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Surfing on the social networks for online shopping, have you ever been requested to see inbox to get product prices? Why can’t all stores have an upfront price? It is easy to comprehend because this is a competitive strategy in business and flexible price is used to different groups of customers such as regular and irregular clients. Besides, costs can be varied depending on the number of quantities, shipping cost and time of purchase, for instance, price is low on big sales holiday.

Personalized each order has recently become a trend. Thus, businesses and customers now would like to communicate as much as possible to get the most favorable deal for both sides. 

Magento 2 Quote Extension is designed to allow buyers to add and send a quotation right away to admins and get the best bargain as possible.

What is the Magento 2 Quote extension?

A Magento 2 Quote extension – a service quote or sales quote is a module that helps store owners make an agreement with customers to provide a service at an agreed-upon price and within a specific time-frame. This quote will show a breakdown of the individual charges that are added together to create the total cost of a job.

Magento 2 Quote Extension Key Functions

For admins

1. Automate Request for Quotation Process: Users can receive immediate notifications of request for quotation (RFQ) of any shoppers by emails. Whenever a client fills in and submits a quotation, automatic emails are sent for both her/himself and admin.

2. Freely adjust the price for all items: If sellers want to boost sales and attract more customers by offering special prices, this module will support you to change any goods’ costs from the backend. Moreover, you just need to apply subtotal proposals such as 10 percent off, then quote total will be automatically subtracted.

3. Effortlessly choose “Enable/Disable” Quotation for each item: Admin can tick “yes” or “no” in the Product Quote” section to allow the receipt of RFQ of not from customers. This flexible function is helpful for sellers to create a business strategy that promotes particular products with RFQ but keep the others with no bargaining price.

4. Show request for quotation in Homepage, Search Page and Others: Registered users are possible to display the “Add to quotation” button on any desired pages to facilitate customers in making a quotation request. Whenever shoppers come to your websites or look for goods or even on the advertising page, they can add items to RFQ.

5. Lightning-fast convert a quotation to order: After approving a quotation, store owners are probable to make up an order with this switching feature. No more time-wasting on creating a new order for the new price, admins can transform from RFQs to full orders.

6. Customer Relationship Management support: By sending automatic beautiful emails and reminder notifications, users can get better customers approaching. After summiting a quotation, buyers sometimes forget to log into clients’ accounts to check the RFQ process. A pretty email delivered not only remind shoppers but also inform much recent promotion news.

7. Send a mail when a quotation is updated: Besides, at any moment RFQ is updated, this system will send an electronic email to buyers to cancel, review, expire or change the expired date. This function allows online shoppers to keep track of their RFQ timely without spending time on the daily store’s site visit.

8. Trouble-free and swift management from backend: Many managerial tools is built-in this extension when admins can speedily search any requests or clients’ profile. Besides, users are able to change request status to save time on looking for processing RFQs and ignore completed ones. Admins also export CSV or XML file and edit or delete faulty requests.

9. Fast speed with caching: With Magento Block Caching, your site is never slowed down. Customers can have the smoothest and fast shopping experience online. It also maximizes your sales when quickening the speed of customers’ purchase.

For customers

1. Ajax adds to quote: Much time-saving for customers when you can add any items to quotes super-easily with a single click. No more waiting for the loading page again, there always is a “Summit your quote” button right under each product that you can shop and make a product list for quotation requests at the same time.

2. Add note/comment for each product: Every item has a note section for buyers to text any questions on products about the material, color, size and so on or type feedback. More importantly, customers are able to provide any detailed information for sellers to estimate the accurate total price.

3. Live editor for product price: No more concern on price tags because shoppers now can adjust all prices. With this function, you can modify all items’ costs to an acceptable extent. It is effortless because all editing price process is visual, live and direct.

4. Make marks for the whole quotation: The remark function highlight your quotation between hundreds of daily RFQs that store owners must receive and handle. A simple sentence like “I need to get this gift before this Sunday which is my friends’ birthday” is an urge for admins faster RFQs processing.

5. Easy to track and check request: Customers are active to follow the progress of quotation processing. Buyers can sign in your accounts on the store’s site or log in to Gmail to get the latest news on the response of RFQs.

6. Enter custom prices per product: Fill in your favorite prices is the best function of Customer Quotation for Magento 2. You can bargain to the lowest costs ever because you are allowed to type any number you want on the price section. Especially when you buy in bulk, this is definitely beneficial that no limited price available, you can enter whatever desired price.

7. Add or remove goods from quote requests: Sometimes clients add items on quotation form by accident and can not find a way to remove it. Three icons including the clear quote, update quote and moving to the shopping cart are noticeable on each RFQ. Let’s be free to prepare any quotation because you can change it all the time.

