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Magento 2 Page Builder FREE is a five-rating product by Landofcoder’s customers and consecutively ranks high on best-seller list. 

You are seeking an easiest way to build your business website from scratch without any knowledge about codes and stuff.

Your business has been running for a time but it is still a difficulty to you when trying to manage and organise your web in a smart and convenient way.

Congratulations ! You have come to the right place. 

We believe that Magento 2 Page Builder free extension would turn you from zero to hero as a business website builder. Without further ado, let’s hog right into the exploration!!!

1. Magento 2 Page Builder Extension Free

Our Magento 2 Page Builder Free supports you for creating and managing the website without knowing and writing a line of code. Let’s discover the below features to understand how it works. 

best magento 2 page builder free by landofcoder

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The name already reveals the main support of this product: Helping to build a page but without knowing how to write codes.  With dragging-and-dropping pre-built controls, you are free to create your own design and easily make changes when needed. Also, Magento 2 Page Builder FREE  provides live preview for your own convenience. The most difficult parts now turn into just a  Jigsaw puzzle game with all layouts and contents being pieces waiting for your limitless creativity. 

In case you have any difficulty, don’t worry because Landofcoder surely offers a dedicated support with detailed documentation and lifetime update about new features. We are here to help you bring the best experience to your customers and if we are lucky to serve you, you deserve the same thing.

Moreover, our tool has all the trending updates, including the new REST API Support. Magento 2 Page Builder extension free, it is much easier for your data to connect with other apps or associate with third-party softwares. This is an undeniable plus for your website when these days, Facebook accounts for 62% of social logins made by customers to sign into other apps and websites. 

Highlight features: 

  • Time-saving & Money-saving
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Work with any Magento Templates
  • 50+ Widgets Supported
  • Responsive Design Options
  • Convert Page & Elements into Content CMS Page, Content CMS Block
  • Create Unlimited Layouts
  • Block Builder & Bootstrap Grid View System
  • Easy To extend with 3rd Party extensions
  • Cms Page Builder & CSS Skin Builder
  • Schedule Time To Display Your Page on Frontend
  • Enhance page load time incredibly
  • Live Preview For Easier Editing
  • [New] REST API Support

Click to explore full features and get Magento 2 Page Builder FREE 

2. Magento 2 Page Builder Free with high compatibility

magento 2 page builder free is compatible with other extensions

Building website is a long and difficult process. Even with the help of the best tool like Magento 2 Page Builder free download, it still takes a lot of time to have your ideas for the design and organisation. 

In these days and age, you may be eager to catch trends as well by providing your website with many other convenient extensions, for example quick page loads and order tracking. As the technology grows, the more high-tech a business website is, the more competitive it becomes. Customers now easily abandon a page and may never come back if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to research. This statistics shows how hard to get good impression from customers nowadays. 

However, it is no longer a big deal since Landofcoder has everything you need. Creating a perfect website is not in your dreams anymore if as many of these extensions are involved in the configuration. The good news is that they work extremely well with Magento 2 Page Builder extension free.

  • Blog
landofcoder magento 2 blog extension

After you already gain the trust of online shoppers to visit your website, you may think about how to attract them to you. One of the effective tips is considering yourself a customer and creating useful content based on what you think a customer may be interested in. While they come to you for the information, you can organise to get your products at a glance. 

Magento 2 Blog Extension would be next wise choice you can think of to help you organise all of these killer contents in a professional and aesthetic way. 

Highlight Features: 

    • Multiple Beautiful Page Layouts 
    • Touch Optimized Owl Carousel
    • Mobile & Tablet Optimized
    • Display Images or Video With Ease
    • Multiple Stunning Post Layouts
    • Easily Add Nick Name, Avatar, Biographical Info
    • 14+ Social Networks Integrated
    • [New] Support Generate Sitemap
    • [New] Support Google Rich Snipets code

Together with Magento 2 Page Builder FREE, what a sunning page you are going to make!

Get to know more about our amazing Magento 2 Blog Extension.

  • Testimonial
landofcoder magento 2 testimonial extension

Statistics in affiliate marketing shows that 70% of customers are affected by reviews and assessment from professionals, celebrities and acquaintances before making decision on buying a product. 

As a consequence,  Magento 2 Testimonials Extension is not a bad choice to enhance credibility and reliability for your store.

What can this product do to help you ? Here are some of the most outstanding features:

    • Display Testimonials With 16 Beautiful Styles

Similar to the Magento 2 Page Builder FREE extension, you can easily custom testimonials with 16 different templates(styles & layouts) in total. Name, rating,etc… is also under your control.

