5+ Practices To Optimize Magento Mobile App Performance

practises to optimize Magento mobile app performance

Magento is a heavy resource eCommerce platform that needs the right set of configurations and resources for optimum performance. However, if you have good infrastructure, then there is an excellent chance that the Magento power store is slow. To help you optimize Magento mobile app performance, we have listed a few practical tips; check every right here.

With over 50% of users browsing using their smartphones, it becomes essential for brands to optimize their brand solutions. However, Google also begins to prioritize platforms set up for offering the best user experience. It was in 2019 when the giant announced that it had prioritized mobile-first indexing for all sites.

users using their smartphones for browsing

At first glimpse, it seems like a controversial move; however, the intelligent device has numerous restriction such as:

  • Less CPU power;
  • Bandwidth challenges;
  • Memory restrictions;
  • The old version of OS and smartphone;
  • Physical screen size & tap-based UI.

However, smartphones are increasing and changing how a brand is operating. Most eCommerce buyers prefer to use smartphones when browsing online stores and purchase anything from the convenience of their homes.

Essential Tips to Improve Magento Mobile App Performance

Optimize Magento Mobile App

Magento’s performance is of supreme importance. Loading speed has a direct measure that has a significant impact on your brand solution. For example: if you have operated a restaurant business online through a feature-rich mobility solution, then it becomes essential for you to look that your branded solution works effectively on every device. When your Magento app is optimized, you can win everything.

It would help if you considered optimizing Magento hybrid or native mobile apps for a weaker device, as it can be a beneficial option for you. Every user loves more responsive design intended for simplicity, good content visibility, and speed. What are the most vital for improving Magento mobile app performance? It’s to focus on enhancing every page in your sales funnel. You can expect customers journey to include:

  • Homepage;
  • Search product list;
  • Product page;
  • Shopping cart;
  • Checkout.

All these play a crucial role, especially when it comes to having undivided attention to mobile optimization. But there are many more things that you need to consider, especially when it comes to optimizing Magento mobile app performance. Keep on reading to know all aspects right here.

When we look at both desktop and mobile platforms, we all view that they require the steps to make faster, including faster databases, less CPU-hungry code, lighter files, and better servers. But you all principles and optimization techniques continue the same, what is different? Above all, the platform is not the same.

1. Physical Screen Size & Orientation

Mobile screens are small compared to desktop screens. However, the “plus” version of flagship models is miniature compared to PC and notebook. The size limitations have both pros and cons. For example, it is easier to optimize the app for a device that can not show a lot of content on the screen.

A small screen enables developers to defer content from loading immediately. It’s an excellent way to eCommerce business with Magento mobile app, but to look after its speed, portraying mode browsing enables you to use smaller products banners and images. It provides an excellent opportunity to save bandwidth resources.

2. Interface & Input Differences

Typing the shipping data or looking for a particular product can feel painful and slow. Add a slow website speed and get good chances the user becomes frustrated and leave the Magento mobile app before making a purchase. The smartphone goes shopping differently compared to those who do it from desktops.

Smartphone users can browse the store that’s also sitting right at their sofas; they can even order from their favorite restaurant with a few simple taps. Most situations are time-sensitive; hence it becomes essential for you to look after your Magento app’s speed, helping you to improve its performance. Thus during app development for restaurants, focus on building a solution that offers a user-friendly and fast purchasing experience to customers at all costs.

3. CPU and Bandwidth

Most mobile and desktop users are two separate groups of people. More than 50% of mobile users browse using their smart device, which means that half of the audience will browse, search, and purchase items using their smartphone. Hence it’s your responsibility to provide the best user experience to Magento app users each time they use the platform.

Smartphones require much fewer scripts, contact forms, simple page layouts, compressed files, lighter DOM structures, etc. Smart devices are not designed to efficiently deal with CPU-heavy hands as they are, in general, weaker than desktops. 

However, mobile users mostly rely on spotty or slow connections like H+, EDGE, Wi-Fi, rural xDSL, etc., to browse the app content. And it all takes a toll on how users perceive store performance.

4. Emphasize on Increasing App Usability

Starting a business online through mobile has become essential these days as most people prefer to online when they want to make purchases or order food, book tickets, etc. However, network availability can’t be guaranteed everywhere. Users might have good network coverage at some places, while they don’t have a good network while traveling when they might get stuck and unable to use the app.

Compared to that, your competition app performs well at all places; then, it’s sure that your targeted customer will shift to your competitor app. Therefore if you want users not to abandon your app, it becomes essential for you to look that your Magento app performs well even if users don’t have a good network. Make sure that your Magento app is usable at a complex network, be it 4G, 3G, 2G, or others. If the network adaptability is unpredictable, then users will indeed find it abundant.

5. Use Profiling Tools for Monitoring

Keeping a check on user consistency and interaction is essential, helping you plan a strategy that ensures your business growth and success. With the help of a modern tool, you may come across issues affecting your Magento app performance. In short, tracking the malfunctioning and functioning of the Magento app is easier with the perfect tool. With its help, you can detect and crash alternative code for the issues immediately.

6. Try & Test

Once you complete Magento app development, don’t forget to test its functionality before launching it online. Perform mobile app testing with strict standards helping you to identify how the app worked in the worst and most brutal scenario that might affect the controllability and usability of the solution your craft. You can test and try the app even during the maintenance phase to save your time and effort.

7. Check the Apps’ Efficiency

The collaboration of the app with different devices helps you check its efficiency. It enables you to make sure that the Magento app is compatible with all kinds of devices and tools. You never know how your branded app will be used on different devices; hence you should make it mobile-friendly and suitable for all devices.

In Closing: Learn to Bring Magento Mobile App Strategy up to Speed!

Following the above factors will help you to optimize your Magento app. It will help you build a solution accessible from all devices and even efficient at a different level of network coverage. Once after crafting the solution, test it on various platforms to ensure a better user experience.

Some eCommerce marketers might be wondering how they can offer a mobile-friendly experience with their Magento app. The answer is quite simple; they can go for Magento 2 mobile optimization strategies that provide plenty of utility and efficiency for upgrading the site and help to offer a fantastic experience to users each time they use the solution.

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