Perfect Magento 2 Extension Duo for Improving Shopping Experience

improve shopping experience

Every day, there are millions of sales happening worldwide in the e-commerce market. The question is: how do you make some of those sales yours? One of the utmost important factors is not what, but rather how well the customers are catered for in your store. According to a survey by American Express, 78% of participants have backed off from a purchase because of the bad shopping experience. It is clear that if you are able to provide a satisfying customer service including happy shopping experience, you would have a huge advantage over competitors.

One great way to massively improve the browsing process and boost the conversion rate of your online store is utilizing Magento 2 extensions – plugins that add new and/or greatly enhance pre-existing features on the basis of a powerful e-commerce platform. Offering top solutions to online merchants with over 650,000 websites across the globe, Magento is surely one of the most reliable and trusted open-source software which comes with tons of powerful, flexible and effective features that we would recommend for your virtual store.

In this article, we gladly present the perfect extension duo that will help you effortlessly bring a better shopping experience to the end users of your site. They are Mageplaza Layered Navigation and One Step Checkout.

Improve Customer Shopping Experience

1. Layered Navigation

In brick-and-mortar shops, it may be impossible for a customer to quickly find what they need if goods are not systematically categorized and presented in specific sections and shelves. A similar situation applies to virtual stores as well, there is usually no real-life assistant available for a confused customer to ask for help and it is much easier to leave for another shop. As such, a store navigation system must be detailed enough to filter thousands of products and bring out the ones that specifically fit customer’s requirements. It also needs to be clear and concise so that even a newcomer can figure out how to use it by themselves.

You may think that the default filter system that comes with Magento 2 is good enough. However, the number of choices are limited and the loading time is fairly slow as it requires the page to reload each time. The navigation panel can only allow for one option per attribute. Furthermore, every time you pick an option, the page will reload. This is a huge irritation and a conversion killer, as customer’s attention span is getting shorter day by day.

To make it easy for customers to find their desired products, Mageplaza offers the Layered Navigation extension that will resolve such difficulties.

This handy tool not only saves a lot of time for customers when searching for products but also brings an attractive shopping experience for them. Applying Ajax loading technology, this module makes the search process more easily with instant results. In addition, the multi-filter feature allows customers to search for a product with multiple options at the same time and in particular, thanks to the help of features such as price sliders and shop by brand, customers will be attracted at first sight.

2. One Step Checkout

In 2017, on average up to 78.65% of carts were abandoned according to Barilliance statistics. They estimated that about 31% of abandoned carts were due to complicated payment process. This figure shows that the number of abandoned carts is an alarming problem for online merchants. It is time to create a more convenient and easy-to-use website to encourage customers to complete their checkout process.

A quick payment process is a decisive factor for successful e-commerce transactions. Mageplaza One Step Checkout is a must-have extension for your online store to address all of the issues above.

At the default checkout, customers have to go through 6 complicated steps to complete the checkout. Thanks to the help of this extension, customers only need to fill in all the information on a single page. Not only does it help to reduce the lengthy steps, but it also saves a significant amount of time for customers. In particular, it gives your customers a great shopping experience in your store and that’s why they’re ready to go shopping again. This is an amazing extension that can’t make you disappointed.

To sum up, by integrating these two modules, stores can bring about the best user experience for customers. Now it is time for e-commerce owners to equip this perfect extension duo. Don’t miss the great opportunity to help your online store lead the market today. This is the best and fastest way to improve the shopping experience on your site.

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