How to build a website in 5 simple steps?

create a website with 5 simple steps

Are you starting an online business or want to build an online brand for your business? Do you want to build a website but have no experience and do not know what to do? In fact, a successful website cannot be built in just one day. Start with the tips below to create a successful website in 5 easy steps.

1. Create a business plan

Before researching the steps to build a website, you must start with the ideas needed on the web to achieve your business goals. Web business goals will start from the basic questions: Consumers reach your Website for what? What information do they need? What product are they looking to buy?

In addition, you also should refer to some of the high-quality sample websites from large companies, or from competitors’ websites and those related to the field. From there, outline the essentials that you need to have on your website.

build a website wordpress and magnento

2. Register the domain name

Before creating a website, you need to have an attractive domain name. Get the perfect domain name that suits you or your business. The domain name is your website name. So choose carefully because that’s the name people have to remember to type in the browser. 

To register a domain name, you need to do:

  • Ideas for website names
  • Check domain availability
  • Run domain name search
  • Choose one or several best domain names
  • Review orders and complete signup

3. Choose the hosting service

To build a website, you need to find a reliable web host to host your site. Many people often find the cheapest host to finish, then start designing right away. But that was their biggest mistake. Not all web host providers have the same quality of services and features, so you need to invest in this step to choose the one with the best reputation. 

Nowadays, there are many types of hosting services, depending on the size of the project, you should consider what type of web hosting to suit.

For example, at, they have some web hosting plans suitable for all types of websites from small to large. always strives to provide powerful website hosting services that make sure your website is fast and secure.

Besides, they have a partnership with in updating the latest coupon codes for customers. is your saving solution when buying hosting packages. 

4. Choose a platform to build a website

This is an important step in creating a website. You need to choose the platform to support you with web design. You can code yourself from scratch if you want, but of course, not all people can code. This is only suitable for someone who already has programming experience.

Build a stunning website with 5 simple steps

For a website platform, Content Management Systems (CMS) is a powerful platform to help you design professional websites, and create content for it. There are many CMS options, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. All 3 CMS are free and open-source, but WordPress dominates even more because it is the most powerful and popular CMS. You can leverage powerful website builders, such as Elementor, that enable you to create WordPress websites at scale, without having to write a single line of code.

Apart from CMS, you can also use the website builder tool. It is very fast, efficient, and seems to be the perfect tool for those who have just started learning to create websites. Website builders help you create your website using drag and drop. 

5. Set up the website and complete the website

An important step in the web design process is to run a beta test on the demo server or on the hosting package to easily track the progress of your website daily. 

After the test, complete the missing features and make final modifications to the website. Moreover, you need to set up a few extra tools if you want to bring your web designs to life. In addition, you need to add and update the basic content. When you have completed the website, deploy your website on the Internet through Google search engines or Bing. 


Above are the basic steps to designing a website. Hopefully, you can build a beautiful website easily. Another option is to work with professionals, there’re many great web design companies for small businesses nowadays. With a beautiful design, people will pay more attention to your website. As a result, your web traffic will be increased quickly.

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