Best Magento 2 Extensions that increase your sales quickly in the year


Best Magento 2 Extensions that increase your sales quickly in the year!

We’re in an era where technology plays a vital role in our lives. E-commerce stores have provided a platform for buyers to meet sellers with ease. 

For sellers, it has become easy to sell products on their Magento 2 stores and make profits. A vendor can make their online store multiply, become famous, attract customers, and make sales by simply adding some functionalities to the website. 

Magento 2 extensions add more functionality to the store. With these extensions, the vendor can easily manage their bulk orders and checkout process. It’s also easy to effectively integrate marketing techniques, but that’s not all. These extensions allow you to do much more on your website, whether that’s increasing conversion rates, building credibility and trust with customers, in-depth market analytics, and generating plenty of sales. There’s an extension for everything on Magento 2. 

If you’re looking to boost your Magento 2 e-commerce store sales, here are some of the best extensions to achieve this. 

1. Quick Order Extension

This extension makes it easy to buy bulk orders from your e-commerce store. It saves the buyer’s time and eases the process of picking products in bulk. 


  • Configuration is easy.
  • Products can be searched for by their names and SKUs.
  • The URL and page title can be customized from the backend.
  • Import CSV.
  • Products can be added in bulk rather than pick a product per time. 
  • Supports all types of customers.
  • It takes only three clicks to purchase a product. 
Check this link: Magento 2 Quick Order

2. Out of stock notification extension

This extension provides a subscription box so that customers can get notifications about stock availability and prices. 

There are times when you run out of stock on certain products in your store. It’d be a waste to miss out on potential customers because of this. So you can use the out-of-stock notification to put yourself in charge of the situation. 

You only need to add a subscription box to the out-of-stock products. The box allows your customers to opt-in for a notification for when the product is available again. There’s also a similar feature within this extension for changes in product prices. 

When you gather alert subscriptions for products, it’ll give you insights into the products that interest your customers the most. 


  • Guest visitors don’t have to register before they subscribe.
  • The account page makes it easy for customers to remove or manage their subscriptions. 
  • Send a one-time notification so that your customers don’t get annoyed. 

3. Customer Specific Price and Product Extension

This extension allows you to adjust your category visibility and catalog price based on your customers. 

It’s a fact that store owners have to personalize their products for their customers based on prices, products, and segments. It allows you to restrict specific categories or products from an individual or a group of users. You can also set custom product prices for a group of customers or individuals. You can create a set of VIP products that you show strictly to your VIP customers to make them feel even more special. 


  • Multi website configuration to support individual customers.
  • Fully and partially restrict categories from individuals or groups of users. 
  • Products that are restricted are not shown in search results. 
Magento extension provides additional features

4. Requisition List Extension

The requisition list extension helps make more sales from products that are frequently ordered and many other items that can be included directly in the cart from their respective lists. 


  • Supports all types of products
  • More products can be included in the lists from the product pages.
  • It can generate numerous requisition lists.
  • Mass action helps to update or eliminate the product quantity.
  • Customers can add some products from the store’s order view page into their requisition list from the My Account page.
  • One-click adds a listed product to the cart.

5. Coupon Link Extension

This extension allows you to create a URL link that automatically adds coupon codes to your customers’ shopping cart after running marketing campaigns granting coupon codes to new and current customers, such as contests, giveaways, and referrals. 

According to the essay writing service UK, this extension is essential as it generates URLs added to your campaign materials like landing pages, posts, articles, newsletters, affiliate marketing, and social media posts. 

When your audience clicks on the URL link, it’ll redirect them to your website, and they’ll automatically have the coupon code applied to their cart. They won’t even need to manually insert the coupon code before getting the free shipping, discount, or anything it offers. 


  • It allows you to create promotional URLs that are timed for the time limit of your campaigns.
  • It supports one-time coupon codes and limits the number of times that one customer can redeem this coupon code.
  • Keeps the price threshold so that customers are engaged to spend even more to get coupon codes. 

6. Loyalty Program Extension

This Magento 2 extension allows you to offer promotions to customers based on their purchasing activities. 

It’s common knowledge that it’s more expensive to get new customers than to retain older ones, but this shouldn’t be a problem. You can do both with the loyalty program extension. You’ll reduce the expenses that you spend on converting your visitors into buying customers, and you’ll be able to retain your old customers and make them buy again. 

This extension allows you to assign different customer groups to these levels and create special promo offers for the other groups. 


  • Customer purchase history is created based on promotions for each customer.
  • Create rules to enable customers to move up the levels automatically.
  • Discount is automatically applied during the checkout process without needing additional coupons. 

7. Zoho Inventory and Magento 2 Connector

With this extension, you can easily and seamlessly sync all your orders along with the accounts, contacts, products, etc. in Magento 2 Zoho Inventory integration. Furthermore, you can effortlessly sync all the available products in your eCommerce store into Zoho Inventory software.

With the Zoho Inventory and Magento2 Connector extension, you can connect your Magento 2 eCommerce website with Zoho Inventory to get some unmatched benefits.

Also, you can sync the status of your Magento 2 orders into Zoho Inventory.


  • Synchronization of contacts, products, and orders into the Zoho Inventory
  • It displays orders into the Magento 2 Store and Zoho Inventory
  • Users can schedule important events to grab the right opportunities
  • Integration of Zoho Inventory is easier with the Zoho Magento 2 extensions
  • Users can automatically synchronize their information into the Zoho inventory

8. One Step CheckOut

With One Step Checkout for Magento 2, the Magento 2 store owners can significantly simplify the checkout process on Magento 2 and compress them into only one step to benefits the customers, save time, and save efforts of going back and forth to fill in the information.


  • Powerful Customer Attributes Management
  • Search & Direct Pickup Product
  • Carefully Tracking Abandoned Rate and Login Account
  • Equipped Flat Design
  • Attractive, Neat, Clean Interface
  • Amazing High-Speed Checkout Step
  • Effective Time-Saving & Cost Saving

The checkout page which is one of the must-have extensions for your online store is adjustable to custom themes, highly configurable, and suitable for any device.


There are several Magento 2 extensions that you can use to boost your e-commerce sales. A few of these are discussed in this article. 

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