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Landofcoder is grateful to introduce you to the list of 20+ Best Free Magento 2 Extensions. All of them have their own unique features that are sure to help users and customers have a great experience. Especially, they are free and ready to download now. Don’t hesitate anymore, come to the Landofcoder homepage and get your favorite ones.

Let’s spend some time looking at the list of 25+ Best Free Magento 2 Extensions below.


This free Magento 2 Product Tags extension supports all users and admins in adding one or more tags (keywords or phrases) to determine products and their features, improve navigation for customers and save time to search for the desired product.

Narrowing the search results by tags in product filters, Product Tags in Magento 2 gives shoppers another way to filter products based on their personal preferences.

landofcoder free magento 2 product tags extension


Highlight Features:

  • Lightening your products for customer
  • Narrow the search results by tags.
  • Display product tags on product detail page.
  • View product tags on the sidebar.
  • Frontend controller to view a page of filter products by tag.
  • Frontend REST API for the extension
  • Easily add new and update tags in the management area.
  • Flexible delete product tags in bulks
  • Manage Tags In The Backend
  • Backend REST API for the extension

2. Designer

As you know, the higher level of satisfaction of customers depends on the efficiency and immediacy of the experience in your site. Therefore, a great landing page with an eye-catching layout is very important to every website. That’s why Magento 2 Product Designer Extension for Magento 2 store is released. The Free Magento 2 Designer Extension of Landofcoder helps you to manage all product designers from the backend. Also, the store owner can assign personalized or custom products to specific designers.

Magento 2 Free Designer Extension


Highlight Features:

  • Display designers on various designers page layouts
  • View detail designer page
  • Show designer info at the end of the product page
  • Fast assign products to designer
  • Add multiple product designers in the backend
  • Easily add / edit designer information
  • Create multiple designer groups
  • Quickly add / edit specific designer groups
  • Manage products of particular designers
  • Set stunning designer page layout
  • Optimize SEO remarkably for designer pages
  • Add product designer attribute
  • General Settings

3. Slack Integration

Are you seeking the best solution for your Magento 2 Store with Slack Chat? Magento 2 Slack Integration will be the smart choice. This extension is 100% free to download at Landofcoder. This Free Magento 2 Slack Integration allows you to receive sale notifications of your store such as New Order, New Customers, New Review Submitted immediately.
Also, thanks to integrating Slack Chat in Magento 2 Store, it’s time and cost saving that you can control all notification about orders, customers, reviews effectively without login Admin Panel.

magento 2 slack integration free


Highlight Features:

  • Immediately announce Customer Review Products
  • Instantly Notified New Order on Slack
  • Instantly Notified New Customer
  • Ease to Configure at the backend
  • Different Notification Types for each Channels
  • Notified Shipping Status quickly
  • Convenient to Get notification all Storeview in one place at the same time
  • Displayed RTL Languages and Multilingual
  • Effectively record Daily Sale, Weekly Summarise at the current time

4. Login As Customer

If your customers are facing the problem of products on your store which are delaying the purchasing process, Magento 2 Login As Customer Extension is what you need. With this extension, you can log in and have full control of customers’ accounts in a click without filling a security code or changing authentication data.
This module allows the admin to manage all account data on behalf of customers, gets a deeper insight on how the store works, and performs tests/ detect all issues within the “My Account” area.

magento 2 login as customer free extension


Highlight Features:

  • Compatible with Magento 2 Guest to Customer
  • Log in Customer Account from the Back-end
  • Login As Customer button in the account page
  • Easy-to-use entrance log
  • Set the Login Permissions & Restriction
  • Page Cache Disabling For Admin User
  • Guest Shopping Cart Items

5. Image Gallery

Magento 2 Image Gallery extension gives you possibility to upload multiple images to create unlimited images gallery and display albums on any product page. Make your eCommerce website more attractive and vivid to online customers.