8. Customers can convert to order: On the dashboard, customers can straightly turn to create an order effortlessly whenever they do not want to make an RFQ. These features facilitate clients not to move another page to make up an order.

You have properly skimmed through various Magento 2 Quote extension’s features. Are you ready to explore the top list Quote extension for Magento 2? If yes, scroll down to find your best suitable extension.

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Magento 2 Quote Extension & Discount Code List
Detail Infor
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magento 2 Customer Quotation
Magento 2 Quote Extension is a smart solution for both B2B & B2C business!
Magento 2 Quote extension allow buyers sending a request for quotation and the quantities purchasing directly on the website. Facilitating two face interaction between sellers and buyers, the module personalizes the orders and increases customer retention, loyalty.
  • Estimate shipping rates & tax rates
  • Admin adjust the price for all items in the quote
  • Convert to Request for Quote
  • Ajax add to quote
  • Add Note/Comment For Each Product
  • Live Editor For Price
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magento 2 Request for Quote / Quick RFQ
Magento 2 request for quote allows customers to quickly submit a RFQ for single products. The store admin can manage and reply any customer quotation from the back-end. When new quotes are created, this Magento 2 quote extension will send email notifications to both store owners and customers.
This extension is an essential B2C & B2B solution for Magento 2.
  • One-click Magento 2 request a quote
  • Submit Quick RFQ form for single product
  • Check all requested quotes from customer dashboard
  • Notify customers by messages and email after quote submission
  • Reply and negotiate with merchant on specific quotes
  • Notify Admin when customers submit a quote
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension


Magento 2 Email Quotation
Magento 2 Email Quote extension allows you get quote requests from customers through front-end & create, send & manage quotations from your backend & having compatibility with Tigren PWA Theme.This extension is an essential B2C & B2B solution for Magento 2.
  • Let your customer send their cart for getting a quote
  • Customer can share their cart with admin to get custom quotation
  • Admin will receive customer quotes via Email
  • Customer have to fill required details using popup form
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

FME extension
Free Request for Quote
Magento Quote extension from FME allows you upgrade your Request for Quote process with automated RFQ form on your online store. It use simple entry fields to help you clients fill their data and send their quotes to acquire an accurate cost. It enables customers to upload files and receive notifications about their RFQ entries. Checkout our premiumMagento 2 Request for Quote extension.
  • Add a Request for Quote Form For Customers
  • Enable File Upload to Get Enough Details From Customers
  • Send RFQ Notification Email To Customers & Admin
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magento 2 Quote System
Magento 2 Quote System: Magento 2 Quote System will allow the customers to quote for the products in Magento 2 store. This module is very helpful in ordering the admin products in bulk. Buyers can communicate with the admin for any queries regarding the quoted products.
  • Admin can apply a quotation for his products.
  • Admin can approve, disapprove quotation requests of the customers as per his requirement.
  • Admin can edit and delete the quotation requests from his panel.
  • Only registered customers can send quotation requests.
  • Email notification for each action to customer and admin as well.
  • The admin and the customers can add images and file attachments to the quote request.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Solwin Infotech
Request for a Quote – Extension for Magento 2
Request for Quote Magento 2 extension allows customers to send a quotation request for a particular product in bulk. It allows your customers to negotiate price and contact you in a better way.
  • Allow customers to attach files with the quote requests for detailed clarification. 
  • Require customers to complete Google reCaptcha in order to avoid spam requests. 
  • Support custom email with auto-generated responses. 
  • Support a request for quote form with name, email, phone, budget status, project title, and requested date.
  • Customers can see request history as a list in the frontend. 
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

