Top Advantages of the dedicated server for your enterprise

Best advantages of dedicated server hosting for your business

Businesses, small or big, are faced with a question of choosing either a shared or a dedicated server for their website. While shared environment is good to start with, the more serious ones often choose dedicated servers hosting for gaining an edge over their competitors.

Here are some top advantages that a dedicated server is capable of bringing to your business.

Performance & exclusive set of resources

A bad neighbour in a shared server can starve you, and all other tenants, of resources. 

A dedicated machine benefits from an exclusive set of resource, dedicated to the use of a single enterprise. Meaning the RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and all other hardware shall work at your discretion, to cater to your site traffic.


There is little freedom to what can be done to the server while in shared hosting. The provider reserves admin rights to himself and only lets you have control of your website.

Dedicated servers are like owning a private space instead of renting one, letting you choose the way it looks. Dedicated machines can be customized to specific requirements rather than accepting the RAID configuration forced by the host.

Running out of space? Or, need more RAM? 

Consider it done.

Unique IP address

What follows a dedicated server hosting is a unique IP address.

All websites on a shared machine share the same IP. If any other website (on the same server) posts malicious contents, there runs a risk of your website getting blacklisted along with it – because you both share the same IP.

Websites running dedicated servers have a unique Internet Protocol; so, no matter what goes on other websites, you do not pay for their deeds.

Admin Rights

Shared plans won’t offer you root access to your server, nor will it provide you with other essential tools like usage monitor.

Reliance on a dedicated server will unlock some core administrative rights that you can leverage for a better on-site experience. The root access will come complimentary; also, you’d get to choose your apache configuration. With a network usage monitor, you can spot potential threats and be ready before they inflict damage to your domain.


Ever since its inception, dedicated servers have been looked upon as capital- intensive server solution. The high upfront cost is sometimes also prohibitive of a firm’s dream of acquiring its own dedicated data center.

However, modern trends have witnessed a focus-shift towards renting a dedicated server off-premise rather than investing in one within the organization’s infrastructure.

Even though the operating cost, for these servers, is higher than its shared counterpart, the upfront cost has now come down within affordable limits.


Security is often related with isolation. The more remote servers are considered more secure. It would not be an understatement to say dedicated servers are an island unto themselves. Since there is virtually no neighbour, it is quite unlikely that a dedicated server will undergo any exploitation at backend.

However, users need to be vigilant enough as some server hosting in India in the past have sold the unused server space to another client, concealed from the original client. A reverse IP domain check could help.

Reliability & uptime availability

Dedicated hosting is regularly touted for 100% uptime availability. Though, from what we believe, 100% uptime is almost unachievable, providers often mean “100%” for anything very close to that.

A dedicated machine is usually up and running almost 27 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless it stumbles into some critical glitch, which, too, is very unlikely, given the administrators are proficient enough to foretell any upcoming bug.

Higher search engine ranking

Page load time has become a factor in ranking webpages, though not with much weight now. Webpages hosted on advanced servers load faster and thus rank better than slow, crawling pages. The top results, say first 10, are websites that load promptly and rarely run into downtime. Considering all other aspects to be equally factored, websites hosted on a dedicated server will naturally rank better than those in a shared environment.

Universal set of compatibility

Whether you want to work on Linux or Windows, there is a big arsenal of applications, almost all of which are supported in a dedicated server. Or, if you want to deploy another distro than mainstream Linux or Ubuntu, that is also always in option. 

Customer support

We draw a bottom line to our list with customer support. 

Clients for dedicated server hosting are recognized as the crème de la crème of customers, and hence enjoy a more focused support than clients for other servers. Support reigns supreme when it comes to keeping server alive all round-the-clock. Given the fact that hardware and background functionalities are still at the vendor’s hands, a customer-oriented provider can help proactively eliminate glitches, leading you a step closer to a successful venture.

Author Bio

Nishant is a content writer by hobby and fortunately also by his profession. Working at Go4hosting. A state level tennis player, Nishant has written short stories, poems, and snippets for a number of blogs (including his own). Cloud Computing, dedicated server and Cyber Security are Nishant’s forte. When he is not writing he is either sleeping or playing tennis. 

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