How to Get Profits on Christmas Holiday for Magento Store?

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Christmas is coming to the town! It’s time that all businesses are bustling with activities to breathe pace into their sales because in anywhere from 25% to 40% of a retailer’s sales comes during holidays
It’s no wonder there is so much attention paid to how the holiday season shakes out.
Christmas is the last holiday of the year and there are only 2 days left before this “warmest holiday”. It’s high time to attract more customers as well as boost the earnings for your MAGENTO STORE.

Today, LANDOFCODER will share with you 3 ways to make your Magento Store Ready for Christmas Hoiday:

We all know that visuals play a very important role in capturing attention. one of the most important things to do first for your store on Christmas Holiday is changing your Store’s User Interface into Christmas’s Themes which reflects the festive mood and attracts the customers. Magento allows the hosting of high-resolution imagery and graphics. This must be augmented to incorporate Christmas-themed logos and stickers into the UI. You should get the color schematics, logos  & themes aligned with the theme

2. Customize Promotions

Customizing Promotions is a good way which applies to every holiday because it is a way to Influence Consumer Behavior in purchasing. Customers tend to wait until the product is sale off or purchase a lot on Christmas. ECommerce retailers should augment the capabilities of Magento and incorporate analytics into the platform.

3. Start Blogging About Christmas Holidays

There is one more great way to attract people to your Magento website. Writing Blogs about Christmas and Sale! You can post a lot of useful information for shoppers and your existing customers. For example, you can collect some interesting facts or information about Christmas as well as Santa Claus which attracts the customers to read your blog. You can add links of some items on your stores. As a result, you will have more internal links and more visitors reached your products. Also, you will drive more traffic and have higher sales.

In conclusion, preparing your Magento store for Christmas holidays is a complex process that requires a lot of time and efforts. If you have a specific plan to hit on customer psychology, you will not only boost the sells as well as attract more loyal Customers.

We hope that with our sharing about preparation for your Magento Store on Christmas will help you make this year Christmas holidays beneficial for your business and take out the most of it

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