magento 2 image gallery extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Show Image in eye catching & light box
  • Display Image Gallery with Multiple Layouts
  • Support Video: Youtube, Vimeo
  • Attach Image Gallery to Any Product Page
  • Freely Add & Edit Photo Descriptions
  • Link images to related product pages
  • Create Unlimited Images
  • Add/manage images into various gallery
  • Place it anywhere with Gallery Image Widget
  • Specify meta data for images and pictures
  • Attach image gallery on a separate Photo Gallery Page
  • Lookbook Layout
  • Attach image gallery on a separate Photo Gallery Page
  • Display High-Quality Image in Touch Optimized & Attractive Slideshow

6. Admin Theme

Are you looking for a tool to manage your Magento store better? The free Magento 2 Admin Theme of Landofcoder will be perfect for you. It gives your Magento Admin a facelift and improves admin theme and makes it better and more user-friendly.

magento 2 admin theme free


Highlight Features:

  • Responsive Design & Retina Ready
  • Mobile Optimized
  • User-friendly & Modern Design
  • Frequent Update
  • New Interface Of Login & Forgot Password
  • Translation Ready & support RTL
  • Easy To Use & Customize (Coming soon)
  • Attractive Admin Font Icons
  • Clean Code

7. Facebook Live Chat

Facebook is one of the most used apps in the world. Therefore, the integration of Facebook Messenger into your store can make communication in business enhanced remarkably. Using Magento 2 Facebook Live Chat Extension, you can easily keep in touch with various customers at a time. The chatbox of this extension will help you send and receive messages from users instantly.
Moreover, this Magento 2 Facebook Live Chat Extension of Landofcoder is absolutely free to download.

magento 2 facebook live chat extension


Highlight Features:

  • One step log in with Facebook
  • Configure all features of Chatbox
  • Get user information easily
  • Set greeting, upcoming event, store Facebook profile
  • Show site/product/category on the chat box (Coming soon)
  • Unlimted History Chat
  • Increase Fanpage View and Like
  • Multiple and RLT Languages
  • Familiar chat box with Facebook Messenger Interface
  • Enable/disable the extension by one click

8. Brand

With this free Magento 2 Brand extension, users can create and show flexible professional brand carousel and the most inspirational brand pages.

brand magento 2 extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Display brand image block anywhere on your site
  • Brand Logo with Owl Carousel
  • Nice Brand Page
  • Show brands page with multiple layout
  • Easy to use & customize
  • Seo Optimization

9. Layered Navigation

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension is the free extension that provides a fast, user-friendly navigation system. It allows your customers to browse your product catalog comfortably and impressively. Also, with its multiple filters, ajax load and user-friendly interface, you will love it at the first sight.

magento 2 layered navigation extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized
  • Fast Ajax Product Filter
  • Flexible Vertical & Horizontal Filter
  • Apply Multiple Filter At Once
  • Select multiple values at the same time
  • Amazing Price Slider
  • Remove All Selected Options At Once
  • Filter Products By Stock Availability
  • Filter Product By Brand
  • Multiple Stores Supported

10. Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for selling online. Hence, Landofcoder creates Magento 2 Affiliate Extension to help you to drive more sales from your affiliate channels and let your affiliate earn money. This extension is 100% free now. It is fully responsive, fast and easy for affiliate partners to join your program.

magento 2 affiliate extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Pay Per Lead/ Click/ Sale
  • Pay Per New Customer’s Order
  • Multiple Affiliate Programs
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Set Commission, Discount & Payout Requirements.
  • Easy to Set Condition & Requirements If Needed
  • Manage Banner & Links in 1 place
  • Payout Requirements
  • Transaction Management.
  • SET Withdrawal Limits
  • Manage partner’s account with ease
  • Mass Payments

11. Advanced Reports

This free Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension offers you sales performance status with 28 reports to get new insights over how customers utilize and get predict sales trends. Using Magento 2 custom reports extension, you will get a variety of sale reports with priceless statistic data.

advanced report free magento 2


Highlight Features:

  • 28+ Report Types to explore sales over a period of time, break it down by category and product
  • Comprehensive Sale Overview
  • Report drill down to explore data fast and easily
  • Advanced Report to trace your sales performance in a real-time mode
  • Visual graphs (bar, pie, line) to illustrate trends
  • Option to filter data for different dates and days
  • Provides with Google Analytics-like visualized sales data metrics and charts Data totals toolbar
  • Equipped with a profit-calculating formula
  • REST API for Third-Party Magento
  • Showcase typically Margin Profits Report (Cost and tax)
  • Customize your reports within a few clicks
  • Earning Comparison
  • Abandoned Cart Report
  • Customer Report, Order Report & Product report