BSS Commerce
Magento 2 Request for Quote
Magento 2 Request for Quote by BSS Commerce is a premium module at a competitive price. With a good reputation over the years, the module commits the best support for online stores. 
  • Add several items to the quote cart. 
  • Receive notification via email and from My Quote in the frontend. 
  • Convert approved quotes to check out quickly.
  • Re-submit the quote to reach the most enjoyable price. 
  • Display the “Add to quote” button for specific products, categories, or all products.
    Select specific customer groups to enable quote function. 
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Advance Request a Quote Magento 2 Extension
Advance Request a Quote Magento 2 extension is built to help customers to bargain the product cost with the store admin directly. In order to use this extension, customers need to select a product, and create a quote request for a particular product. Once the quote is submitted, store owner will be informed through email notification and he can approve or disapprove the proposal (requested quote) or can encourage the customers to buy a product at a negotiable price. 
  • Allow customers to request a quote for multiple products at one go.
  • Allow customers to request a quote through front-end. Note: Quotation list is available for the customer.
  • Support all types of products
  • Allow you to track your incoming quote requests with easy-to-understand process.
  • Send email notifications to both store owners and customers for their relevant quote request.
  • Facilitate customers to convert their quotes into orders.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Boost my shop
Customer Quote
From your website, the customer can request a quote from within their account, a product page or from his cart. You can fine tune permissions at a product or at a customer group level. You are notified by email when a new request is sent.
  • Commercial status (request, new, bought, missed)
  • Manager by quote
  • Free shopping, display shipping fees
  • Attachment management
  • Product / quote pricing, discount %
  • Display margin per product
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magento 2 Blog Extension
If you want to add a blog on your Magento 2 website then Magento 2 Blog Extension is the most popular Magento Blog Extension.
  • Add blog post by short and long content.
  • Add Image to article with fast loading and auto re size feature.
  • Grid/list post arrangement.
  • Category management with category wise posts listing.
  • Author management with posts written by author page. – Upcoming
  • Post tagging feature for tag cloud and search post by tag.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Request a Quote for Magento 2
If you want to add a blog on your Magento 2 website then Magento 2 Blog Extension is the most popular Magento Blog Extension.
  • Add blog post by short and long content.
  • Add Image to article with fast loading and auto re size feature.
  • Grid/list post arrangement.
  • Category management with category wise posts listing.
  • Author management with posts written by author page. – Upcoming
  • Post tagging feature for tag cloud and search post by tag.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Request for Quote M2
Magento 2 Request for quote extension helps buyers submit a product inqury. Magento 2 Quotation Extension
  • Users need to click on “Request for Quote” in order to contact the admin and get quote for a product.
  • An inquiry form pops up where the users enter their contact details and query.
  • Based on this, further communication occurs over email or phone between the user and admin.
  • Admin can replace “Add to Cart” button by “Request for Quote”, “Inquire now” etc.
  • A phone number and “request for quote” image can also be displayed.
  • The “inquire now” label, “call us on” label and label color is customizable by the admin.
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Quotation Manager for Magento 2
Magento 2 Quotation Extension creates a robust communication channel with your customers. Instead of adding products to the cart, your customers will be able to request a quote by mentioning proposed prices, product requirements, customization requests, etc.
Manage quote requests, send customized proposals, negotiate with customers, revise quotations and offer bulk order discounts: You can do all this and more with the Magento 2 Request for Quote module.
  • Well-coded, Custom Cart 2 Quote System
  • Improve Negotiation by tracking Communication History
  • Allow Guest Visitors to Request for Quote
  • Manage Discounts and Promotional Offers easily
  • Customize Email Templates for Customers
  • Notify Customers when the Quote is updated
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Cart to Quote for Magento 2
Negotiate quotations with customers you trust and reach best win-to-win deals.
  • Adding products to a quote from catalog or product pages
  • Multiple products per quote
  • Quote List alike a Shopping Cart
  • Alternating cession of control over a quote
  • Discount as a %, decrement or new total of the quotation bundle
  • Auto-approval of quotes
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Request for Quotation M2
Request For Quotation Extension by CedCommerce for Magento 2.1 facilitates customers to request quote for particular product as desired price and quantity. That means customers are able to request negotiate prices with quantity.
  • Provides easy way to access all quotes section
  • Customer will be able to quote multiple product at the same time
  • Customer can negotiate the prices and quantity with the admin
  • Customers are able to edit their quotes before approval
  • Easy way to improve your relations with Customers
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magento 2 Email Quote
Magento 2 email quote extension from Pixlogix automates the manual process of product price negotiation between you and your potential customers. With the help of a simple yet intuitive quotation form, the potential buyers can inquire about price of their favourite product on the go. Moreover, the site owners can view the quote requests, can take necessary actions accordingly.
  • Enable request for quote on products with ease.
  • Ease of enabling or disabling notifications.
  • Store owners can easily approve or delete the quote requests.
  • Leverage from bulk request for quote extension for Magento 2.
  • Send quote requests from multiple places in the store.

A real trusted module

Until now, Magento 2 Quote Extension powered various sites from all corners of the world. It is rated one of the most efficient e-commerce supporting products among other Magento 2 Extensions. Always a needy module for an online store, this extension surely brings many more benefits for all customers in the price negotiation process and for store owners to get massive purchases and attract more clients than ever.

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Choose your best fit with Magento 2 Quote extension

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available quote extension in the market. Now make your own decision – choose for yourself the best fit extension. We highly recommend the package of Magento 2 Quote Extension by LandOfCoder for the very useful and impressive features at a reasonable price.

To conclude, we would like to express our respect to all the vendors that have made this Top 14+ Magento 2 Quote extension list! This is the most comprehensive list of best extensions on the internet and we are honored to have you as part of this!

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