Top 7+ Reasons Why PWA’s Are the New Standard for Mobile Websites

Top 7+ Reasons Why PWA’s Are the New Standard for Mobile Websites

A progressive web app (PWA) is an application that runs on your phone and provides a mobile-like experience. It can be accessed from the browser or by downloading it from the store.

PWA’s are becoming more popular because they offer many benefits over standard mobile websites: faster load times, offline mode capability, better performance, and native-like features.

According to Emergen Research analysis, the global progressive web application market will reach USD 10.44 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 31.9%. Due to ease of development and flawless user engagement, PWAs attract the attention of big business players.

When it is about native app development, PWAs show a higher conversion rate.

Let’s know more about Progressive Web App (PWA):

Let’s know more about Progressive Web App (PWA):
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Many known companies have outgrown their business with the use of PWAs. Progressive web app (PWA) is a type of application software delivered through the web with the help of agile technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. As it is a web application, publishing the app through any distribution system (Apple App Store or Google Play) is optional.

Progressive web app developer’s aforementioned approach makes the concept of PWAs on the following terms:

  • An application that can be accessed through all devices and platforms features APIs.
  • Easy to install over mobile phones.
  • No need to have internet connectivity.

With three main ingredients: capability, reliability, and installability, PWAs transform ideas into real-life experience in terms of applications.

Why PWA’s Are the New Standard for Mobile Websites?

The technological world is meant for dynamic changes and creation. And, mobile users are the new normal. According to a Statista report, the worldwide subscriptions of smartphones surpass six billion. And, the numbers are expected to cross 8 billion by 2026. So, understand the usability of mobiles in upcoming years.

Why PWA’s Are the New Standard for Mobile Websites?
Image resource: Statista

PWA is the New Standard for Mobile Websites because of its features and advantages:

1. Native-App Like Experience:

Launching a PWA in a browser offers a fully native app experience. It will help in managing customer information, loyalty programs, and online orders. Users can enjoy the optimized performance and take advantage of the latest technology. If you seek more information, take help from a progressive web app development company.

2. Enhanced Security

PWAs are more secure because they use encryption protocols native to the device, like SSL/TLS or WebSockets, instead of relying on technologies such as Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, or NPAPI plugins (which are being phased out).

3. Faster loading time

A PWA can take advantage of caching and preloading, which accelerates its loading time by up to 40 percent compared to a conventional website. Due to Service Workers — A JavaScript Script that handles background operations without interacting with the DOM. It makes a progressive web app quick to load and easy to work on it.

4. Offline accessibility

They can work offline. You can have a progressive web app that works even when you’re offline, and it will still be able to sync content with the server once your device gets back online. As discussed, Service workers in PWAs use Cache and Fetch APIs to load the application, even offline.

5. Better user experience

PWAs provide a better user experience in loading time, reliability, security, and responsiveness across different devices. It is because the web app is built using responsive design principles that are accessible to all devices.

6. Cost-effective

A high cost is used while developing and monitoring the app. In PWAs, the need for development in different platforms: Android, iPhone, and Windows is eliminated. Therefore, it saves development costs as well as time. Users can easily download the app and use it as a website.

7. Platform independent

Native apps need precise maintenance via app stores and manage the release of advanced versions. It may sometimes seem frustrating. However, PWA has no such restrictions. It saves your time and cost and also makes you more flexible for user engagement.

8. Everything is discoverable

As a progressive web app acts like a website, everything can be linked via search engines Google or Bings. It helps you to bring more traffic to your platform. The progressive web app development service breaks the barriers between web and native apps to link users to digital products.

9. Increased conversion rates

While going through across progressive web apps, the user experience is seamless. User engagement is directly proportional to conversion rates. For example, Treebo has increased its conversion rate four times year by year after launching PWA.

10. Easy to update

They’re easy to update. This is because progressive web apps are less reliant on the mobile operating system; they can be updated without re-submitting an app update through a store.

Go through the benefits of PWA and know it’s worth outgrowing your business reach. If you have concerns related to the progressive web app developer or web application development, make sure to connect with top service providers.

Is PWA ideal for Business?

Why should PWA be a part of your business process? Opting for PWAs for your business helps you to target your mobile audience. We already discussed the rapid increase of mobile users year by year. Therefore, you must target mobile users when you want to take your business to every mobile screen. In this case, a progressive web app development company would help.

  • Progressive web applications are open and accessible to everyone 24/hours a day, 365 days out of the year.
  • PWAs offer access on any browser with internet connectivity, meaning you don’t need an app store approval process as you do for Android or iOS apps.
  • Web Apps depend less on expensive development or hosting costs and are often cheaper to maintain.
  • It increases mobile traffic in terms of impressions and clicks.
  • Progressive web app development service doubles the conversion and user engagement.
  • With the help of PWA, one can reduce the bounce rate (lower than mobile websites).
  • As it is lightweight, it improves the download and installation speed.

Before seeking a progressive web app developer for your project, go through the outstanding results gained by different companies.

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Starbucks: User activities got increased by double and raise of overall online traffic by 10% after implementing PWAs

Zee5: The launch of PWAs reduces the buffering time by 50% and expands the reach of the app.

Twitter: It has increased its tweet by 75% and reduced its bounce rate by 20% with PWAs


The above examples give you insights into making the right decision for your business growth. Here, it would help if you took your web application development seriously to see significant changes in your business approach. For excellent results, connect with the best progressive web app development company and hire the top progressive web app developer.

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