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Best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions are the perfect weapon to boost the store’s administration performance for any e-commerce business. The advanced development of new technology has required online stores to constantly update new techniques in order to speed up the management process.

Magento 2 Reindex Extension will reduce the manual work of reindexing and automate handle the reindexing process with the direction from the admin panel in a few simple clicks. With these best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions, online store owners can deliver a seamless administration process and prevent the store web from lagging.

I. What is Magento 2 Reindex Extension

Magento 2 Reindex Extension allows e-commerce stores to actively manage the reindexing process from the admin panel with a few simple clicks. Thanks to this extension, store admins can perform the reindex from the admin panel such as start or end the reindexation process, manage outdated reindex and control the reindexation process. Magento 2 Reindex Extension helps online stores to create a smooth administration process and performance.

II. Benefits of Magento 2 Reindex Extension

Thanks to Magento 2 Reindex Extension, store admins can easily manage the reindexation process from the backend with few simple actions. 

Moreover, this extension reduces the time update of data in the backend, so Magento stores will not have to worry about stores’ lag and technical issues during the data updating process.

Store performance can be upgraded as well since the reindexation process becomes easier than ever. Instead of manually reindexing data, the store admin can set up for the process to run automatically, which reduces the time and effort of this daily task as well.  

III. Incredible features of Magento 2 Reindex Extension

The features of Magento 2 Reindex Extension may vary according to different Magento extension providers. Having said that, there are some essential features of best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions that you should take into consideration:

1. Automatically reindex store data

Store owners can choose to reindex any data from the admin panel. Without any coding or specialized knowledge, online admins still can apply action to mass index data and run the extension for automatically reindexing.

reindex store data
(Source: BSSCommerce)

2. Reindex all data

In case all data needs to be reindexed, store admins can use the “Reindex all” button. This feature saves up a great deal of time to reindex data in bulk.

3. Check reindexation status

In order to update the status of the reindex process to prevent possible errors from happening, it is essential to keep track of the reindexation status. Best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions provide the status of reindexation process in a grid view table for store admins to easily follow up. 

4. Reindex data without ssh access 

One of the most common ways that Magento 2 stores often use to reindex data is to use ssh access. However, this method requires technical and coding skills, which might be hard for some store owners. Best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions allows online stores to reindex all data without ssh access and run command lines.

(Source: BSSCommerce)

5. Manage from the backend

Backend admins can benefit from the best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions by saving a great deal of time on reindexing bulk and mass data. This can avoid changes bugs or conflicts which can occur with indexation and the management process runs smoothly as well.

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IV. Best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions 2023

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Magento 2 Reindex

Magento 2 Reindex supports store admins in actively control the reindexing process right from the admin panel with a few simple clicks. Without specialized technical knowledge, store admins can still start the reindexation process, start or end reindexing, as well as manage outdated reindex status.

  • Actively reindex the store data

  • Update live reindexation status

  • Easily manage reindexation

and more


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Reindex from Admin for Magento 2

Reindex from Admin for Magento 2 reduces time on keeping your store data up-to-date. Prevent the store from lags and cart abandonments in one click without developers' help.

  • Reindex data from Magento 2 backend in one click

  • Automate and simplify reindex process

  • Manage reindexation in a handy grid

and more


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Backend Reindex for Magento 2

Magento 2 Backend Reindex extension allows store admins to update individual or all indexes manually right from the admin backend easily instead of running the command line.

  • Reindex data from Index Management at Backend

  • Reindex all indexers with one click

  • Reindex notification

and more


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Improved Asynchronous Reindexing for Magento 2

This extension boosts your online store's administration performance with Improved Asynchronous Reindexing for Magento 2. It gives you the most useful ability to greatly speed up routine processes for manual checking of the indexes statuses.

  • Run a full Magento 2 reindex by schedule

  • Check the index statuses and start a reindexing process automatically

  • Check the reindexing history and locate any possible issues

and more



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Magento 2 Reindex from Backend

Reindex from Backend for Magento 2 allows admin to reindex data from backend at any time without the help from a developer.

  • Reindex data from Index Management at Backend with only one click.

  • Notification about the details of rebulit indexers.

  • Limit the ability to do the action by admin role.

and more


10offPV l -10%

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Reindex for Magento 2

Quickly and easily update individual or all indexes from within your Magento admin. Ideal for project managers or QA departments during site development and testing of new products and functionality.

  • Quickly reindex Magento from Admin

  • Push important changes live instantly

  • Zero technical knowledge needed

and more


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Magento 2 Backend Reindex Extension

Backend Reindex extension for Magento 2 is a useful tool to refresh connection data of the product, stock, inventory, etc. quickly without any command line. As a result, the information will be delivered to customers as soon as possible.

  • A handy grid management

  • Reindex bulk data in seconds

  • Multiple actions to reindex data

  • Enable to check the indexation status

and more


V. Choose your best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions

We hope that this review can give you a general overview of all the Best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions on the market. With the most powerful features, high rate and ease of use for both users and store owners of the best Magento 2 Reindex Extensions, it’s up to your own criteria and business demand to pick the most suitable one for your e-commerce business. 

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