12. Lazy Load

This free Magento 2 Lazy Load extension not only optimizes Magento 2 speed but also creates beautiful image transition. It also helps to reduce loading time for Home Page, Category Page, Search Page, Cart Page.

magento 2 lazy load


Highlight Features:

  • Load Magento 2 images with beautiful transition
  • Saves web server resources
  • Reduce Loading Time
  • Optimizes Magento 2 site speed
  • Improve Google page ranking
  • Upload desired loading icons
  • Set advanced time point for loading images
  • Enable or Disable Lazy Load For Each Page
  • Offload for the server (reduce server requests) and save bandwidth
  • Lazy load images with smooth blur effect transition

13. Infinite Scroll

This free Magento 2 Infinite Scrolling extension makes shopping experience become more enjoyable and easy. Also, it can automatically load products without interruption.

magento 2 infinite scroll


Highlight Features:

  • Ajax scroll without interruption
  • Freely scroll down & See what page of the catalog they’re on
  • Automatically loading pages
  • Show Loading Button
  • Possibility to give/ share links to certain position
  • Easy to customize
  • Similar technique as seen on Twitter, Facebook
  • Increase the conversion rate at your store.
  • Easy to Change Button and Loading Text
  • Use in category page and search page

14. Social Login

Magento 2 Social Login extension free brings the best user experience to your customers by letting them to sharing their feelings and experience. They can leave reviews and ratings on popular social networks.

magento 2 social login free


Highlight Features:

  • Quick Ajax Login In The Blink Of An Eye
  • Support Multiple Styles & pre-made template
  • Support 25+ Most Popular Social Networks
  • Drag n Drop To Change The Order Of Social Login Buttons
  • Easy To Customize, Create Your Own Social Login
  • Display On Any Position & Pages
  • Advanced Report For Each Channel
  • Improve Your Conversion Rates Incredibly
  • Collect Rich Customer Profile Data: Name, Gender, Email, Address
  • Display Customer Photo Visually
  • Send Welcome Email Automatically
  • Provide Secure Way to Login and Register Account
  • Popover Login Form, Popup form with Magnific Popup, Fancybox
  • Attractive Login Button
  • Auto Integrate on checkout page
  • Content Protection

A fast search system is one of the factors that helps customers feel satisfied with your website. Understanding that, Landofcoder provides you with the free Magento 2 Auto Search extension. It offers Ajax Search with Lightning Fast Speed. Visitors can search ves blog, ves brand, cms pages, and lof faq questions fast and easily.

magento 2 auto search extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Search as you type from the first typed character
  • Ajax Search With Lightening Fast Speed
  • Search Autocomplete & Relevant Suggestions
  • Trending Keyword Suggestion
  • Optimize search for phones and tablets
  • Magento 2 Search Autocomplete with Filter Categories
  • Customized Appearance
  • Right-to-left languages are supported
  • Display ADD TO CART Button
  • New Auto-search Options
  • Search ves blog, ves brand, cms pages & Lof Faq questions

16. Product List

Displaying product list (Latest, New Arrival, Special, Most Popular, Best Seller, Top Rated, Random, Featured, Deals) will increase your customer’s average order; simultaneously, decrease abandon rate. Magento 2 Product List extension will help you with that. It helps your customers browse through the store what they need easier.

landofcoder magento 2 product list


Highlight Features:

  • Show Product List by rule with 9 rule types
  • Support ajax load to improve load speed
  • Widget Support – Place on any pages
  • Flexible Position Support
  • Easy tab effect
  • Multiple Row Support
  • OWL Carousel and Bootstrap Carousel
  • Support 2 types of widget
  • Layout Customization
  • Rule conditions

17. Image Slider

Free Magento 2 Image Slider extension will help you display your image slider responsively on any kind of devices. Moreover, with the support of editor, admin can easily insert various types of content such as image, video, text.

