How To Use Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Fee | Enhance COD Payment Method

how to use magento 2 cash on delivery extra fee

Before going to the details of using COD payment method in Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Fee, let’s answer some questions first: what’s cash on delivery, why customers prefer this payment method and how it works.

What’s Cash On Delivery?

Cash On Delivery or pay cash on delivery is one of popular payment methods provided by online shopping stores. This payment method allows customers to receive and check ordered products before make payment. They can pay for their orders at the time of delivery.

Why do customers like COD payment method?

  • No access to digital payment methods
  • Risk of online transaction information leak
  • Fear of poor-quality products
  • Suspicion of some unrealiable online sellers

How it works?

  • Customers place orders on website. Their postal address will be given when they request for delivery.
  • Sellers/suppliers prepare invoices for placed orders and contact logistics companies or shipping carriers to deliver shipments to provided addresses.
  • Shippers will deliver the products to customers and receive cash from them at the time of delivery.
  • After getting COD amount, logistics companies will deduct the share of postage and handling charges, then send the rest of money to sellers/suppliers.

Landofcoder Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extra Fee will be a must-have solution for your Magento 2 online store. Cash on Delivery payment method drives much more traffic to your website and gives customers a sense of trust. To optimize cash on delivery payment method for your eCommerce website, in this blog, we’ll show you how to use this Cash On Delivery in Magento 2.

1. How to configure Cash On Delivery payment method in Magento 2

In the backend, go to ‘Stores‘ -> ‘Configuration‘, choose ‘Payment Methods‘, you will find the tab of ‘Cash On Delivery Payment Method‘. The admin can configure:

  • Enable this Payment Method
  • Payment Method Title
  • Cash on Delivery Amount Title
  • Minimum Order Total
  • Maximum Order Total
  • Cash On Delivery Description
  • Payment from Applicable Countries
  • Payment from Specific Countries
Easy to configure cash on delivery payment method in magento 2

It’s super easy to enable cash on delivery payment method, name the title for cod payment method and cod amount to be displayed on the frontend. Also, store owners can enable or restrict cash on delivery payment method for regions by allowing cod payment from all countries or specific countries.  By this way, you can disable cash on delivery payment method for locations that are incovenient for delivery.

After setting all fields, don’t forget to ‘Save Config‘ and refresh all cache types.

2. How to create a new pricerules for Cash on Delivery

With Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extension, you can create unlimited cash on delivery rules with different conditions. In the backend, after clicking on ‘Landofcoder‘, you will see a menu for ‘Cash On Delivery Manager‘, choose ‘Cash On Delivery Rates‘ to creat a new pricerules.

magento 2 cash on delivery rates manager

In ‘Cash on Delivery Rates Manager‘, you can view or edit any existing pricerules with ease. Beside ‘Add New Pricerules‘, the admin is enabled ‘Upload Pricerules‘ and ‘Export Pricerule to CSV‘ to save time and effort.

Add a new pricerules with magento 2 cash on delivery payment method
  • Country code
  • Region code
  • Is Range
  • Zip from/to
  • Zip code
  • Price
  • Price type (fixed / percentage)
  • Weight from/to
  • Estimated Delivery Time

One outstanding feature is that store owner can apply cash on delivery fee for certain zip codes. By setting from zip A to zip B or adding specific zip code, you can narrow this payment method at inconvenient locations for shipping. What’s more? The admin can set cash on delivery rates at fixed or percent amount of the cart subtotal. This extra fee will be charged when customers choose pay on delivery and cash on delivery payment method is available on the items.

3. How to enable Cash on Delivery for a product

Please reach out ‘Products‘ from ‘Catalog‘ in the backend. Select a created product from the product list and click on ‘Edit‘. Choose ‘Yes‘ in ‘Cash On Delivery‘ to enable this payment method for the item.

Enable cash on delivery payment method for products in Magento 2

After saving the change, you can check this product from ‘Cash On Delivery Products’ where you can manage any items that are enabled with cod payment method.

Manage magento 2 cash on delivery products

4. How customers check COD availability and extra charge

When a visitor or customer enter a zip code into the check box to check cash on delivery availability for a product, two situations will happen.

  1. Available COD Payment Method
Check cash on delivery availability on the product page in magento 2

2. Unavailable COD Payment Method

Notify unavailability of cash on delivery payment method in Magento 2

Apart from product pages, customers also can check cash on delivery availability and extra fee at the checkout page. When customers choose Cash On Delivery as the payment method, they will get a proper message that notify cod availability or unavailability.

If cash on delivery payment method is applied for this product, customers will see the extra fee instantly in ‘Order Summary‘ box.

When the order is placed, the admin can check it or other similar orders in ‘Cash On Delivery Orders‘.

Correspondingly, customers can easily track cash on delivery details from their orders.

5. Full video guides for Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extension Pro

With this guides, we hope that you can use Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extra Fee flexibly and effectively. Feel free to contact and ask if you have any question about ‘how to use’ this module.

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