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magento 2 reorder extension

Have you known about the Magento 2 Reorder Products extension yet? Knowing the top wish of all online store owners that customers would come back to the site to reorder products, the Magento Community has introduced the latest version which can replace the default of Magento when it only partially supports customers to reorder items.

The default reorder products in Magento 2

In the default of Magento 2 reorder products, customers have to repurchase the entire order with fixed products and quantity, which is supposed to waste of time and make it inconvenient.

the default reorder products of magento 2
The default reorder products of Magento 2

More drawbacks of the default reorder function

The Reorder Magento 2 function was reported to have some existing issues that can not properly solved and how to make it better.

Problem 1: Money-consuming

When a store owner captives the default reorder, customers can only repurchase by order one by one. In fact, when customers want to order some skirt in order 1 and some socks in order 2, they can not separate, they have to repurchase all products from both the order 1 and 2. It’s so money-consuming or else they have to navigate to each product page and add it to the cart.

Problem 2: Wasting time

Another problem that can not avoid in the default reorder: if a product is out of stock, customers will not know it until they check out. This wastes more time for customers to finish their order.

So, how can you solve these? You can not leave customers with such inconvenient situations, so we recommend you the second way to improve the reorder function significantly.

Magento 2 Reorder Product Extension – Advanced solution for B2B wholesales

As the default does not support properly this function, here is our solution for this issue: Magento 2 Reorder Products extension. This module is literally preferred more than the default of Magento by allowing customers to order the previously purchased products quickly in their Accounts.

Replace the default by advanced reorder products

magento 2 reorder products replace

Now your customers can reorder products with ease. All they have to do is select those products from the list and add them to the cart with one click.

Check product details by quick view popup

magento 2 reorder products view popup

To help customers remember what they previously purchased, this extension provides a quick view function for customers to check the product detail. Just hover over the product image, they can click on the Quick View to see all details. Each quick view popup helps customers to check the availability, select product attributes, and quantity quickly.

Reorder specific or multiple products at once

magento 2 reorder specific products

When using the Magento 2 Reorder Products extension, customers can reorder multiple products at the same time without time-wasting. They can choose any reorder items they want then click on the button Add all to cart to purchase again.

More information about this distinguishing extension you can find in this video tutorials:

Find more powerful Magento 2 extensions for amazing CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

We think that you have been through the convenience of Magento 2 Reorder Products extension and how important is it for every wholesales and customers. Hence, we want to introduce to you the some top extensions from some top Magento provides. This list is collected based on many critical criterial factors. Let’s take a look:

Detail Infor
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magento 2 Reorder Products Extension
Magento 2 Reorder Product extension allows customers to order any purchased products again quickly. You can configure how a list of all ordered products will be displayed in the Customer Dashboard.
  • Replace the default by advanced reorder products
  • Reorder specific or multiple products at once
  • Display all previous orders in one place
  • Check product details by quick view popup
  • Quickly search ordered products from the list
  • Support to reorder all product types
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Easy Reorder
The module allows shoppers to noticeably save time on reordering favourite products, collecting them in a uniform grid, ready for customization and travel straight into the cart. Customers spare time from searching for the previously bought products and focus rather on making ultimate buying decisions.
  • ‘My Previous Purchases’ tab in My Account
  • Informative purchase history grid, easy to sort and navigate
  • Arranging the cart straight from the grid, smart redirecting
  • Web API, Graph QL support
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

BSS Commerce
Magento 2 Reorder Product List
Magento 2 does support reordering, but definitely not the function your B2B customers look for. If you search Magento 2 Reorder extension and get here, you all agree – Right?
  • Have all previous orders listed in one place for quick reorder
  • Search the ordered product quickly by the product’s name, SKU, product attributes, etc.
  • Check the product information without loading its page (quick view)
  • Add multiple products to cart in one go
  • Work with all Magento 2 product types
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Reorder Specific Product For Magento 2
Make you e-com website more user-friendly with this extension. Allow the customers to reorder a product that they have purchased in the past with one single click. Thus, boost your sales with this extension.
  • Make your website more customer centric by saving customers’ time.
  • Boost your website sales and aid your brand’s reputation building.
  • Use the feature-rich admin panel to perform the necessary tasks.
  • Allow the reordering of all the products regardless of product category.
  • Add specified features and functions to the extension if required.
  • Add new features in Reorder specific product now in reorder page customer also able to see Product image, SKU, Order quantity, stock quantity, Order date.

Choose the best from Top 4+ Magento 2 Reorder Products extension

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available reorder product extension in the market. Now make your own decision – choose for yourself the best fit extension. We highly recommend the Magento 2 Reorder Products extension by LandOfCoder for the very useful and impressive features at a reasonable price.

To conclude, we would like to express our respect to all the vendors that have made this Top 4+ Magento 2 Reorder Products extension list! This is the most comprehensive list of best extensions on the internet and we are honored to have you as part of this!

If you want to add or remove an item in this extension list, feel free to submit your extension at Submit the form


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