajax Suite
  • Ajax Login
  • Ajax Compare
  • Ajax Cart

nextbits logo
Magento 2 Ajax Suite

  • User account is not active without the admin’s approval
  • Work well with the default function “Email Confirmation is required.”
  • Automatically approve the account registration and update if necessary


1/ Ajax Suite For Magento 2| Landofcoder $199.0

No page reloads feature
No page reloads feature

It’s obvious that customers have a tendency to purchase personalized products than conventional ones. Providing customers with encouragements to spread their creativity and uniqueness means presenting more concrete reasons to buy your products!

Free Magento 2 Product Designer offers customers amazing product customization service. Store owners can enable product designer tool on all products and configure any design elements.It allows customers to personalize products online with image, text, google fonts; download pdf design, print or share their fancy designs via social networks.

Page loads make up for the majority of the reasons why many customers choose to give up on online shopping. Besides being time-consuming, they find it interruptive and unnecessary. However, our Magento 2 Ajax Suite brings to you a smart solution to facilitate your customers’ experience and accelerate as well as simplify the shopping process. This product also offers amazing solutions to these ever-disturbing problems.

  • Have to reload page when adding products to Ajax Wishlist and Compare?
  • Have to reload page during the customer’s checkout process?
  • Inconvenient cross-sell and upsell product promotion?
  • Slow page loading speed?

Here are what Magento 2 Ajax Suite can do for you:

  • No reloading
  • Customer can log in and register via popup without any page reloading
  • Related, cross-sell and upsell product promotion via a popup at the shopping cart
  • Quicker speed since widget instance is loaded right after a page is loaded

Highlight features: 

  • Support loading lazy image, Clever navigation in layer
  • Smart Automatic Search
  • New account registering
  • Efficient Ajax Login
  • Support advanced Ajax requires login
  • Support promoting cross-sell & up-sell products
  • Help to load numerous catalog
  • Add products to Ajax Wishlist
  • Add products to Ajax Compare list
  • Support Widget Ajax
  • Quickly update Ajax shopping cart
  • Support Ajax Quickview

2/ Free Ajax Suite For Magento 2 | Tigren $0.00

Free Ajax Suite Illustration

The Ajax Suite for Magento 2 is a fundamental missing puzzle piece for any online stores that desire to enhance customer experience. It helps the store owners to tackle the most troublesome issue from Magento Core – repeating and interrupting page reloads as well as provide various useful features.

  • Ajax Suite: manage and synchronize all of the popup design and effects
  • Ajax Login: conveniently login with social accounts without reloading the page
  • Ajax Wishlist: easily add items to wishlist while staying in the current page
  • Ajax Compare: add multiple products to the comparison list in the shortest time
  • Ajax Cart (NEW): instantly add products to shopping cart without redirecting to the Product page

In many recent surveys, the page reloads can be considered as one of the most annoying elements that have negative impacts on the online purchasers. The reason is that it causes a huge waste of time, especially when the users own a slow Internet connection speed. As a result, a great deal of buyers gradually feel tired of online shopping and even stop buying from certain shops.

Therefore, the Free Magento 2 Ajax Suite (including Ajax Cart, Ajax Login, Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Compare) was developed to help the store owners handle this headache problem.

These great extensions say absolutely “No” to irritating page reloads and offer amazing popups instead. It’s quite hard to describe by words what the incredible Ajax Suite can bring about, let’s give it a try and both you and your customers will be definitely satisfied

3/ Ajax Suite For Magento 2 | Nextbits $0.00

Magento 2 Ajax Suite from Nextbits allows you to provide your visitors with a fully dynamic, Ajax-based state-of-the-art shopping experience, enhancing user experience and turn around by helping them to buy your goods without annoying page reloads.

In conclusion, we have just informed you the Top 3 Best Magento 2 Ajax Suite to help you enhance shopping experience of the customers and boost sales at the same time. 

Here is one of the reviews from a customer purchasing The Magento 2 Ajax Suite on Landofcoder with “Must try” tag : “I bought this extension along with a blog and testimonial extension from this website. Firstly, I was under the impression that these would be average extensions, but extensions are beyond my extension. I got some trouble when setting up the extension, so I approached the developer to fix it. He gave me his helping hand with a minor charge. Happy with the service and extensions. I strongly recommend Ajax Suite extensions and service.”

We hope that according to this comment and the detailed information provided above, your customers will stand a chance to experience a new level of shopping experience. 

Highlight features

  • Ajax Add to Cart, Add to Compare, Add to Wishlist
  • Ajax Delete from Sidebar Cart
  • Sidebar Compare Products, Sidebar Wishlist ( Both upcoming)
  • Ajax Add Product with Options from List page
  • Ajax Toolbar, Ajax Grid / List, Ajax Sort By, Ajax Item Per Page
  • Ajax Pagination and Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Ajax Login and Register / Sign up (Upcoming)
  • Ajax Forgot Password, Ajax Price Slider, Ajax Infinite Scrolling (All upcoming)
  • Add Ajax Loader you like from Admin
  • Customize CSS from Admin
  • Enable / Disable Specific Features and jQuery from Admin

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