How Businesses Optimize Magento 2 Stores In 5 Steps After Launch

5 steps to optimize magento 2 stores after launch

Launching an e-commerce store does not help if there isn’t a way to drive sales. Using Magento Commerce can help to position a store above the competition. It has many different features and extensions to use as well as access to expert support. Magento 2 is often the number one choice for serious entrepreneurs due to its flexibility and scalability. The Magento 2 latest version offers some exciting new features and updates. Here are five ways to optimize Magento 2 stores for maximum results.

5 Steps to Optimize Magento 2 Stores

1. Get organic traffic to your store

SEO optimization is essential if you want search engines and customers to find your store. It will involve practices like investigating competitors and finding the right keywords to use as well as making sure that pages load quickly and that they are mobile-friendly. Magento 2 comes with built-in SEO features and you can add extensions to increase search engine visibility. 

SEO optimization involves many different factors, both on-page and off-page, such as using the right keywords and getting quality backlinks. It can take time to see the results. However, when you reach those top-ranking positions, you will continuously have an organic flow of traffic to your store. SEO optimization can also help to ensure that the traffic you draw is targeted and more likely to buy. 

optimize Magento 2 stores by SEO

As per technology essay paper experts, part of successful SEO optimization is creating unique content as this will help you rank better in search results and can lead to a much higher ROI. 

A blog post helps you to convey the benefits of your products in a way people can relate to rather than as a marketer and you can manage a blog out of the Magento backend interface. Another content idea is to create an FAQ page that’s rich with useful content to help to boost your domain authority. 

2. Simplify the search process

To optimize Magento 2 stores, site navigation is extremely important for an online store. Customers easily become confused when faced with a wide range of products. With the help of layered navigation, it is much easier for them to search based on category, price range and other attributes. Someone searching for a yellow, off-the-shoulder, casual dress, for example, would be able to find it easily instead of having to search through every dress in the store. 

If you have a Magento 2 store, visual merchandising tools make it easy to sort categories and display your best products at the top of web pages. Automated rules allow you to create categories using product attributes so that a catalog best reflects your preferences and needs. 

According to custom papers experts, customers often have an emotional attachment to specific brands and you can help them to find specific brand products more easily if you provide a list of available brands. There are extensions that help you to filter products in various ways, including by brand name.

3. Create great landing pages

If you want great landing pages in your Magento 2 store, you should take a look at a landing page extension. It offers the opportunity to create and optimize various landing pages that will achieve high rankings and attract targeted traffic. Landing pages help you to convert visitors into customers. 

You can create them for different purposes, from promoting new products to collecting all the products you are discounting together. When visitors check out a landing page full of discounted products, they may even make purchases they weren’t planning on. 

You can create landing pages based on search results, categories and attributes so as to streamline the search process. Inviting and well-designed landing pages can help to improve conversion rate and lower the expense of acquiring qualified leads. That’s a great way to optimize Magento 2 stores.

4. Boost your average order value

Another step to optimize Magento 2 stores is increasing AOV. By applying certain techniques to boost your average order value, you get extra profit from your existing customers. 

increase average order value

As mentioned in the best essay review service, a rule-based product relations feature enables you to cross-sell and upsell to maximum order size. It is important to clearly communicate the relationship between products and related items when cross-selling. If a customer buys a smartphone, they may want to buy a phone case. They will end up buying more and feeling good about it. 

Another technique is to introduce gift cards. Using them contributes to driving extra revenue as they motivate people to purchase repeatedly. 
When shoppers purchase gift cards to friends and these friends use them at your online store, your brand visibility increases. Shoppers often spend more than the value of the gift card. A Magento 2 gift card extension may offer a range of gift card types and prices.

5. Increase customer loyalty

Loyal customers keep buying and spread the word about your business. It is more cost-effective to retain customers than to keep finding new ones. Product quality, excellent customer service and user experience are all important factors that contribute to customer loyalty. 

Certain foundational building block, like easy navigation, a simple checkout process and multiple payment options are expected today but customers expect businesses to go above and beyond.  

one step checkout in Magento 2

You could offer your existing customers exclusive discounts based on their purchase history. Setting up customer groups gives you the option of offering different promotions to customers based on their grouping. 

You could develop a reward point system with Magento 2 Reward Points and give customers points for different activities, such as writing reviews, subscribing to a newsletter, making repeat purchases, reposting a link to your store on social media, and much more. 

Implementing a referral code system is another way to expand brand awareness and grow customer lifetime value. Magento 2 has a reward system you can leverage to keep customers coming back repeatedly. 


Magento is more flexible and scalable than most other e-commerce platforms. It is a fairly complex platform but for serious entrepreneurs who want to create the best e-commerce stores, Magento 2 is the perfect choice. The availability of hundreds of Magento 2 extensions to optimize Magento 2 stores is a huge benefit. Satisfying customers, consistently providing them with value, and keeping them loyal is the best way to help your store succeed.

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