3 Essential Tools To Enhance Your Magento Product Recommendation

enhance product recommendation

Among the major aims of every business, attracting customers and encouraging them to keep buying are essential. In other words, it is urgent for any store owners to answer the question: “How can we make customers buy more than they intended to?”. According to a study of Brilliance, a conversion rate of customers who click on product recommendations is 5.5 times higher than that of customers who don’t. Thus, knowing how to wisely make use of product recommendation tools is a key to rocket your sales.

With owners who use the Magento platform for their virtual stores, it is important to integrate some powerful extensions which are able to help optimize the shopping process, as well as to convince customers to buy more products.

This article will suggest three super helpful modules developed by Mageplaza that help enhance your product recommendation system effectively, including Automatic Related Products, Frequently Bought Together, and Who Bought This Also Bought. 

These extensions’ working mechanisms are all based on the automatically suggesting features, which follow a range of different store principles, and customer habits.

Main feature




Suits best for

Auto-suggest related products based on up-to-date purchasing history


Stores that have developed over a considerable period of time with a rich amount of customers’ purchasing history data.

Auto-suggest a combo of products which customers can add all to cart


Stores that provide complementary products beside the main one, which means that they sell a range of products that often work well together

Suggest related products based on unlimited rules which are sets of conditions and actions


Stores that want to actively divide related products into multiple categories such as Daily Deals, Bestsellers, New Products… based on their own purposes.

  1. Automatic Related Products

One of the biggest problems that store owners are facing is that the default product recommendation engine only provides related items which are picked manually on the backend. This is insufficient and time-consuming for any store administrators to adjust the product suggestion as they want. It is high time to come up with a solution that can help sell more, increase conversion rates, and of course boost profits.

Referring to an effective solution, this extension enables stores to display related products quickly with just a few clicks. By employing several conditions and actions in the backend, store admins can flexibly set unlimited rules to show related items in the frontend. Based on those rules, a large number of products blocks can be created such as Bestsellers, New products, Daily Deals, Random products, Upsell products, and Cross-sell products, etc.

Moreover, store merchants will be tremendously supported by a management system that helps keep track and analyze the efficiency of those rules’ performances. Relying on the collected statistics, shopkeepers can adjust these principles to attain best results.

Strikingly, Mageplaza Automatic Related Products provides AJAX loading feature, which allows products to be displayed beautifully, in order to bring better customers’ experience.

Let’s shortlist the main outstanding features of this module:

    • Create sets of rules applied to the product page, category page and shopping cart page.
    • Provide different products blocks
    • Customize existing rules in the backend
    • Allow assessing the performance of rules with A/B testing support
    • Support regular data reports
  • Provide Ajax loading

If you can make use of this module, your sales will be boosted for sure!

2. Frequently Bought Together

Your online store may be selling a lot of products which work perfectly well together and they can become a good combo. The demand for buying a product combo always exists, yet it is easy to be ignored. Customers may visit your store, then picks a nice item and proceeds the checkout without realizing that they need other products. Don’t let this pity happen while you have a chance to increase your customers’ shopping cart size by selling products in combos. One of the most powerful product recommendation tools which will help you solve this problem is Mageplaza Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2.

What is the most outstanding feature of this module? It is definitely the ability to help customers include ALL suggested products in the shopping cart at a time with just a click, instead of choosing item by item. More strikingly, the total price of that combo is automatically calculated right beside the products’ thumbnails. In addition, that price will be auto-calculated in every single selection or deselection of an item. How convenient it is!

I have to say that this module is amongst the most user-friendly ones because it also allows buyers to stay in one site and select products’ attributes such as colors, sizes or materials with simple manual actions.

In short, this extension has numerous impressive features that should be kept in mind:

    • Display native related products automatically
    • Enable shoppers to select or deselect related items
    • Auto-calculate the total price
    • Adjust related products’ attributes
  • Allow shoppers add products to Cart or to Wishlist

With all these above outstanding factors, if I were a customer, I would definitely check out with a bigger shopping cart.

3. Who Bought This Also Bought

Do you know that customers tend to buy more when they know other buyers have done the same before? For example, when I buy a new laptop, I would be more likely to buy other related stuff such as a mouse, a cable or a headphone.

Mageplaza Who Bought This Also Bought provides social proof recommendations, meaning that this extension creates an impression of products that are usually chosen by the majority. As a result, customers are more likely to buy a group of related products rather than just a single one, which helps increase the shopping cart size.

It is so convenient that this the related products block can be automatically shown in 3 different places including Product page, Category page, and Shopping cart, which enables customers to notice them at a glance. With a flexible layout design (a line or a slider) displayed in an adjustable position (at the top or bottom of the page), the products blocks will be so eye-catching and easy-to-notice.

In details, this module provides several helpful supports for store owners and shoppers through some interesting features as below:

    • Automatically display related products based on customers’ purchase history
    • Present on the Product Page, Category Page, and Cart Page
    • Allow admins to customize the layout with ease
  • Display other information with suggested products

To sum up, since one of the most desirable purposes of every online store is to make customers buy more than they intended to, these three extensions will be extremely supportive. Why don’t you integrate these modules into your store and enjoy the positive results they will bring to your business right now? The faster you are on this route to attain customers’ satisfaction, the more advantages you gain in this online business competition. If not now, then when?

Author Bio: Lynn is a content marketer at Mageplaza. A risk taker, a part-time traveler and a food lover. Also is a bookworm who dreams of having her own library.