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It’s no secret that Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce development platforms that makes it a bit easier for small and large business owners to run a successful eCommerce store.

Magento is an open-source, scalable platform that provides eCommerce store owners with multiple customized features and integration options.

Magento allows you to choose from a number of custom web design and user interface templates for your online store. With the help of Magento development companies, developing a responsive website has become much easier.

Magento is well-known for developing fast-loading web pages, which makes it a preferred choice for many development teams and eCommerce business owners.

If truth be told, the Magento platform is widely used by many online marketplaces and portals to promote their products and services and maximize their profit potential.

The Magento platform offers amazing product and inventory management features that enable eCommerce store owners to organize and manage hundreds of thousands of products.

Magento eCommerce development is constantly evolving to fulfill the demands of customers and deliver exceptional experiences.

Therefore, it is indispensable for eCommerce store owners to stay on top of the latest Magento development trends.

Here are the top Magento development trends that will help you improve the performance of your eCommerce store and give your shopping store an edge over your competitors.

Let’s explore.

1. Voice Search

Voice search isn’t new; the technology has been making groundbreaking changes in the eCommerce industry for many years. According to Google, 27% of online users are using voice search on smartphones.

Voice search technology is taking the online shopping experience to a whole new level, making it easier for consumers to find the desired products or services and make a buying decision.

If your Magento is not using the voice search technology trend, it is the right time to integrate voice search into your e-commerce store. You need to optimize your content for voice search to become one of Google’s featured snippets.

Use a conversational tone and long-tail keywords in your content and product descriptions as voice search queries are longer than text queries.

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2. Personalized Experiences

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy; they expect personalized experiences from brands they prefer to shop. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put your best efforts into integrating technologies that help your Magento eCommerce store to create personalized experiences for your consumers.

A software development company can help you incorporate chatbots and AI technology into your Magento ecommerce store to deliver a customized shopping experience.

A study conducted by SmarterHQ suggests that 47% of consumers abandon the site and go to Amazon if the brand doesn’t provide the relevant product suggestions. So, it is more evident that offering a unified and personalized shopping experience has become an utmost need for your Magento ecommerce store.  

Personalization is important for customer retention, as it provides product recommendations based on the customers’ taste and interests. Thanks to Magento 2 platform, it is packed with amazing features that allow store owners to facilitate segmentation and personalization.  

3. Intelligent Search Functionality

Today’s consumers are impatient; they will immediately leave the site if they can’t find the desired products or services. They don’t have enough time to check all the category pages just to find the product they want from your ecommerce store. Therefore, implementing smart search functionality is a worthwhile choice to make it easier for customers to find the desired products by simply entering a search query.

Thanks to Magento search extensions that possess powerful features, such as self-learning capabilities and multi-language support, to help shoppers find what they are looking for and improve the buying process. Here is the list of top Magento search extensions with intelligent search algorithms:

·         Doofinder

·         Instant Search +

·         Klevu

·         Ajax Search Autocomplete

·         Better Store Search

·         Search by Ranges and Categories

·         Sphinx Search Ultimate

·         SolrGento

·         Solr Bridge Search

·         Celebros Search & Merchandising

4. Magento PWA

Magento recently launched a set of developer tools, Magento PWA Studio, making it easier to transform your Magento 2 store into a progressive web app. Nowadays, the trend of developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is gaining popularity, as it is a convenient option to serve mobile customers.

If you are running a startup and can’t afford to hire a mobile application development company to build a mobile app for your Magento eCommerce store. You should embrace the latest web-based technology of progressive web apps. Instead of building a separate version of Android and iOS, you can develop a progressive web app for your Magento store that will function as a website in the form of a native mobile application.

5. Push Notifications

Believe it or not, push notifications can provide amazing conversion and sales opportunities for your Magento store. If used right, push notifications can boost brand awareness, increase user engagement and reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Push notifications have an opening rate of 90%, which is 50% higher than email marketing.

With the help of Magento push notifications, you can notify shoppers about your amazing discounts, upcoming offers, and best-selling products. You can also send personalized push notifications based on your customers’ preferences, locations, and interests. It will maximize your chances of getting more website traffic and closing more sales.

6. Live Streaming

It is one of the most cutting-edge Magento development trends that is adopted by many brands and sellers to promote their products. Now ecommerce brands are harnessing the power of videos to demonstrate their products by broadcasting live over social media platforms and communication platforms. This trend of selling has become so popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magento Development Trends with video live streaming

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Adding live videos to your Magento 2 store is a worthwhile strategy to drive more attention and engagement. Communicating with your prospective customers in real-time will give you a great opportunity to describe your products’ features and convince shoppers to give your products a try. It helps you make important announcements, launch new products, and spread your Magento ecommerce brand awareness.

Concluding Thoughts

Adopting these cutting-edge Magento development trends will provide you with better and more exciting opportunities to attract more customers and close more leads. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it is the right time to implement these technologies and get ready for achieving your conversion and profit goals.  

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