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Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System is becoming to be one of the top significant extensions among retail businesses. We tell you why.

It is no doubt to notice the increasingly competitive market and multipurpose demand of customers nowadays. E-commerce merchants need to come up with a more efficient business strategy that is being more customer-focused. Like how can your loyal and wholesales customers can make a bargain in your stores if they buy products in a large quantity? Or how can a store owner know their customers’ demand and appreciate them with their purchases? With Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System, you can do more than you expected when making an agreement with your customers.

What is a Request for Quote (RFQ)?

A request for a quote is basically known as an invitation for bid, is a process in which a store owner opens a marketplace consisting of suppliers and contractors to submit price quotes and bids for the chance to take the best price. The RFQ plays an important role in businesses as they need a consistent supply of a number of standard products. They may want to send RFQs alone or before a request for proposal (RFP)

An RFQ is the first step that provides customers a way to ask for a more comprehensive price quote. Businesses usually design RFQs for generic products in which the quantity needed to know beforehand. Furthermore, RFQs are suitable for unique, niche projects which demand quantities and specifications.

magento 2 request for quote

And what about Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System?

A Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System is an extension that is integrated with Magento 2 request for a quote / quick RFQ to help store owners build a direct interaction between multiple sellers and customers for a price commission or a bid. This means on your marketplace website, your customers can submit a quote for any single product quickly and make a bargain with its seller as well.

With Magento 2 marketplace rfq addon for sellers, you can engage the majority of customers and increase revenue remarkably.

Magento 2 vendor quote is a plugin/addon of Marketplace so to use it smoothly, you must take the Magento 2 Marketplace Extension first.

Key Takeaways:

For customers

When they want to request a quote with one click, Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System enables customers to quickly request a quote for any product of multiple vendors. The button Quick Request Quote will be displayed on each product page. Buyers can click on that button to start a bargain with different sellers.

magento 2 Request for a quote with one click

The next step when the customers click on the Request a Quote button, they will see a popup of the quotation form instantly. As this Magento 2 Multi-Vendor RFQ lets them submit a quote request for any single item, the customer can write down their demand and get the best price offer from sellers.

magento 2 Submit RFQ for a single product quickly

The customer will not only quickly request a quote but also check any specific quote and negotiate with sellers through messages. By that, the customer can view all chat history with sellers.

Magento 2 quote negotiate with sellers per quote

Finally, as soon as the quotation is submitted successfully, the customer will receive a notification message from the the quote system to confirm their demand. Once the sellers or admins reply to customer quotations via email, customers can reply the email to continue the negotiation.

magento 2 request for quote Notified of successful quote submission

For multi-sellers from your marketplace:

With the integration with Magento 2 RFQ extension, when your customers request a quote for a product, the seller would have an email notification sent to the admin right after the request is submitted successfully. The seller can check all details of the quotation.

magento 2 marketplace quote Negotiate with customers by replying quotes

With Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System, the seller can easily track the customer’s quotation from your marketplace. All of them will be displayed in a grid with information like id, contact, name, company, email address,…). This information also can change in need.

magento 2 marketplace quote Manage all customer quotations with details

If you want to have more information about the Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System and Magento RFQ extensions, here is the online demo for reference

Special Consideration:

Magento 2 Marketplace Quote System is an online marketplace that helps customers can make a bargain with multiple sellers in one marketplace at ease instead of preparing lengthy procurement documentation. Using this extension reduces the amount of time needed to produce products. It also offers a private process as the seller only receives a quotation from customers he/she prefers.

So, prepare to offer your customer the best shopping experience in your marketplace with the relationship between sellers and buyers. With Magento 2 marketplace RFQ addon for sellers, you can engage the majority of customers and increase revenue remarkably.

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