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magento 2 extension support REST API

Magento 2 Extension support REST API is on the latest Magento 2 Extension release. With this updated feature, all the modules enable third party software to query and receive responses in a blink of an eye.

What is the REST API?

First of all, API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface which works as a middleman between developers and an application. The programmer can perform a request, if it’s approved, the right data will be turned back. 

REST stands for Representational State Transfer which is a style of web architecture governing both server and client. 

REST API is a set of functions that allows the programmer to call for a request and receive a corresponding response via HTTP protocol such as GET and POST.

Instagram – A great example of REST API

Instagram’s users are provided REST API when they can query to get the latest pictures on the searching box. Besides, they are possible to type a hashtag to receive different matched results.

In fact, a bunch of web servers supplies REST API such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Translation, Dropbox, eBay, etc, to ease the process of users’ searching.


A-List of Magento 2 Extensions integrated with REST API

1. Magento 2 Advanced Report | FREE

In fact, most of the administrators must deal with managerial problems when they run a business. Magento 2 Advanced Report is created to help users get real insights over business results such as sales, profit, costs, etc. Third-party software can associate with available reports thanks to REST API built in the module. 

Main Functions:

  • 28+ report types are on the shelf: Sales over the day, month, year and specific period are analyzed and broken down by category and product.
  • Equipped with profit-calculating profit: Automatically measure how much profit you earn with a variety of calculations including Best Sellers, Earning Comparison, Top Countries and Top Payment.
  • Export data: It is free trouble for a user to export report data such as CSV or Excel XML


2. Magento 2 Product Tags | FREE

Magento 2 Product Tags is designed to quicken the searching process of customers when it can narrow the returned results by adding tags on the product filter. Better navigation for preferred products and the improvement of customer experience can boost sales for online stores. REST API is integrated in the module for third party software to connect thousands of product tags on the site.

Key Features:

  • View product tags on the side bar or product detail page: Client can look up more relevant items with a single click to available tags by product name, special features, product brands, etc.
  • Create attractive tags to draw customer’s attention: Store owner is possible to make up tags such as free shipping, free gift, new arrival and best seller.
  • Manage effectively product tags from the store back: Admin can control all actions to create new tags, edit, delete and display tags.


magento 2 product tags

3. Magento 2 Marketplace Extension | $399

Magento 2 Marketplace Extension is designed to enable you to convert your online store into leading e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and so forth. REST API has been integrated into the extension that admin can request any time to take it after purchasing. REST API authorizes other apps to get connected to the store’s data on multiple vendors and products. 

Key Features:

  • Deliver advanced reports: All types of reports are on this extension including Sales Report on day, month, year; Last Orders, Best Sellers, Most Viewed Products, etc.
  • Manage smartly daily transactions: Sellers from all corners of the world can track and check every single deal completed during that day, month and year.
  • Set up flexibly commissions: Admin can create preferred commission rate for specific vendor, category and product attribute.


4. Magento 2 Coupon Extension | $149

Admin can easily generate and manage special discount with the support of Magento 2 Coupon Extension which is a tool to encourage customers in purchasing products and maintain customer relationships. REST API supports for the third party modules to use API of Magento 2 Coupon Extension to generate a coupon code.

Outstanding Features:

  • Makeup coupons automatically: The extension empowers the user to create plenty of discounts per rule in a blink of an eye.
  • Generate QRcode or Barcode: From a unique coupon, admin can programmatically create QRCode which contains order-related detail such as product price, quantity, tracking number, client address and name. The extension supports Barcode Type 39.
  • Add coupon and other promotional information into an email: Admin is possible to send up-to-date discounts and other best deals for customers via mail.


5. Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification | $99

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification is developed to keep your customers up-to-date without time-consuming on the daily site-browsing. It is possible for the third party software to connect and get access to your stock status with the link of REST API.

Main Features:

  • Subscribe easily for notifications: Customers can automatically be informed out of stock items, sale off products and price adjustments immediately when it happens.
  • Notify your clients manually or automatically via email: User can select to alert online shoppers by his/herself or by mail. If there are thousands of subscribers waiting, the extension can save time in writing each letter for admin.
  • Display notifications on the pop-up or any page: It is better to alert your customers swiftly and surprisingly with a pop-up that avoids clients to choose out of stock items.


6. Customer Quotation for Magento 2 | $169

Online shoppers can get the best bargains that Customer Quotation for Magento 2 assists customers to send a request for quotation and the product quantity straightly to the store owner. REST API is built in the extension to allow the association with the third party software which can query public quotation-related information.

