Top 4 Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extensions | 2024 Updated


Regardless of the size of your website or perhaps you don’t have a website yet, you’re probably here because you want to know what’s the best Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension for your business website project, right?

Well, you’re going to love today’s post. There are four of the most popular Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extensions available right now and compare them against each other to reveal which is the best to use in 2023.

This blog is not just going to compare the costs of using these Magento 2 extensions, but also look at what each module has to offer in terms of features, technology, options, and more.

So, whatever your goals are for 2024 with your business website, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension that can offer you everything you need right here.

Ready? So let’s get started.

Why should use Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension?

First, you have to know what is that. Elasticsearch is an open-source search/analytics engine that suggests more results for more queries. It shows apt to deliver scalable real-time search and work with multi-tenancy.

Since 2010, Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension has been known as a powerful tool for search and logging. They do this for better search, for sure. When searching with the default, a lot of text common relation database management systems don’t do well because of the lack of needed configuration and proper performance. In contrast, with Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension, we see that admin can customize the searching tool to store unique showings, as well as empower with numerous add-ons. Plus, merchants opt for Elasticsearch to store data from multiple sources gathered in one place for easier analyzing. In short, for Magento 2 merchants, Elasticsearch Extension can reduce search time and improve the customer experience, thus, has a positive impact on conversions.

What types of Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension do you “really” need?

This is based on yourself, however, each of the extensions listed below should be able to offer you everything you need to set up your business website, yes, including value for money.

Now, let’s take a look at each of them below.

Table of content:

  1. Magento 2 Elastic Search Extension | Amasty ($279)
  2. Magento 2 Elasticsearch extension | Wyomind ($120)
  3. ElasticSearch For Magento 2 | Magedelight ($249)
  4. Elastic Search Ultimate For Magento 2 | Mirasvit ($249)
  5. 1. Magento 2 Elastic Search Extension | Amasty ($279)



    A cool kid on the block and just got what we’ll give it the first spot.

    Nobody can say the world of search tools is an exciting one but this module definitely brought something new to the table.

    It magically (not really but it is fun) and automatically complete search result and spell auto-correction. By Magento 2 Elastic Search Extension, customers can easily have a full-text content search through your web store. For admin, they can customize the search popup layout with fast and flexible indexing.

    The best thing is that this extension can make data-driven decisions with a smart Search Analytics tool. It means accessing the data on your store’s search volume with the next values: total searches, unique searches, the number of users and user engagement. Hence, the engagement statistics includes page jumps to Brands, Categories, blog, CMS & Landing pages. Admins can clearly monitor customers’ recent activity and the most wanted search terms.

    Search Analytics magento 2 elastic search

    2. Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension | Wyomind ($120)

    magento 2 elasticsearch extension


    Creating ultra-fast search tool can be a full-blown nightmare!

    Hence, when coming to this struggle, you need a reliable module to help you out.

    Magento 2 Elastic Search Extension from Wyomind offers everything you need to improve the default Magento search results. Let your visitors experience a user-friendly autocomplete and display relevant results on products, CMS pages, categories as well as search suggestions.

    Though this extension has less features than others but still works well with small or start-up businesses. Don’t work with elasticsearch without it.

    3. ElasticSearch For Magento 2 | Magedelight ($249)

    elastic search extension for magento 2


    ElasticSearch for Magento 2 is one of my favorite extensions for Magedelight.

    Advanced search engine ElasticSearch is an attractive extension for Magento 2 that is bound to light a fire on your website business, in a good way, of course.

    Whenever your customer is searching, relevant suggestions will be shown up immediately.

    This ElasticSearch engine also can do anything that is required in a searching module such as Synonyms and stop words, Full-text content search, Attribute weight, Customizable search popup layout, etc.

    You can test this great extension for more detail.

    support fall back magento 2 elasticsearch extension

    4. Elastic Search Ultimate For Magento 2 | Mirasvit ($249)

    magento 2  elasticsearch extension


    Last on our list is the Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2for the Mirasvit.

    In addition, while Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension is very popular among eCommerce store owners, using a ready-made tool like Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2 can save a lot of time, and be great base for online businesses.

    This extension is the perfect solution for quick delivers relevant results searching so that your customers can find and buy the products of their interest. Furthermore, it is a free open source product designed to offer horizontal scalability, maximum reliability and easy management. It connects the Elasticsearch engine to your Magento 2 store and ensure quick and relevant search.

    magento 2 elastic search extension

    Wrapping up:

    So, there you have it. Hopefully, these extensions will keep you busy and help you decide which you’d like to use for your professional business project.

    I would definitely recommend doing your research thoroughly first before settling on an elasticsearch extension.

    Best of luck!

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