    • Star Rating & Social Network Integrated: You can add social integrated and ratings to make testimonials more impressive
    • Fully Compatible with Rich Snippets

Rating plays an important role in creating a detailed meta description. This powerfully helps you in search engine optimization (SEO) and later on, when your website is ranked higher on SERPs, your sales stand a chance to grow.

Get to know more about our amazing Magento 2 Testimonials Extension 

  • Form Builder
landofcoder form builder magento 2

When buidling website with Magento 2 Page Builder FREE, you have to take this into consideration as well: Creating a means so that your customers can contact with you. Unlike sales on social media where they can easily send you messages, when shopping via website, shop owners usually make forms to get feedbacks or questions. 

Because of this demand, Magento 2 Form Builder was released. 

With drag n drop & visual interface, this Magento 2 Form Builder allows you to build any type of form in minutes. Even without any coding experience, you still can create a stunning form as you want.

Highlight features: 

    • 75% Faster Than Default
    • 30% Decrease In Cost
    • 1000+ Sites Powered by LandOfCoder Form Builder
    • Build Custom Form In minutes
    • Visual Design Options: Background, Font, Icon, Border
    • Drag & Drop Magento 2 Form Builder
    • [New] REST API Support

Get to know more about our amazing Magento 2 Form Builder

  • FAQ
landofcoder magento 2 faq extension

Why do you need FAQ for your website? 

Nowadays customers have a tendency to look for self-service options to solve issues and questions on their own, instead of depending on a support channel like phone or email).

In fact, research shows that 90% of consumers would prefer if a website offers a self-service customer support portal, 35% of consumers prefer expect self-service other than human contact, and 82% think call centers are unnecessary and stressful.

If you rely on Magento 2 Page Builder FREE to take care of the first step from scratch, let’s give Magento 2 Form Builder by LandOfCoder a chance to helps you assist your customers in the process of their online shopping.

Highlight features:

    • Amazing ajax live search based on content, keyword, tag
    • Create unlimited FAQs divided into categories
    • View the answers to each question with expand/ collapse feature
    • Show most frequently asked questions to save customer’s time 
    • Place FAQs anywhere using FAQ blocks (most viewed, newest FAQ block, etc)
    • Multiple beautiful layouts & styles
    • Nice FAQ page: responsive, beautiful & customizable interface
    • [New] Fully Support REST API for Magento 2.3.x
    • [New] Free Magento 2.3 FAQ Graph Ql

Get to know more about our amazing Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Order tracking
landofcoder magento 2 order tracking

Before this extension appeared, both customers and store owners felt tired of tracking orders (shipping status, payment confirmation,…). That’s why it will be very beneficial if you have our Magento 2 Order Tracking for your online shop.

Once your customer make an order, this extension can drive them to the tracking page without login and allow them to track to order with ease. You can earn customer’s trust and enhance incredibility for your business, especially in case of an advance payment.

It will be a perfect combination with Magento 2 Page Builder FREE.

Highlight features: 

    • Tracking order information Without Login
    • Easily tracking order summary in the front end
    • Place anywhere with widget support
    • Mobile & Tablet Optimized
    • Display custom messages if the order is not found
    • Reorder without login

Get to know more about our Magento 2 Order Tracking

  • Mega Menu Pro
landofcoder magento 2 mega menu pro

With a large number of products, you want to organise them conveniently enough to drive your customer right into the product they are looking for, but also the system should recommend other products as well. 

Have you ever failed to resist your temptation to buy things other than your intended list when shopping in the supermarket ? A mega menu will surely keep them stay longer because they are overwhelmed with amazing stuffs related to their need and cannot stop glancing over the recommended list. 

Fully compatible with Magento 2 Page Builder FREE, Magento 2 Mega Menu Pro allows you to create dynamic navigation menus with no code required. 

Highlight features: 

    • Drag & Drop Menu Builder
    • Vertical and Horizontal Menu
    • Mobile Menu: Off Canvas Menu & Accordion Menu, Drilldown Menu
    • 7 Submenu Types: Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu., Default Category Listing, Content
    • Unlimited Menu Possibilities
    • Widget Support or add code to file XML on any position

Get to know more about our Magento 2 Mega Menu Pro

3. Free Magento 2 Extensions By LandOfCoder

landofcoder offers free magento 2 extensions

Apart from our main character of this article – Magento 2 Page Builder FREE, you can have a look at other useful FREE products:

  • New FREE extensions: 

4. Conclusion

landofcoder magento 2 page builder extension free

We hope that our Magento 2 Page Builder FREE will be helpful when you apply it into the website building process. It would also be perfect if those of the recommended compatible product list appear in your store as well since they are all the best extensions that are available on the marketplace for creating an up-to-date and satisfactory website.

If you want to figure out more useful extensions and suites to powerfully enhance your website, feel free to check out Magento 2 Extensions and Magento 2 Extensions Free.

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