Key Functions:

  • Send automatically email to customers when quotation is updated: Admin can notify buyers as soon as the quotation is handled.
  • Add tax for quote: Registered user can insert obligatory tax percent from the back-end. In some countries or territories, it is a requirement to pay tax when buying in bulk.
  • Create quotation from the storeback: Admin can make a new quotation and offer it to online shoppers via email, if it is accepted, admin can convert it into a customer order automatically.


7. Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 | $45

The module is built with fruitful features which authorize admin to reorganize a wide range of products in a spectacular and neat way. User can create unlimited menus that have rich content, image and link attachment ant animation effects. REST API supports third party software to get access to already made menus.

Outstanding Features:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Menu: Admin can arrange product categories in horizontal or vertical way or both of them.
  • Vary sub menu types: 7 available sub menus, for instance Product Listings, Product Grid and Child Menu for users to select the well-matched with site’s design
  • Structure Preview: Admin can browse the positions of all elements from the front-end to add, edit, remove, delete in the store back


8. Form Builder for Magento 2 | $99

As its name, Form Builder for Magento 2 is developed to assist users in creating a thousand of forms with a few clicks. No coding, just drag n drop and selecting, building forms is never easier than it’s time. With the integration of REST API, third party software enables to query and receive corresponding form styles as results.

Main Functions:

  • Multiple form field available: Admin can pick from a great variety of input types such as multiple choice, check box, dynamic dropdown, google map and so on.
  • Insert custom form: User can add unlimited templates as well as featured images to make a unique form.
  • Show forms in any positions and Multiple Display Types: Admin is able to add your forms in any pages with the support of Widget. Besides, display types such as popup and animation is ready to surprise and get customers’ attention.


must have 10 magento 2 free extension

9. Page Builder Extension for Magento 2 | $99

Building up pages is the most crucial step for any online sellers to create e-commerce business. Page Builder Extension for Magento 2 is integrated a bunch of outstanding features to help user create the fully intriguing pages on your site. REST API allows third party software to connect to any page designs.

Key Features

  • 50+ ready-to-use Widgets: With the assistance of different Widget types, it is possible to build up content-rich pages in minutes
  • Numerous page layout for your choices: Admin can discover plenty of ways that arrange blocks in the page.
  • Schedule time to show the page in the front-end: In admin panel, it is possible to set time to display different pages.


10. Blog Extension for Magento 2 | $129

No more worries to attract your target reader and drive traffic to your blog with the support of Blog Extension for Magento 2. The extension is designed to help bloggers create a spectacular and SEO-friendly post apart from amazing content. It is able to third party software to get access to any blog layouts with the integration of REST API.

Main Functions:

  • Show image and video in a blink of an eye: Author can choose to display unlimited images and videos on the blog post or thumbnail.
  • Vary the post layout: Renew your blog with different styles of layouts including Tag Page, Search Page, Author Page and Latest Posts Page.
  • Customize your own blog with the design editor: Admin can change color, background color, border color and so forth with a single click. 


11. FAQ Extension for Magento 2 | $99

FAQ Extension for Magento 2 enables user to create a nice, informative and SEO-friendly FAQ page (Frequently Asked Question) to solve all customer problems regarding product, payment and store policy. REST API supports third party to query FAQ questions and receive both questions and answers as responses.

Outstanding Features:

  • Show FAQ on the product page: Online shoppers can post, answer and review any question related to preferred items right at the end of the product detail section  
  • Powerful searching device for questions: Wen visitor can type specific key words on the search box and all results will be returned with lighting-fast speed.
  • Create endless topics and categories from the back-end: User is able to manage, edit, add, remove or delete any question like a piece of cake.


12. Magento 2 Store Credit | $99

How to handle unexpected refunds is a difficulty to many administrators. Magento 2 Store Credit can figure out this issue by converting cash refunds into store credit and customers can enjoy a lot of promotional store credits for special occasions like Christmas. With REST API, third party software can get access and own store credits.

  • Earn and buy credit easily: Clients can hold a credit by purchasing on credit value section that can be used for future shopping. Admin also can motivate customers by reducing credit rate and give small credit presents.
  • Spend store credit on buying product: Any time your clients do not want to pay in cash or credit card, they are possible to deduct store credits with the selection on checkout process. Clients can pay for original product price, tax and shipping fees
  • Share your credit to your family and friends: Admin can get more new customers when a regular shopper give his/her credits to others. This process is straightforward which needs only recipient’s address, credit amount and an informed email.


13. Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension | $45

Magento 2 Customer Approval helps store owners to manage all customer registration and login into the website. The admin can automatically or manually approve/disapprove/reject already-registered customer accounts easily from the ”Customers” or during adding/editing a customer. Also, store owners can send email notifications to customers to inform about account status.

In Magento 2 Approve Customer Registration, Rest API is integrated to support store owners to quick approve/disapprove customer accounts. Rest API also helps to notify the admin about every new registration.


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