magento 2 image slider


Highlight Features:

  • Fully responsive Magento 2 Slider Extension
  • Support editor for image, video text
  • Touch Optimized OWL Carousel
  • Image slider can be displayed anywhere in your store with CMS and Widget
  • Magento 2 Slider Extension support up to 10 sliders
  • Easy-to-use & intuitive interface
  • Tons of Animation with Live Preview
  • Image slider can be displayed anywhere in your store with CMS & Widget
  • Support 10 sliders

18. Coupon Code Generator

Magento 2 Coupon Code extension is a must-have tool to engage customers to make further transactions with attractive coupons. Store owners can create unlimited coupon codes and send them to their customers via emails.

coupon code generator free magento 2 extension


Outstanding Features:

  • Generate barcodes or QRCode from your unique coupon code
  • Limit coupon code generated for an email address
  • Verify email before applying the coupon code on frontend
  • Limit times to use the coupon code by each customer
  • Generate Coupon Code Automatically
  • Mass Action To Save Your Time
  • Include coupons into emails, newsletters, follow up email
  • Check & edit coupons easily
  • Coupon Condition: Get coupons automatically
  • Coupon status and Coupon info
  • Insert coupons & coupon information into emails instantly
  • Import promo codes in bulk
  • Export coupon code with ease
  • Track coupons usage statistic
  • [New] API support

19. Price Comparison

This Magento 2 Price Comparison will help you enhance customer shopping experience with ease. It offer customers possibility to compare price of products in various types.

price comparison free magento 2 extension


Prominent Features:

  • Various Types of Products Compatibility
  • Incredible Shopping Cart Operation
  • Useful Price Comparison Menu
  • One-click Customization Price Setting
  • Functional Product Page
  • Optimized Assigned Product Searching
  • Easily Customize Assigned Products
  • Informative Product Showing
  • Multiple Images Adding

20. Order Attributes Pro

If you want to get more data for order from the checkout page, you should use Magento 2 Order Attributes. The extension allows you to create multiple order attributes with various types.

magento 2 order attributes extension free


Useful Features:

  • 09+ Input Field Types Order Attributes
  • Multiple Extra Fields on Checkout Page
  • Create Multiple Checkout Form
  • Time-saving to Collect Huge Data
  • Target Different Datas for Marketing
  • Get Necessary Order Data Process
  • Intuitive Order Attributes At Checkout Page
  • Powerful Management Order Attributes Settings
  • Customize Checkout Steps in your hand
  • Specify Attributes Order for Any Checkout Steps Position
  • Set Conditions for Order Attributes Field Display
  • Diversity Order Attributes Created
  • Change Order Attributes Position on Checkout Page
  • Handy Set Date/Time in Calendar Support

21. Advanced Product Reviews

Advanced Magento 2 product reviews lets customers share their feelings, evaluation, and satisfaction about products by reviews and ratings. By this way, you can improve your store trustworthiness and attract new customers.

free magento 2 product reviews


Powerful Functions:

  • Review using images
  • Allowed to upload multiple review images
  • Add pros and cons about product
  • Rate the review helpful or not
  • Report Abuse displayed
  • Smartly filtered reviews by star ratings, helpfulness, keywords
  • Configure the review settings in one place
  • Add, edit & delete images gallery
  • Enable And Disable Gallery
  • Friendly Reply from admin
  • Send reminder emails with ease
  • Review Summary included for Admin

22. Live Chat

One of the best way to drive best customer experience is supporting them instantly. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension helps you chat directly with customers and clear their doubts about all the product’s aspects.

magento 2 live chat extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Directly Online Chatting
  • Convenient Login & Signup
  • Clean & Clear Interface
  • Flexible Join & End Chatbox
  • Reminding Chat Notification
  • Auto Record Customer Information
  • Instant Chat Box
  • Actively Chatting With Desired Customers

23. Product Designer

Magento 2 Product Designer enables customers to personalize products online with image, text, google fonts; download pdf design, print or share their personal designs via social networks.

free magento 2 product designer


Included Features:

For customers:

  • Customize products with multiple design options
  • Place order for exclusive items
  • Download or print personalized designs quickly
  • Share own design with friends via social networks

