Bluefoot Benefit: Drag & Drop Magento 2.3 Page Builder

Bluefoot Benefit: Drag & Drop Magento 2.3 Page Builder - Landofcoder

Good news for all Magento 2 Users at the end of 2018, Magento has announced the arrival of Magento 2.3 with so many outstanding features. One of the most anticipated features of it is the Bluefoot integration – Bluefoot CMS & Page Builder module. It provides merchants with a simple and functional tool to manage their web store content. In this article, Let’s together with Landofcoder to discover the key features in Bluefoot Magento 2.3 drag drop page builder.

I. What is Bluefoot?

Bluefoot is a powerful set of tools which help you design and create web pages the way you want. With Bluefoot, Magento users can have wonderful content created quickly and easily without the need for other systems.

II. Why Bluefoot Magento 2.3 Drag n Drop Page Builder is useful for you?

Thanks to the release of Magento 2.3 with Bluefoot integration, you can be able to customize everything easily. These features include template creation, drag-and-drop layout management, and UX – clean and friendly to use for a non-technical user.

  1. Drag & Drop Functionality
    Compare to the default WYSIWYG editor, drag and drop functionality is extremely easy to use. Headers, images, products, and others can easily be added as content. All you need to do is drag n drop these blocks onto your page and arrange them in the appropriate way without the support of technical experts.
  2. Product Content Integration
    Another benefit that you can enjoy with Bluefoot is that non-technical users can simply drag n drop products or groups of products into other pages or standard elements like blog posts or promotion pages. With the support of this additional feature, Magento Commerce merchants have the ability to integrate products into any selected pages quickly. And of course, no need code knowledge.
  3. Third Party Content Integration
    With the release of Magento 2.3, you can enrich content to pages, categories or posts by integrating Youtube/Vimeo videos, Google Maps, etc easily without coding skills. Such an amazing way, all right!
  4. Static Block Integration
    Turning areas of your site such as categories into any design that you want is the last significant feature that Magento 2.3 provides. You can add static blocks to various pages smoothly and apply any custom design to your store pages in the blink of an eye.

Apart from those 4 outstanding benefits of Bluefoot to Magento 2.3 drag n drop page builder, the new version of Magento 2.3 is also fully extensible, easy to update and customize. It is extremely worth your budget and time.

III. Conclusion

With this blog, we hope that you will have a certain understanding of Bluefoot Magento 2.3 drag drop page builder. Moreover, you can take advantage of its features to optimize your store operation and expend your business growth.


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