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In this digital age, online shopping has become the preferred and easiest way of shopping. Buyers want a smooth, seamless, and superfast experience when they interact with eCommerce brands. According to statistics, more than 47% of online shoppers expect a website to load in 2 seconds. If it takes more than 30 seconds to load, 40% of potential customers will abandon the store.

Speed matters most when it comes to offering a great customer experience. In fact, a fast online store that allows shoppers to find their desired product and check out in a second has a higher conversion rate compared to those with a low site loading speed and difficult checkout process.

Thanks to Magento, a great eCommerce platform that allows online retailers to grow their online business by offering an incredible shopping cart system, site optimization, customer support, payment methods, and order management and fulfillment content management tools.

If you want to improve your Magento site’s performance to attract more customers and sell more products, installing Magento 2 extensions is a great idea to enhance your ecommerce site speed. Here is a list of extensions to optimize your Magento store.

  1. WebP
  2. One Page Checkout
  3. Infinite Scroll & Ajax Catalog Pagination
  4. Backend Reindex
  5. Cloudflare
  6. Full Page Cache Warmer
  7. Page Speed


WebP Optimized Images is one of the best extensions for your Magento store that is exclusively designed to optimize performance and achieve faster page load speed. With this Magento extension, you can improve the user experience, improve your SEO rankings and achieve higher conversion rates. The WebP extension allows you to reduce your image file size without losing quality.

WebP is a highly advanced image format that has an advanced compression algorithm that allows smaller file sizes. You can test and find the most suitable compression level to achieve the perfect balance between image size and quality. Simply configure the compression level as per your requirements.

One Page Checkout

optimize your Magento store

Today’s customers want an easier and smoother checkout process. If you are running an ecommerce store, offering a one-page checkout has become a proven strategy to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. Thanks to the One Page Checkout Extension for the Magento store, that makes the checkout process simpler. It makes things simpler, allowing buyers to purchase more products in less time. This extension combines all the checkout steps, such as billing address, shipping details, and payment method, and displays them on a single page.

This amazing Magento extension supports all the popular payment systems, offers detailed order summary, guest checkout options, and allows marketers to apply coupon codes. You should try the One Page Checkout Extension for your Magento store to improve performance and get more conversions.

Infinite Scroll & Ajax Catalog Pagination

When it comes to developing an ecommerce store, offering a great user experience and achieving a higher conversion rate are the ultimate goal of every online business. Infinite Scroll & Ajax Catalog Pagination is a useful extension for your Magento store that aims to provide a frictionless experience to shoppers. With Ajax Infinite Scroll, you can provide infinite product load while scrolling down. It lets you load the next page without reloading the entire page.

You can choose the number of pages that autoload automatically. You can add more buttons and customized notification messages. It will eventually reduce website friction, encourages users to explore more website content, and boost the conversion rate.

Backend Reindex

Backend Reindex is one of the best extensions for your Magento site that can be used to refresh connection data of your inventory or products. You can choose different types of reindexing to refresh data and quickly reindex a large amount of data. The tool makes it easier to track indexers and easily deliver the updated information to customers. It saves you a lot of time by providing handy grid management. There is no need to use any command line; it enables you to check the indexation status. It is a great tool that can help Magento store owners to provide a great customer experience.


Cloudflare is a content delivery network that ecommerce store owners can use to improve security and accelerate the performance of the platform. One of the best things about using Cloudflare is that it loads files from your primary hosting content and spread traffic across its network. It will automatically improve your page loading speed by resizing your images and enhancing HTTP/2 prioritization. From JavaScript challenges to bot management, browser integrity check, privacy pass support, IP firewall and maintaining DNS records, Cloudflare is packed with many useful features that help Magento store owners to increase security and improve performance of the store.

Full Page Cache Warmer

The Full Page Cache Warmer is one of the best Magento extensions that allows you to automate the process of cache warming. The tool automates the cache warming process and easily manages pages for the cache warming process. This Magento extension automatically chooses the pages that need to be cached first. It can also exclude pages from the cache warming process and schedule queue generation and time for the warming process. It allows you to view visual performance reports and maintain a cache warmer log.

You can choose page combinations for cache warming by considering customer groups, stores, and currencies. Its auto-update cache feature makes sure the newly created pages will automatically add to the queue. The Magento extension has a user-friendly interface that is compatible with Magento 2 Varnish Cache. It is a good choice to achieve better SERP rankings and improve the speed of your ecommerce store.

Page Speed

The photo of a speechless impressed dark skinned curly beautiful woman staring at smartphone standing with bugged eyes keeps hand on the rim of her spectacles wearing a casual jumper has a shocked expression reads the news.

If your eCommerce store has a lot of images, content, and scripts, using Page Speed extension is a great idea. The Page Speed extension offers highly advanced features that will enable online store owners to speed up website loading which will eventually lead to a higher conversion rate and more sales. The goal of creating the Page Speed Magento extension is to improve the performance of your Magento 2 store and deliver a superfast user experience. It allows you to reduce the number of HTTP requests, reduce the download time of the store, optimize image files and merge JS, CSS, and HTML files.

Here you go. These are a few extensions for your Magento store that allow you to improve the SEO rankings and website speed of your online store. If you want to get more conversions and deliver a memorable shopping experience, you should try these Magento extensions.

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