For store admins:

  • Set higher value for custom-designed products
  • Stimulate customers creativity
  • Create premade design items
  • Handly configure images, fonts, text, etc

24. Mega Menu

Magento 2 Mega Menu extension supports you to create dynamic navigation menus by the drag and drop menu builder.

landofcoder ves megamenu


Promient Features:

  • Drag & Drop Menu Builder
  • Vertical and Horizontal Menu
  • Mobile Menu: Off Canvas Menu & Accordion Menu, Drilldown Menu
  • 7 Submenu Types: Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu., Default Category Listing, Content
  • Unlimited Menu Possibilities
  • Widget Support or add code to file XML on any position
  • Multiple Animations Effects Supported
  • Structure Preview
  • Auto Data Backup
  • Use Custom Menu For Mobile

25. Customer Avatar

Magento 2 Customer Avatar allows your customers to upload a photo and specify additional information for their profile.

magento 2 customer avatar extension


Powerful Features:

  • Customize avatar in the backend
  • Customize avatar from review page
  • Customize avatar from account information page
  • Change avatar from customer’s account information page

26. Base Price

Magento 2 Base Price helps to display the base price per unit next to the product on both the product page and the product list block. It’s a powerful tool to calculate the specific base amount and unit.

landofcoder magento 2 base price extension


Must-have Features:

  • Display base price on homepage
  • Show base price on category page
  • Enable base price on product page
  • Support to convert various metrics
  • Easily set base price per product
  • Automatic conversion mapping
  • Customize base price template

27. Advanced Contact Form

With Magento 2 contact form extension, you can create an advanced contact template for online store by adding multiple custom fields. All requests will be sent to the store admin via email.

magento 2 advanced contact form extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Replace default contact form
  • Add multiple custom fields to contact form
  • Set advanced contact email template
  • Set email address to receive requests
  • Manage each customers’ contact in detail
  • Informative contact list in backend

28. Product Question

Magento 2 Product Question allows customers to raise questions for merchants. You can effectively handle the FAQ to improve customer satisfaction.

magento 2 question and answer


Prominent Features:

  • Allow customers to ask and answer on the product page
  • Support guests to leave a question and answer
  • Approve new questions and answer automatically
  • Ease-to-use Question rule page
  • Set up the number of question per page
  • Conveniently manage Q&A from the backend

29. Shipping Calculator

Magento 2 Shipping Calculator extension enables your customers to check estimated shipping cost on product page. The estimated shipping rate of each item is calculated based on postcode.

magento 2 estimate shipping rates


Useful Features:

  • Quickly Check Shipping Cost On Product Page
  • One Click Estimate Shipping Button
  • Suggest Best Shipping Method & Rate
  • Easy To Install Via Composer
  • Work well with multiple shipping methods

30. Manage Shopping Cart

Magento 2 manage shopping cart enables you to keep track of all shopping carts of customers from the backend.

magento 2 manage shopping cart extension free


Highlight Features:

  • Manage frontend shopping cart from the admin panel
  • Keep track of all shopping carts from the backend
  • View details of each shopping cart displayed in the backend
  • Search for specific cart with smart filter
  • Contact and offer promotion for customer of particular shopping cart

31. OnePay Payment Gateway

Magento 2 onepay payment gateway allows customers to make payment by Domestic ATM card or International card via OnePay. Admin can limit order total and allow certain countries to apply it.

magento 2 onepay payment gateway


Outstanding Features:

  • Integrate OnePay payment gateway
  • Support OnePay domestic ATM card
  • Domestic ATM card payment gateway page
  • Configure OnePay domestic ATM card
  • Support OnePay international card
  • International card payment gateway page
  • Configure OnePay international card
  • Set min/max order total
  • Apply OnePay to specific countries

33. One-Page Reviews

Magento 2 One Page Reviews will collect and display all customers’ reviews on a single page. By showing a review page, you can build trust on your products and your store.

free magento 2 one page reviews


This is the list of 25+ Best Free Magento 2 Extensions from Landofcoder. Hope it is useful for you. Select suitable and necessary free Magento 2 extensions for your website now.


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